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02/24/2024 05:13 PM 

Naga - Hycinthel
Category: Character Info

Name: Hycinthel 
Nicknames: Hycin, Cutie, any you give him. 
Age: Naga years - 18, Human years - 600~
Race: Naga
Gender: Male (Femboy)
Height: 5'2"
Weight: Relatively light for a Naga. 
Eyes: Teal
Hair: Light teal that fades darker and into purple at the ends, longer front than back, swept to his left side.
Tail: A Beautiful mix of various purple shades, smooth and sleek looking with gray belly scales. 
Voice: Sweet, playful, young.
S/O: Gay, submissive.
Relationship Status: Single, looking for a mate. 
Occupation: Herbalist/Shaman/Healer, however he is also an emergency breeder for his clan, should their numbers ever need replenishing. 
Scars: None. 
Piercings: Ears, see image. 
Tattoos: None, but his scales travel up from his side to just under his arms.
Weapon of Choice: His fangs, tail and claws if needed.
Outfit/Clothes: Prefers to wear nothing, but does enjoy wearing loose silks.
Figure: See image,feminine, plump rear. 
Turn Ons: Many things, breeding, cumflation, excessive cum, teasing, nude cuddling, and much more.~
Likes: Warm sunny days, lounging in the sun, helping others, cuddling to stay warm, honesty, giving and receiving pleasure.
Dislikes: Cold temperatures, mean or cruel people, judgemental a**holes, being lied to. 

Powers/Talents: Hycin is adept with anything and everything medicinal, he has memorized every herb and remedy his mentor taught him and what each is used for. He has no match when it comes to healing an affliction or mending a wound, be it from a humanoid, Naga or beast. He is also capable of hypnotizing others, though this is often used to calm a rowdy patient. 

Personality: Hycin is by nature a rather shy individual who tends to keep to himself unless he knows you personally, however when it comes to his job, he can push past his shy nature in favor of focusing confidently on a patient. He is kind and sweet towards others, caring, inquisitive and all around good hearted. When it comes to breeding season though, he gains more confidence the needier he becomes. Hycin becomes more flirtatious and teasing, during and near his heat or breeding season, using his scent and body to entice his chosen partner.

Bio: Hycin was born and raised within his Naga clan, cared for by loving parents and mentored by the Shaman that is now deceased. He took up traveling when he became the Shaman's successor, though was sure to teach an apprentice of his own before doing so and visits his birth clan regularly. 

Pets: A Toucan named Zazu.

House/Residence: A humble hut within his clan, or could be a roaming Healer with no permanent home. 

Theme Songs:
Jvla - Such a Whore // Slowed + Reverb 

Pitbull - Feel This Moment (feat. Christina Aguilera)

Nightcore - Animal (Lyrics) 


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