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02/24/2024 01:56 PM 

ᴇʀᴇʙᴜꜱ' ꜱᴛᴏʀʏ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ 1: ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴇᴛʀᴀʏᴀʟ
Category: Stories

Born and raised in what today is more commonly known as Transylvannia, in the north-western part of Romania. Erebus belonged to the second generation of sorcerers, just as mortal as humans yet more gifted due to them being able to use magic. In other words, people like Erebus were something very new and still frowned upon by humans, heck even the human kind had not existed for a long time. Earth had not existed any longer than 500 years.. 

Despite their differences, humans and sorcerers managed to live in peace and harmony. The fear slowly dissolved the moment sorcerers were able to use magic for good, helping weak people in need whether it was to heal them or able to brew potions. The village was starting to bond really well with another.

That until the moment the royals in the country realized just how strong that village had become. A kingdom driven by corruption had started to fear that a tiny village was starting to become a threat. Although they had signed a peace treaty with the sorcerers, it seemed like that promise would not be kept too long until the fateful night slowly approached.

By the time that happened, Erebus was only at the mere age of two years old and would have no clue or understanding of the events that would occur.

As the full moon was on display, that was when the royal knights had struck. Houses, stores and literally every single building had been burnt to crisp. No mercy was shown at all, it was obvious that the intention was to kill every single person that lived there, sorcerer or not. 

A hard kick was heard as one of the knights had entered the very apartment Erebus and his parents lived at. The king had specifically ordered to assassinate this family. Not because the parents were any threat or bad people. But it seemed like someone like Erebus had quite the terrifying prophecy, they needed to get rid of him especially. 

“Dear, hurry upstairs. I will buy us some time!” The father exclaimed, flashing the two a sad expression as he watched his lover run up the stairs to hide their son under the bed.

“What is the purpose of that? You all will end up dead anyways.” The knight muttered as he took a step closer to the man as he raised his sword. “You know, you are good people. If you just hand that damn child I might just keep you alive!”

“Over my dead body!”

That was the last words that was heard from his father as the sword struck, slashing and beheading the father, the knight watched in disappointment as blood stained the floor, walls and even his face, causing him to wipe the blood off his face. “Then so be it. You people are the devils’ creation anyways.” Obviously that was a lie, but that is what most people thought within the kingdom. 

Taking his steps up the stairs and entering the bedroom. The mother could not fight off fate. First off, she was too terrified at what was happening, besides she only knew of healing magic. Not any magic where she could potentially fight the knight off or such. Her life was taken pretty quickly in just as gruesome a way as his father all in view for the two year old kid. Erebus seeing everything that just occurred from under the bed had his eyes widened as he was in a shocked state. Despite his young age and although he had no clue what was actually happening there were a few teardrops that fell down onto the floor before all of the sudden he broke into tears, the cries loud enough to wake up anything from a deep slumber.

A wide smirk formed upon his lips as he bent down, his eyes meeting Erebus’ as he moved closer to the bed. “Such a cute little boy. I am afraid I am going to end your cries.” The male hissed as he reached for Erebus under the bed and suddenly lifted him up and held him in his arms.

“Look at you, how dangerous could you be Erebus hmm?” Holding with one arm, his free hand reached for the toddlers’ cheek to get a firm grip. “You are a f***ing curse, a scum. Just like your mother right there on the floor. All it took was to strike that sword of mine right through her heart and she was no more. Your father though…hahaha, stupid idiot he was, just cut his head off. I am sad you were not able to see that. Now the question is how should I kill yo-?”

The knight was not even able to finish off his words as Erebus’ eyes had flicked red for a split second. Dropping Erebus down on the floor, the man fell down on his knees in agonizing pain. It felt like every single bone inside his body was breaking. “You m-monster, majesty was right. You are a monster.” The male spoke in a weak murmur as he slowly got his dagger out from his pocket. Crawling weakly towards Erebus he was ready to take him down, at least he would die succeeding in taking out that creature. However the moment he was only inches away from Erebus, that was the moment his neck finally snapped and he collapsed on the floor.

Erebus’ eyes slowly returned to its’ natural silver color. His eyes looked down at the man in anger before he turned around and crawled towards his mother. Tiny arms tried to wrap around her petite frame as he rested his head against her chest. “Mama…” Tears ran down his cheeks onto her bloodstained dress. Erebus had no idea why someone tried to kill him and took down his parents yet he deep down could feel it. Pain, sorrow, fear. He was completely out of energy, whatever that magic he used was, it had completely drained him off.

The smoke had reached the bedroom finally as the house had caught on fire. Erebus did not care at that moment. He had no parents, no one could potentially take care of him. Might as well die with them. That is what he thought, though it seemed like Erebus was not the only sorcerer that was yet alive and destiny would certainly take an unexpected turn. Both for Erebus and the people that would come to save him.


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Apr 4th 2024 - 6:57 AM

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"Its heartbreaking...

ᴱʳᵉᵇᵘˢ ᴿⁱᵈᵈˡᵉ
ᴱʳᵉᵇᵘˢ ᴿⁱᵈᵈˡᵉ
Apr 4th 2024 - 9:58 AM

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"My past is a bit heartbreaking but I survive.~"

Crimson Midnight


Feb 24th 2024 - 5:34 PM

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How interesting that is a very well made back story, it would be good to expand on it! 

ᴱʳᵉᵇᵘˢ ᴿⁱᵈᵈˡᵉ
ᴱʳᵉᵇᵘˢ ᴿⁱᵈᵈˡᵉ
Feb 24th 2024 - 5:36 PM

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Thanks, I mean that is the plan. I got one more chapter done. I do not know when to post it though. Maybe tommorrow :o

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