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02/24/2024 02:49 PM 

Rich Model - Aceleus
Category: Character Info

Name: Aceleus August Dontrelle 
Nicknames: Ace, Beauty, Rich Boy, any you give him.
Occupational Titles: ‘The Pale Prince’, ‘The Vampire’
Age: 21
Race: Human - British (could potentially make him a Vampire per request)
Gender: Male - Femboy 
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 115lbs.
Eyes: Diluted Red
Hair: Silver-White
Voice: Calm, smooth, feminine.
S/O: Gay, sub, mild brat.
Relationship Status: Single with suitors lined up by his parents, though he has no interest in them. 
Occupation: Fashion Model for his parents' designs.
Scars: None.
Piercings: Ears.
Tattoos: None.
Weapon of Choice: A small dagger always kept on him.
Outfit/Clothes: Can vary, he models his family's clothing even outside of photo shoots. But generally things like in the image or these: Outfit 1 | Outfit 2 | Outfit 3 | Outfit 4
Figure: See image, slim, feminine, curvy waist. 
Turn Ons: Pulling his hair, manhandling him, PDA, BDSM, biting/marking, and much more.~
Likes: Fashion and fine dining, his pets, his family and friends, horseback riding, his profession, being on display. 
Dislikes: People he doesn't know, his many, many suitors, having to hide himself in any way, ignorant fools.


  • Being from a rich family, it should come as no surprise to learn Ace is adept with the piano and Cello. He's done a few photo shoots with those instruments too. 
  • He also dabbles in the occult from time to time, primarily witchcraft, and has become particularly adept at a few spells. Namely those that would cause others to go insane or give them extremely bad luck. He also knows how to craft a love potion, among others, though has never used it. 
  • The titles of which he’s often referred to in modeling, began almost immediately after he gained considerable infamy. His unique appearance, being nearly all white physically, is the main factor in that regard. He does however have a very mild color to his skin, it’s just hard to notice unless you're very close to him. 
  • Though rich beyond belief, this does not mean he is ignorant of the fact he could lose his wealth easily through the right means. Thus, he inquired how to manage his finances from his father, learning a few tips and tricks on where to invest a small sum of money and have it grow over time. Unreachable by anyone but himself, and would give him a stable cushion in the event something has gone horribly wrong, or he retired without any heirs of his own. 
  • Should he ever take interest in anyone, it is highly likely he will shower them with gifts and a generous amount of money. And himself. 

  • Ace is a very ethereal and graceful boy, every fiber of his being screams elegance. From just his looks to his posture, it is evident he is of high status among society. 
  • He's generally not one to get angry often but he can be spiteful, when he's been wronged by another, he'll get back at them without them being any the wiser.
  • Exceptionally calm and reserved, he hardly smiles unless it's a small one for a shoot. It takes someone very special to make him smile more than that and only their eyes would be graced with such a lovely sight.
  • He tends to be rather sassy and snarky towards others, though this is a mechanism he developed when he was younger and confronted by several suitors. It proved to be effective in warding off most of them, since they were hoping for a soft and easily manipulated spouse.
  • Ace’s profession has undoubtedly led him to develop a strong vanity, to the point where he is always dressed exceptionally. It even goes so far as to taking pride in being shown off by his significant other, as he enjoys being their eye candy.
  • Despite his outward mask of indifference and seemingly heartless personality, the reality in truth is quite the opposite. He is an extremely caring individual, holding a soft spot for any genuine friends he may have, children (especially if they smile in the face of adversity), and specifically his lover.

  • The Dontrelle family can trace their lineage back to the 15th century, thus making Aceleus quite the important person since he's the only Heir to the family's wealth. The professions of said wealth have varied over the centuries as new technology and interests developed. Though bits and pieces of past professions and prides can still be seen within the family’s estate. This day and age however his parents (Hedrik and Danielle) are renowned fashion designers and photographers, with him as their prized focus. 
  • His childhood was as one would expect, strict parents raising him into their ideal offspring. His father was the more lenient of the two, allowing Ace room to breathe and opportunity to pursue any hobby he may take interest in. His mother however, was less interested in letting him be an individual and more so in making sure he had a successful career and was basically the heart throb of the modeling world. He had many, many contracts with various companies by the age of ten and more suitors than he knew what to do with by the age of fourteen. 
  • Most of them were chosen by his mother, rich good-looking guys with questionable or horrid personalities. Thus, Aceleus was quick to deny them all, much to his mother’s dismay. He had no interest in basically selling his future to some megalomaniac nor did he become attracted to any of them. And part of it was out of spite towards his mother, he loves her, but that doesn’t mean he’ll excuse her for the way she treats him and his father. 
  • When he was old enough, he moved out the second he had the opportunity, with his family’s personal security and his favorite butler, Alexander. 

Pets: A black and gold Peacock, Prince
A Saint Bernard Mix, Gordon.

House/Residence: His mansion, bought it after moving out.

Theme Songs:
Lady Gaga - Fashion

HandClap - Fitz and the Tantrums 

K91 & Alan Walker - Ignite 


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