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Black Eagles


Full Name: Edelgard von Hresvelg


Aliases: Lady Edelgard, Flame Emperor, Hegemon Edelgard


Birthday: 22nd of the Garland Moon; Imperial Year 1162 (June 22)


17-18 (Pre-Timeskip), 23-24 (Post-Timeskip)


Height: 158cm (about 5'2")



Edelgard holds herself with a dignified air, but is full of melancholy and solemn wistfulness. As heir of the Adrestian Empire, she is an exemplary student and a natural leader. She keeps a modest front, rarely cutting loose and maintains formality. Her colleagues express great surprise whenever she does relax. While generally a private person, she does recognize the importance of her duties and expresses confidence and faith in the abilities of her allies.

She is a capable dancer, having taught Dimitri at a young age and has a talent for drawing portraits, though she is embarrassed to show them to others.

Though she tries to keep it a secret, Edelgard is deathly afraid of rats, as they remind her of a past she is uncomfortable with. She also fears the ocean since she cannot swim. She suffers from insomnia and nightmares, often wandering around outside after dark. She may have claustrophobia, and expresses a need to see the sky after one of her nightmares.


Born in Imperial Year 1162, Edelgard is the ninth child and fourth daughter of Emperor Ionius IX, the princess and heir to the Adrestian Empire, and a student at the Officers Academy in Garreg Mach Monastery. She is also the house leader of the Black Eagles.

In Imperial Year 1171, at the age of nine, she was taken by her uncle, Lord Volkhard von Arundel, to Fhirdiad in the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus during the Insurrection of the Seven. Volkhard was one of the key conspirators against Edelgard's father, and with his help, Duke Aegir stripped the emperor of much of his power. Unbeknownst to Volkhard or Edelgard, her mother had also escaped to Faerghus under the alias Patricia and married King Lambert.

She later met and befriended Dimitri, the crown prince of Faerghus, though he did not learn that she was his step-sister until years afterward. The two spent much time together, with Edelgard teaching him how to dance. Edelgard returned to the Empire in 1174 with her uncle, never learning that her mother was Dimitri's step-mother. Before she departed, Dimitri gifted her a dagger, which she has held onto since despite forgetting how she obtained it.


Full Name: Linhardt von Hevring


Aliases: N/A


Birthday: 7th of the Red Wolf Moon Imperial Year 1163 (November 7)


Age: 16-17 (Pre-timeskip), 22-23 (Post-timeskip)


Height: 177cm (about 5'10")


Hating constraints and loving freedom, Linhardt does his best to avoid worries and problems, often idling about lazily in non-essential activities such as fishing, sleeping or idle conversations. Although extremely intelligent, his laziness means that he refuses to use his knowledge for practical purposes unless it benefits him. Despite this, he does genuinely care for others and considers himself to be the worker when everyone else is asleep.

Despite being the heir to House Hevring, Linhardt has little care for his own House. His laziness makes him considerably different from other nobles who believe they must exert themselves, as he states in a support conversation with Dorothea that pride means nothing to him, as it doesn't feed, clothe or shelter him. He generally cares little for gossip relating to him, although he does admit that he can't keep running away from them forever. In fact, in a majority of his endings, he abandons his claim to House Hevring to live a life of his own.

He has a genuine interest in Crests, and when immersed in his research, can forget to even eat or sleep. That, accompanied by his unparalleled intellect, makes him one of the smartest students in his class. However, he often flutters from interest to interest and is only able to focus on whatever fancies him in the moment. Additionally, his extreme disinterest in anything off-topic will cause him to become drowsy and/or fall asleep.


Linhardt is the eldest son and heir of House Hevring, a line of counts. He has been good friends with Caspar since he was 6 years old.



Full Name: Bernadetta von Varley


Aliases: N/A


Birthday: 12th of the Ethereal Moon; Imperial Year 1162 (December 12)


Age: 17-18 (Pre-Timeskip), 23 (Post-Timeskip)


Height: 150cm (about 4'11"), 165cm (about 5'5") (Post-Timeskip)


Bernadetta is a skittish, timid, and reclusive girl, a result mostly because of the suffering she endured at the hands of her father for years. Her father, obsessed with money, only saw Bernadetta as Crest-bearing bait for a rich husband instead of his daughter. To that end, he subjected her to years of "training", which included tying her to a chair and leaving her there all day, challenging her to stay quiet. This sustained mental torture badly affected Bernadetta in many ways and developed her deep-seated fear of her father, other people, and essentially everything in existence.

Bernadetta suffers from a persecution complex: false beliefs or perceptions in which a person believes that they are treated with malicious intent, hostility, or harassment, hence the name of her personal skill, and she suffers from a compulsive need to run and hide whenever possible. She deeply fears other people and it is extremely difficult for her to trust them, even if they show her patience and kindness. It is common for her to fall into extreme panic and anxiety just by having someone approach her to talk, as she often thinks that people want to kill her. She can be so absorbed by her fears that she can freeze on the spot, lose all sense of her surroundings, and in extreme cases, faint, as shown with Hubert. She often jumps to delusional conclusions about what people think of her, and can even be suspicious of honest compliments, such as when Linhardt complimented her lifestyle. As her outbursts usually only serve to annoy the other person, combined with her low self-esteem, it often results in her apologizing for things she did not do and insulting herself in the process.

As a result of her deep fear of people, Bernadetta spends nearly all of her time in her room, pursuing her hobbies and interests while protecting herself from the outside world. If something requires her attention, she will usually speak through her door rather than opening it as a measure of self-protection. She can even feign illness when she doesn't want to talk with other people. She is also noticeably defensive about her lifestyle and how no one else understands her motives, though she acknowledges that she does need to go outside every once in a while, as shown with Ferdinand.

Bernadetta is the eldest daughter and heir of the son of the Count of Varley. She is extremely shy towards strangers; the only place she feels at ease while far away from home is her room in the dormitory.

Bernadetta's reclusive nature is due to extensive trauma she experienced in her childhood at the hands of her own father. Count Varley personally groomed her to become "a perfect wife", subjecting her to grueling training such as tying her to a chair and forcing her to remain quiet and submissive for hours. Bernadetta would dread these sessions, often kicking and screaming to avoid them. She found respite only in her solitude.

Her father forbade her from socializing with commoners as he saw them as filth. Bernadetta met a commoner boy, whom she quickly befriended. Her father caught wind of the situation and quickly brought her home. The next day, she received news that the boy had been found by her father's men and was beaten nearly to death, exacerbating her fear of social interaction and of her father.

Full Name: Petra Macneary

Aliases: N/A

Birthday: 7th of the Horsebow Moon Imperial Year 1164 (September 7)

Age: 15-16 (Pre-Timeskip), 21-22 (Post-Timeskip)

Height: 161cm (about 5'3")


A political hostage of the Adrestian Empire and native of Brigid, Petra is a highly intelligent, capable girl among her fellow students. Because of her foreign origins, she is not a native speaker of the Fódlan language and makes slight grammatical errors, but still wants to learn more. She is unaware of Fódlan colloquial speech and will often take idioms and figures of speech by their literal meanings.

Petra does not like the fact that Brigid is a vassal state and that she is being used as a hostage to blackmail the kingdom into submission, and so she tirelessly works to improve herself in every way possible in hopes of one day forcing the Empire to recognize Brigid as an equal. This work ethic was praised by many of her peers. Her dislike of her and her country's position does not extend to the people she knows personally and she is good friends with most of her classmates. She remains even-tempered at most times, and rarely, if ever, loses her patience. Dorothea, in her C-support with Petra, says that Petra is the princess that every little girl wants to be.

Despite her usually calm demeanor, Petra has a deep hatred for Caspar's father, the Count Leopold Bergliez. In her support conversations with Caspar in Warriors: Three Hopes, she expresses an explicit desire to kill Leopold out of revenge for her father's death and the resulting subjugation of Brigid by Adrestia, but Caspar convinces her to not go through with such a rash action.

Petra can also be quite cunning. She knows Brigid's chances vanish if she dies, which means she will do whatever it takes to survive. This is the reason why she is recruitable in every route in both games: she knows that, as long as she lives, she can negotiate Brigid's independence - whether that be as a supporter of the Empire or as one who assists in toppling it. This is true for Three Houses, but her cunningness is explored in camp conversations in Three Hopes, and is further shown in gameplay, where the "Persuade Petra" strategy is usable in every battle she appears in.


Petra is the presumptive heir and granddaughter of the king of Brigid, an archipelago to the west of Fódlan. She lost her father at the age of eleven during the Dagda and Brigid War of 1175 to Count Bergliez, Caspar's father, in which Brigid allied with Dagda in a failed invasion of the Adrestian Empire.









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