Broken Slave Warrior

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June 12th, 2024

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Gender: Female
Age: 119
Sign: Capricorn
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June 09, 2024


06/10/2024 02:06 PM 

Extra Character info

Age: 10-23 (depends on the roleplay, default is 13)

Fantasy AU Powers/Abilities:

For general fantasy verses, instead of being a shifter, she makes a deal with a Cyclos fire demon, exchanging her soul for the power of a demon.

Super Strength: When activated, her skin turns red like a demon. She gains tremendous strength, and it can be activated in only a small area, or her whole body. However, her body gets extremely hot like magma, whenever she uses her power. Just snapping her fingers sends off a small shockwave. Whenever she uses her power, hot steam eradiates from her body from the immense heat.

Regeneration: She can regenerate from any non-fatal injuries, even arms and legs can be fully regenerated.


AOT Powers/Abilities:

Titan Shifter: She can transform into a 13-meter-tall titan. Her titan has a mostly skeleton-like appearance, with the exception of the chest area, which covers her real body with thick red flesh, almost like a cockpit.

Regeneration: Her body will regenerate, even growing back severed limbs.

The Founding Titan: She has the founding titan's power inside of her.

-she can speak to ALL of her subjects remotely, even all at once if she wants to. This includes anyone who is even slightly related to her in blood.

-memory manipulation: she can erase or change the memories of her subjects, effectively, altering history.

-Titan transformation: she can transform ANY of her subjects, related to her by blood, into titans.

-Titan control: She can control the minds of all titans, EVEN other shifters.


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