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Gender: Female
Age: 29
Sign: Gemini
Country: Australia

Signup Date:
October 12, 2023


06/10/2024 03:45 PM 

my kinks that i am into and my roleplay ideas
Category: Character Info

this is about my kinks that i am into that i will be okay to do as well i do have my roleplay plots on here as well
• blackmail
• cheating
• lingerie
• romance / affection
• handjobs
• blowjobs
• deepthroat
• swallowing
• facesitting
• teasing
• gag
• collar
• leash
• bondage with light and heavy
• gangbang only males
• pregnancy depends on who am i with.
• spanking
• dildos
• vibrators
• i like males only dominant me
• i am a submissive only
• biting like love mark or claiming
• oral sex
• i like males fingering my p**sy
• i like males sucking and licking my p**sy
• i like males f***ing my p**sy and my womb , g-spot
• outdoors sex
• car sex
• shower/bath/hot tub sex
• public sex
• masturbation
• blindfold
• hate sex , angry sex and make up sex
• anonymous sex
• one night stand
• ownership/claiming and marking
• caught in the act
• rough sex no gently no slow no soft
• control and loss of control
• bed sex
• morning sex
• wall or standing sex
• striptease
• forbidden love
• fantasies
• friends with benefits
• Non-human AU (vampires, werewolves, etc.)
• i love having sex that is hardcore , rougher i do not like gently or soft or slow rougher and hardcore
• Sex Toys
• i am Third Person due to reasons
• anal but only penis inside or no there will be no anal
• Instant Hookups
• Fantasy , drama
• dating
• consensual with bad ends
• kidnapping but no rape no Gore / Torture / Death
• Nightclubs / Bars
• Military Themes
• Multiple Partners and Multiple Characters
• Romance
• Dungeon any scenes
• any scenes
• males being dominant character and i will only be submissive character
• Roughness (NO RAPE)
• Double Penetration males only
• 3+ Penetration males only
• Breeding

• male Boss and i am Employee
• The Seductive Stranger male and i am just human female who is shy
• male Massage Therapist and i am your client
• male The Professor and i am Student
• Masquerade ball that can lead to passion , lust , dangerous , desire , anything
• Drug / Alcohol Use scene
• threesome or gangbang with males only no females is not allowed i am only female that can be in it
• Double Penetration males only with me
• Private Roleplay
• Roleplay Perspective - Third Person
• Multiple Characters
• instant Hookups or one night stand
• friends with benefits
• Fantasy
• drama with bad ends , kidnapping ( no rape)
• Dating
• Nightclubs / Bars meet up
• Multiple Partners/ love triangles
• Military Themes
• Romance
• Scenes Shower/Bath/any scenes
• males being dominant character and i will only be submissive character which ends to dom/sub play with BDSM and rougher but no rape please
• pregnancy depends on who am i with and how the story goes
• love triangles relationship
• cheating
• desire , lust , passionately , roughly , harder , deeper , hardcore and dangerous friendships or relationships or roleplays
• affairs
• One-night stand: It wasn’t an accident.
• Repeated sex affairs
• Romantic love affair
• Lustful affair
• Relationship argument
• Betrayal relationships
• male royal bodyguard , male royal prince/king , male royal teacher and i will be a princess or a queen
• male vampire , male werewolf , male hybird , male dhampir , male human/male half human , male wizard and i will be all of them since it is my character
• male knight and i will be the princess or the queen
• blackmail and threats roleplays relationship
• male ex bf, male ex husband and i will be the ex gf or ex wife
• male mafia and i will be just normal of my character
• Draco x Hermoine - any plot at any time with any twist with desire , lust , passionately , roughly , harder , deeper , hardcore and dangerous and love triangles
• Game of Thrones but only with john snow , Robb Stark or Prince Daemon Targaryen
• you can choose to be one of this for any type of story choose for the starter ex bf/ ex husband/ ex boss/ ex mafia/ ex bodyguard / ex knight / ex teacher / ex fiancée/ ex dominate / ex king / ex prince / love triangles relationship
• my sister boyfriend who is a teacher and I'm the student

if i do have more then i will let you know


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