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Gender: Female
Age: 29
Sign: Gemini
Country: Australia

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October 12, 2023


06/10/2024 03:46 PM 

my limits
Category: Character Info

this is my limits please read it Queen Limits so, i am not good explaining the limits but all i can say is this.

• i always do third person because it is how i can learn to do roleplay without confusing myself and it make it easy for me to type.

• I don't do long paragraphs or any paragraphs due to my disability i am not going to explain why but i know people has disability and can-do paragraphs but in my learning i just can't so please do not force me and don't asked me to do it even i know you can teach me but it is too hard for me i have tried it so many times and i just can't do it so if you can't understand my reasons then i am not good fit for your roleplays and we can't do roleplay but if you can't understand and see how we go if you like it then we can continue it and keep roleplaying. Just respect my wishes please if people have trouble understanding my disability i can always write it down on the list for you to understand. everyone is different and everyone has different skills that they have learn i do not judge anyone.

• i do like roleplaying long term because i always like to do stories on roleplay to keep the roleplaying going i don't just get have sex and then end the story i always like to make the story interesting and make it different stories all the time sometimes it can lead to sex and sometimes a lot sex but the stories will not end i love doing long term roleplaying with stories of our characters.

• I do not get jealous but if it is in the story of our roleplay characters that is fine but i do not get jealous

• I do get strong feeling and connection with people who is roleplaying with me but i always make sure it's our storyline and making sure they can trust me and believe in me

•most of the time my roleplays and stories i like i want a love that consumes me, or you i want passion, adventure, and even little dangerous i want desire and lust as well rough and hardcore and romantic

• i like stories that can build relationships, friendships and family or into relationship romance types

• i am always going to be a queen, bad girl, slutty submissive who is a troublemaker, smartass, cheeky silly crazy, stubborn, a teaser, loves roughly, desire with passionately and lust I am an innocent type but mostly I love males being Dominant to me.

• i will never ever want to be a dominant so do not force me to be one please i am always forever to be submissive.

• i am not always good at doing a starter on roleplay or making plots for roleplay it is hard for me to explain it even i know i like making roleplaying stories and etc.

• i don't like people who wants to get in the pants and just leave to go to someone else it's just not good roleplay and good roleplay story because i like long-term and i like to keep roleplaying going.

if i have more i will let you know


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