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Gender: Female
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Sign: Gemini
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my character information, story and identity
Category: Character Info

Full name: Eve Darkness Reed
Nickname: Queen Eve
Age: 28 (forever)
Birthday: 18/06/1995
Is she married? No
Colour of Eyes: hazel
The colour of Hair: black
Height: 160.2cm
Weight: 95.45kg
Gender: Female
Disabilities: yes, there is a lot
Languages known: only English
Sexual Orientation: Straight i am not into girls sorry
Romantic Orientation: very romantic as well I like males being romantic too
Relationship Status: single but i am a submissive, bratty and slutty
• Eve storyline character that has happen in her own life as a childhood and teenager years:
eve was born in kingdom underworld where her parents raise her but one day there was a war, eve parents protected eve sending eve away from the kingdom for years but didn't know it would cost their own life's they died 2 days later.

eve ends up in foster care to hide her identity she was raise by a good family in the foster care she was lucky to be in a good family until she turns 18 years old.

one of her parents which is eve mother used to be born in Hogwarts school she was a princess of Gryffindor but half of Slytherin from the family side it was in the blood, but eve mother always went to Gryffindor until secret has been found out she learns to be both. eve mother finished Hogwarts and end up being headmaster to the school of Hogwarts. one day eve mother went out for few months on a holiday and met some dude that end up falling in love and got serious they accidently have one night stand that brings eve mother pregnant to Maggie then they got married and etc. eve father was a king to the kingdom of underworld and mother was princess to the Gryffindor/Slytherin.

when eve father and mother died they did wrote a letter to whoever was looking after eve to send eve to Hogwarts school where she was safe and protected but keep eve identity hidden and let eve have a normal life while living with her foster care but did her school years in Hogwarts due to she learn that she has powers/magic she couldn't do well in normal school and got herself in trouble but still spend a lot time with her foster care.

eve has learn a lot from her school years in Hogwarts she has learn that she was an heir of Hogwarts and that she is an heir princess to Gryffindor/Slytherin eve was born to have powers and magic she has access learn a lot of things but one day she has stop growing when she turned 28 years old she was always going to have birthdays but will never grow up again she stays 28 forever and ever eve had to asked her foster care what was going on so they end up sitting down with eve and told eve her identity life.

the character story happen next will be in few years later but her identity life is always going to be part of her i know she also has a job being a pole dancer and work in the bar, cafe and childcare she is single, but she stays 28 years old forever she doesnt have kids in her character story but she learns to make more friends and just enjoying her life even have her own biggest house with swimming pool , hot tub spar and etc she still checks with her castle but living her own life being trouble marker , stubborn , bratty , slutty and submissive

• eve identity life is:
• full wizard (from her mother side)
• hybrid (from her father side)
• half human (from her mother side)
• a dhampir (from her father side)
• princess of Gryffindor and Slytherin (from her mother side)
• heir of Kingdom Underworld being a Queen (from her father side due to he was a king of kingdom underworld)
• eve is a bad girl
• eve is a cheeky , silly , smartass , crazy
• eve is stubborn
•eve loves to tease
• eve is a innocent type
• eve is a bratty
• eve is a slutty
• eve is a submissive only
• eve will not be switch
• eve will not be dominant
• eve doesn’t control
• eve is a bitch and bad bitch as well badass
• eve is also sassy
• eve is also a trouble maker
• eve is a fighter
• eve is into roughly, lust, desire, passionately, dangerous with adventure and it consumes her eve also into romantic, romance with hardcore no soft no slow no gentle no gently no basics

eve was struggling to understand her life it was a lot, but she still has her own normal life while understanding her life and going back to her kingdom underworld to fix the damage as well run it by herself as her duty while she still goes to Hogwarts on and off.

eve is learning to take her throne back since she is a queen to the royalty of kingdom underworld from her father but with doing that, she is having a lot dangerous and desire with lust stories around her.



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