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Gender: Female
Age: 29
Sign: Gemini
Country: Australia

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October 12, 2023


06/10/2024 03:48 PM 

eve identity
Category: Character Info

• eve identity life is:
• full wizard (from her mother side)
• hybrid (from her father side)
• half human (from her mother side)
• a dhampir (from her father side)
• princess of Gryffindor and Slytherin (from her mother side)
• heir of Kingdom Underworld being a Queen (from her father side due to he was a king of kingdom underworld)
• eve is a bad girl
• eve is a cheeky , silly , smartass , crazy
• eve is stubborn
•eve loves to tease
• eve is a innocent type
• eve is a bratty
• eve is a slutty
• eve is a submissive only
• eve will not be switch
• eve will not be dominant
• eve doesn’t control
• eve is a bitch and bad bitch as well badass
• eve is also sassy
• eve is also a trouble maker
• eve is a fighter
• eve is into roughly, lust, desire, passionately, dangerous with adventure and it consumes her eve also into romantic, romance with hardcore no soft no slow no gentle no gently no basics


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