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Gender: Female
Age: 29
Sign: Gemini
Country: Australia

Signup Date:
October 12, 2023


06/10/2024 03:51 PM 

my disability, my health
Category: Real Life

this is little bit about real life information but it good to write it down, so everyone knows about it and understanding as well.

what disability that eve has?
• autism spectrum disorder level 2 and half
• Severe Anxiety with depression
• post-traumatic stress disorder with small paranoid
• ADHD level 1
• hearing loss and impairment been born as deaf have to wear hearing aids to hear.
• Deafness
• speech impairment, speech disorder, Language disorders that is part of my hearing.
• learning disability disorder that is part of autism and ADHD and Difficulty with reading or writing
• speaking problems that it will be hard for people to understand
• Intellectual Disorder
reasons about my disability:
i was born 14 weeks early so that was 26 weeks pregnancy, but this is why i don't like getting crowded or targeted this is why i don't like drama and getting involved. this is why i can't do any long paragraphs or any paragraphs this is why i am not jealous even i do get fear, scared or paranoid. This is why sometimes i walk away or give up when it gets hard or upsetting me as well pushing people away and go quite until i am ready to speak and open up again this is why i have trouble trusting people or believing them this is why i don't always get close to people sometimes i do mess things up or f*** this up or ruin things.
what health conditions that eve has?
• Pre-Diabetes risk of type 2
• High blood pressure which is (hypertension)
• iron deficiency anemia (but it is under control at the moment i am back on high again but i can go back to low)
• High heart rate
• Chronic migraines or chronic headaches
• IIH and CSF
please note i am going on surgery in june or july or august  2024 i will be not online on here so please add me on discord if you wish to talk or continue roleplaying


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