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Gender: Female
Age: 29
Sign: Gemini
Country: Australia

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October 12, 2023


06/10/2024 03:56 PM 

updates about my IIH and CSF surgery
Category: Real Life

hey everyone i have done all my appointments and test i will be going under surgery in june or july or august 2024 and 3-5 days hospital stay maybe longer if my leak have not gone away i will be in for another surgery   due to internet when i am going to surgery in june,july or august 2024 you will need to add me on discord or snapchat because hospital internet is sh*t where i will go in   it will be 2 weeks for bed rest and then i have 3 months to recovery slowly  

i will keep everyone updated about my surgery or if it pushed up forward meaning i could have it early   so if you wish to be my friend on discord then it is maggiedarkness if you cant find me then join my server https://discord.com/invite/MpagtswnJb that is about my character info and etc 

 if you wish to know more about my surgery or what i have   (CSF) (IIH) which is Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension brain fluid comes out of my nose and going through my throat making me choke and cough badly i will be going into a high risk surgery  getting worse i am on category 1 was a category 2 but moved up to category 1

i could have any problems in this surgery It is known that the side effects can include:  

Blindness or Double Vision with increased visual impairments at older ages Permanent Dry Eyes with lifetime intervention from eye drops Stroke and/or Seizures Serious Migraines IF pressure still remains Sleep Apnea Photophobia (Light Sensitivity) Tinnitus On-going Serious Nosebleeds Loss of Smell  

i will also need intervention from an Ophthamologist as well as a Neurologist to determine pressure of CSF behind the eyes and within my skull.This surgical procedure is deemed a High Risk with significant side-effects/conditions that could occur/arise either during or post-surgical procedure.

 If there is no surgical intervention, there is high-risk of Meningitis developing in the brain tissue  

so right now i am getting alots love and caring as well the support for me i am enjoying my life and doing anything i wants to do before the surgery

i am trying to think positive I’m glad there is people that loves me and care about me as well spending a lot time with me thank you for not putting issues and problems as well drama i can’t handle it due to pressure of my brain

 i will undertake investigation for Gastric Band Reduction as well and then getting tested for sleep apnea  even if i am not on here i will always be checking but i am maining on discord , snapchat and facebook at the moment so we can still hang out and still roleplay it just wont be on here


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