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The First Conquest pt2

Kravenn lingered in the village for an extended period, yet he struggled to build meaningful connections with his fellow hunters. The community was tight-knit, and his lack of social skills made it difficult to establish relationships. The only ones he felt comfortable around were the blacksmith, who forged and maintained his weapons and gear, and the village elder, who assigned hunting and gathering tasks to all the hunters in the village. With no help from his fellow hunters, he had to learn the lay of the land himself. Where to find certain materials for weapon and armor crafting and ingredients for healing recipes. He spent long days exploring the surrounding wilderness, mapping the terrain, and documenting the flora and fauna. As far as he knew, he had no point of reference for the creatures, and yet they still seemed strange to him. Even more puzzling was that in all this discovery there was somehow a small sense of deja vu in the things he saw. Massive, bristled boars with tusks as long as swords. Towering ape-like monsters that could crush boulders with their fists. Even the herbs and minerals seemed imbued with strange properties.

His days were spent wandering the untamed wilderness surrounding the village, honing his skills against the dangerous beasts that roamed there. Each victory made him stronger, faster, more attuned to the ebb and flow of this world. He relished the thrill of the hunt, the pounding of his heart as he battled creatures many times his size. Their shrieks of rage and pain spurred him on, even as his muscles burned with exertion. In the quiet moments after each battle, Kravenn would meticulously harvest materials from his fallen foes—sinew for bowstrings, bones for armor and tools, claws and fangs for ritual carvings. These tasks were second nature, though he could not recall when he had learned them. Like so much in this realm, his mastery of survival skills felt innate, as if etched into the fiber of his being. The words "materials acquired" would echo in his mind, affirming his success.

Kravenn's only time away from battle was usually spent visiting the blacksmith. The grizzled man would inspect Kravenn's haul, grunting in approval at the quality of the materials. Together they would spend hours crafting, the ring of hammer on anvil echoing throughout the village and into the starlit night. The blacksmith, a gnarled creature of sinew and scars, worked the forge as if he were born of the flame. His hands moved with precise, practiced grace, guiding Kravenn through the intricacies of crafting. The smithy became his second home, the only place he felt at ease as he worked and studied under the blacksmith named Grum. One day, after weeks of constant hunting and gathering, Kravenn returned to the village bearing the bones of an immense beast he had slain single-handedly. Its skeleton was massive and solid, a testament to the powerful creature it once housed. The villagers gazed in awe at the towering pile of bones, murmuring amongst themselves at Kravenn's prowess. "I need armor," Kravenn declared with a voice that cut through the whispers like a knife. His gaze fell on the blacksmith who shrugged nonchalantly under his intense stare. The blacksmith was known for his silent ways, though some might say it was because he had no air left in his lungs after constantly working with fire. Either way, they got along just fine. He handed his sketches over to Kravenn, and it came as no surprise when he immediately gravitated towards the bone armor. Its primal and rough aesthetic was a perfect match for Kravenn's personality. Without another word, the blacksmith began to work. He gestured Kravenn towards a pile of bones and together they sorted through them, selecting the strongest and most robust. Once they had their materials, the blacksmith stoked the inferno within his forge. The dancing flames cast eerie shadows around the workshop as Kravenn watched in anticipation. After hours of careful crafting, Kravenn beheld his new armor with awe. Made from the bones of formidable creatures, it exuded a primal and fearsome aura, a testament to his strength and countless victories. As a hunter, he knew the power that specialized armor could grant - and this one was no exception. It had the trait called Slugger. “Slugger: Increases your stun power" perfectly complementing his weapon of choice: the mighty Hammer. Kravenn had been learning about these different traits for a while and knew for most veteran hunters this wasn’t anything to be too thrilled over. It was common, and most favored strength boosting traits over utility like this. However, someone like Kravenn was already notably stronger than most hunters anyway, and something that would complement his fighting style was much more worthwhile than a flat damage boost. “Anything left for a new Hammer?” Kravenn asked. As to be expected, the blacksmith gave him no words, only a smile that spoke volumes.

Now equipped with formidable bone armor and a powerful hammer, rose to new heights as a hunter. With his enhanced gear, he fearlessly confronted greater threats, demonstrating unmatched skill and bravery. His prowess in battle earned him the title of the ace hunter of the village, and with every victory, he gained the admiration and respect of his fellow hunters. His combat abilities had granted him what he could not achieve with his lacking social skills. Things were going well, but Kravenn still found himself feeling empty inside whenever he wasn’t fighting or helping Grum. With the way they lived you would think it was the dangers outside the village that gave him grief, but really it was all the camaraderie he was forced to endure with his new small town/village stardom. Kravenn often found himself drained after discussing weaponry and armor with other Hunters. They always suggested he switch to a different set in order to better fight against a particular monster or just improve his gear to get better perks than slugger. It made logical sense, such as using flame-resistant gear against a dragon known for its fiery breath. He also had plenty of resources to create more impressive armor and weapons than he was currently using. But deep down, it went against something fundamental within Kravenn. He saw his chosen armor and weapon as reflections of himself and changing them felt like admitting he wasn’t enough. It got tiring having to defend his choices again and again. The female attention he was had started to pull had also gotten out of hand. Kravenn was not a bad looking man, so he didn’t have to go too long without some woman trying to keep warm with him by a campfire, but now they fought over him in broad daylight. These problems, in reality, were not problems at all, and yet he found himself needing to escape. He joked (with himself) about how much more time he spent just traveling beyond the village now than he did when he first got there. Despite being accepted by the villagers, he still felt like an outsider, a foreigner destined to never truly fit in.

Where he belonged was the heart of battle. Kravenn felt an exhilarating sense of triumph as he faced off against giant monsters, each encounter igniting a fire within him. The weight of his bone armor and the solid grip of his hammer filled him with a surge of confidence and power. With every swing of his mighty weapon, he relished the moment when his hammer connected with monstrous hides, sending shockwaves through their colossal frames. The sight of these formidable beasts reeling from his blows, momentarily dazed and seeing stars, fueled his determination. The thrill of going head-to-head with such fearsome adversaries, and knowing he had the strength to make them stagger, was an unparalleled rush. Kravenn felt invincible, his heart swelling with pride and satisfaction. In battle he didn’t have to think about anything, his body moved as if he was born for carnage and destruction ((The man was bi-polar)). The other hunters were all oddballs in their own way, but none of them so far got quite as excited as Kravenn for a good fight. Finding new creatures, winning the battle, improving their knowledge and arsenal were things all hunters had in common, but not many enjoyed the brutal encounter itself. Winning the battle was a given for Kravenn, so he never got excited over the victory. Once he figured out all the weaknesses and attack patterns of the beast, the thrill itself was stripped from the encounter. It didn’t help that many encounters never ended in death. It was a horrible way to think, but some part of him found it boring that most hunters were always rescued and carted away by the small felyne creatures that helped around the village—there had almost been zero fatalities since he had been here. Speaking of being carted away, it had never happened to Kravenn. Not once had he ever been knocked out cold by a monster, and although it may come across as boasting, he eagerly awaited the day when he would meet his match, one that would leave him knock him on his ass.

The village elders, recognizing Kravenn's unique disposition and the solitude he craved, proposed a solution that might also enhance his capabilities as a hunter. They introduced him to the Lynians, specifically the Palicoes—small but fiercely intelligent feline creatures trained to assist hunters like him in their quests. The elders suggested that a Palico companion could handle some of the burdensome social interactions and provide loyal company that matched his fervor for battle without requiring emotional sustenance that Kravenn found so draining. It was in this context that Kravenn was assigned his very own Palico, a creature named Snowball due to its fluffy white fur that seemed to shimmer with a frost-like sheen under the moonlight. Snowball's ice-blue eyes were sharp and observant, reflecting a mind that was as keen as his claws. From their first meeting, Kravenn could tell that Snowball was not like the other Palicoes; he carried himself with an air of authority and efficiency that seemed almost out of place among his more exuberant peers. At first, Kravenn was skeptical of how much assistance a creature barely a quarter his size could offer in the brutal world of monster hunting. However, Snowball quickly proved his worth. His strategic acumen in battle was impeccable—predicting monster movements, setting traps with precision, and even occasionally distracting larger beasts to give Kravenn crucial openings for devastating blows. Their teamwork developed into a seamless dance of hunter and companion, each move complementing the other's strengths. The bond between Kravenn and Snowball grew stronger with each hunt, their companionship solidifying into an unspoken understanding that transcended the need for words. Kravenn found that with Snowball by his side, he could endure the social interactions a bit easier. Snowball had a way of injecting his sardonic humor into conversations, often lightening the mood or deflecting unwanted attention back onto the matters of hunting. Snowball was a perfect fit for him, and somehow having him around made Kravenn realize maybe not everyone was a nuisance. It opened him up more to the idea of partnering with other hunters, if he could only find some that suited him like his felyne companion.

As Kravenn and Snowball's renown grew within their village, tales of their exploits echoed far beyond the familiar borders of their home, weaving into the lore of distant lands. It was during this time that emissaries from the Fifth Fleet, a coalition of hunters gathered by the Guild to explore and establish a foothold in the mysterious New World, arrived in their village. The Fifth Fleet was known for recruiting only the most skilled and audacious hunters, those who craved the thrill of discovering unknown territories and battling creatures of legendary proportions. The emissaries had heard of Kravenn's unquenchable thirst for formidable challenges and his legendary partnership with Snowball. They saw in him not just a hunter, but a pioneer who could face the untamed wilds of the New World and thrive. Kravenn listened intently as the emissaries described the New World—a sprawling wilderness teeming with life and danger, where never before seen colossal beasts roamed free and the land itself hid secrets ancient and wild. His heart raced with anticipation; this was exactly what he had been yearning for. Here was a chance to test his mettle against unknown creatures, to push his limits further than ever before.



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