ѕcaттered вlood

Last Login:
February 23rd, 2024

Gender: Female
Status: In a relationship
Age: 31
Sign: Aquarius
Country: United States

Signup Date:
July 21, 2013


09/28/2014 12:21 PM 


1. I am somewhat but not all the way open to other verses.

2. I do multi para role plays, (but I do not do Novellia.)

3. If I do not respond in a while I am off to college or working.

4. I am lesbian. (Just to be clear xD)

5. I will do or make drawings if you ask me to. (Some edits I can do, or gifs.)

6. Messages with greetings will be un seen, or unread. (I prefer comment greetings. Used to MySpace a loong time ago.)

7. I can be a little hyper in my posts so be aware!

8. I demand cookies!

9. If you are not found of me being a faunus ruby roleplayer, don't bother.

10. I try my best to keep friends but I do friend sweeping once every month. (You have been warned.) 

                     Well that's all for now. ^_^

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