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The Ballad of Captain Calefer (Detailed Timeline)

Age 731
The Saiyans are annexed by the galactic overlord Frieza and start conquering planets to sell. King Vegeta marries his queen Vera.
Age 732
Prince Vegeta is born.
Age 733
King Vegeta learns a mister of his is now pregnant with his bastard child, and puts her in hiding.
Age 734
Bastard son Gavel is born and kept hidden.
The Bastard Prince Is Born!
Age 735
Prince Tarble is born.
Age 736
Queen Vera finds out about her husband's bastard and banishes him to a saiyan prison colony on Planet Planet Regios Three.
Age 735
Frieza starts to feel misgivings toward the Saiyans.
Age 737
Destruction of Planet Vegeta occurs. 
Age 737-Age 747
Gavel survives the rough life in Regios Three becoming stronger than most of the exiled adults. News spread of Planet Vegeta's destruction. Gavel now 14 meets Cauly, a saiyan elite born on Regios Three age 17.
Age 748
Cauly (age 18) finds out she's pregnant, Gavel (age 15) leaves planet with small group of saiyan mercenaries.  
Age 749
Calefer is born.
The Captain Is Born!

Age 754
Calefer (age 4)  Cauly begins to train Calefer in the traditional saiyan fighting style.

Age 755
Gavel returns to Regios Three and learns of his son. In a rage Gavel blasted a hole in Cauly's stomach, and blasted Calefer (age 6) in the left eye, soon after leaving the planet assuming Calefer's death. 
Childhood Taken-Rebirth Of The One Eyed Captain.
Father Figure
Age 755-766
Calefer is found by Orion, an elderly saiyan elite who was once the commanding colonel in the Saiyan-Tuffle war. Banished to Regios Three for accused war crimes. Orion tends to Calefer's wounds fighting to keep him alive for over six months. Once Calefer recovered Orion picked up training where Cauly left off quickly noticing the young saiyan's prodigious combat skills.
Good Times 
(Calefer Age 17, Orion Age 69)
Age 766
Calefer while out training alone runs into a new saiyan. The first on the planet to ever ignore the fact he was a Bastard to the royal blood line. 
Enter Takana 
Takana not caring who Calefer was made an approach and noticing Takana's feminine ways the young Bastard glared at the new saiyan and spoke out. "Get out of here Gajin!" to which in response Takana drew back and punched the one eyed saiyan screaming "Screw you Cyclops!" Calefer let out a growl and socked the flamboyant saiyan right back. From that day forward they were like brothers. 
Age 766-769
Calefer and Takana both continued to train under Orion for the next three years, quickly becoming recognized as two of the strongest saiyans on the entire saiyan colony planet. 
Age 769
Orion leaves Regios Three on a standard food hunt to another planet, and never returns. Calefer (age 20) is told the saiyan team that went ran into an Arcosian related to Frieza by the name of Lord Tundra. Calefer takes one of the ships and follows the same course in search of the Arcosian.
Death Of The One Eyed Captain
Calefer was nearly beaten to death, and one final massive blast left the saiyan beaten and bloody. As the saiyan began to bleed out a mysterious Kai took notice. As the saiyan died she took his spirit to King Yemma and advised she would be taking the saiyan to train just as she heard King Kai had done with another saiyan.
Age 769-Age770
Calefer for a year is trained by the Kai and achieves the level of super saiyan, and not long after super saiyan level two. The saiyan is taught some Kaioshin specific techniques such as 
Kai Kai - This technique is much like the instant transmission, only far more superior. Unlike the instant transmission which is limited to universe 7. Kai Kai can be used to travel to any location including other universes.
Kaio-ken- It's like a massive upsurge of energy. Everything is heightened: power, speed, even hearing and vision improve dramatically.
After a year of training the Kaioshin offered to give her life so that Calefer could come back to life, but only if the saiyan vowed to do good and become a savior. The one eyed captain having gained tremendous power in the year of training lied and agreed to the terms.
The Boy Is Back In Town!
The saiyan (age 21) was given the life of the Kaioshin and instantly brought back to the site of his death, but the saiyan had no intention of honoring his promise. As he stood overlooking the crater he died in just one year prior he began to swell with rage. Revenge was all on the saiyans mind, and soon he found himself on the hunt for his killer.
The Hunt Is On. Death Of An Arcosian.
The saiyan killed Lord Tundra and avenged Orion. On Tundra's body the said found a small micro chip titled Umbra, which he would later discover was an artificial inelegance chip for a space craft. 
Calefer (age 21-22) began to travel the galaxy working as a space pirate, and building up a infamous reputation for his chaotic nature and ruthless tactics. The one eyed saiyan even went as far as stealing a spaceship from a galactic armada. Once he installed the Umbra A.I chip Calefer named the ship the Umbra Navis, and for a year he was the Captain of the solely robot crew.  
Calefer (age 22) decides hes tired of a robotic crew and that he cant truly be a captain unless he has a real team to lead. 
Enter the Crew!
ALLIED ROYALTY: Princess Verana
Calefer was able to track down his brother in bond and convince him to join him as his right hand, and lieutenant. Takana was fierce in battle, and had a strong wit about him. It also didnt hurt he was one of the few people Calefer trusted and could keep the chaotic Captain sane. 
Ama was a much older saiyan female whom had also grown up on the saiyan colony planet Regios Three. The saiyan female had a reputation for her vicious combat skills and ruthless aggression, but most importantly for her strategic mind. Calefer was famous for running into battle head first and with her skill to plan ahead she was a asset to the team. Calefer quickly made her his Combat Admiral.
Kuri was a young saiyan female whom unlike the rest of her race she didnt have an overly aggressive nature. In fact the saiyan was sleek and quiet easily able to infiltrate even the most heavily guarded locations. Calefer saw her as a opportunity for stealth and would often send her ahead to do recon.
 Princess Verana
Currently Disclosed 
Calefer (Age 22) gathers a rag tag group to form the galaxy's most infamous pirate crew.
Calefer (Age 22-26 ) travels the northern galaxy's outer rim with his new crew, pillaging, planets and ships alike. Also the team worked off and on as bounty hunters. 
Bitter Days
The crew go on a mission which required them to go separate ways. Upon returning to the ship Calefer discovers his crew never returned. After searching for several weeks to no avail, he assumed they left him, and grew bitter. 
Calefer (age 27) begins his descent into madness. The idea that his crew abandoned making him more ravenous than ever before. After about a year the saiyan found himself in a massive battle with an entire space armada. The saiyan let his pride get the better of him and by not retreating his ship was destroyed. As the saiyan's ship crashed down onto an unknown planet he soon found himself within the wreckage. The saiyan was nearly dead having lost an arm, and a massive amount of blood. 
Deaths Embrace Once More? 
End Of Age777
Calefer (Age 27) was soon found by a Boshian who specialized in cybernetics. The Boshian named Hobbs saved Calefer by crafting him a cybernetic eye to replace the one he lost years prior, and a cybernetic arm to replace the one he had just recently lost. 
Lessons in Humility 
Calefer (Age 28) the humiliation of the Captain's defeat plagued his mind, and taught him a lesson in humility. The saiyan spent the next year trying to find a way to get his arm back. 
End Of Age778
Calefer finds out about the Namekian Dragon Balls and goes to Namek. After finding the dragon balls the saiyan used his first wish for his arm to be brought back, and with his second wish he asked the dragon to restore the eye he lost as a child with the speculation that the scar remain as a constant reminder of his past. As the saiyan began to leave one of the Namek advised he had one more wish, and could fix his scars that littered his body. Calefer only replied...
Calefer (Age 29) Travels space alone for around four months reflecting on his life and maturing. The saiyan planned on finding his old crew and planned on making up for his past deeds, but before the saiyan could do so he decided he needed to train and reach new levels to be worthy of his old crew. The saiyan finds an uninhabited planet with a gravity 900 times that of Earth and began an intense line of training.
Age 779-Age 780 Present Times
Calefer's (Age 30-31) The saiyan trained like a mad man for six months getting stronger than he had ever been before, but still his thrist for power wasnt quenched. Calefer then calls on the Kai who originally saved his live years early, Linnae-Kai and she began to teach him about God Ki and how to master it. After another seven months the saiyan finally unlocked and mastered super saiyan god, and super saiyan blue. 
Enter God Ki
Age 780.
Not long after leaving the planet Calefer decided to seek out his former crew, and continue his ways as a space pirate. 
Present Day 

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The Laws.

1: I  Novella, and occasionally Multi-Para role-play. Do not send me a one-liner. Mature Dragonball Z Verse.

2: Roleplaying is mandatory in messages.Comments are for occ.

3: If you add me dont waste my time fools! 

4: My character is open to relationships, but if you're character is on the side of good.....Ha! Good luck!  rp relationship, is just that.. just rp. Also I dont do rp kids. Its annoying to deal with so no. If this changes you'll all be the first to know. 

5: No god-modding or autoing!

6: Grammar and spelling!

7:When it comes to replies I tend to work fast. I wont rush anyone for replies back, but, and 

this is a huge but. I will only give a two week gap before deletion. Whats this 

mean, if it takes you longer than two weeks to reply to a rp I simply wont be 

rping with you anymore and you'll be gone!

8. Calefer is the offspring of one of King Vegeta's bastard sons. I know its not canon, but I frankly dont give a damn, its an original character with a original-ish idea. Dont like it.....leave!    >:] 

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