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I. While Alphinaud does not have the full protection of the Echo, he will discover himself blessed by Hydalen to be able to resist the mental tempering of the Primals. This discovery comes from him beginning to piece together the lore and necessary qualities required to revive the art of Summoning back to the world.

II. Alphinaud is the one to discover the lost art of Summoning primals from their defeated essence after studying secrets left behind by his grandfather, and making his own deductions through his travels. His Ruby and Obsidian carbuncles are experimented essences which later evolve into the foundation of the Phoenix and Bahamut Egi's. 

III. Alphinaud has learned from his faults and oversights in the creation of the Crystal Braves, and is seeking to make a new order centered around the efforts of the Scions. A 'grand company' in scope but a mobile and secretive force whose goals are simply to assist the Warrior of Light in combating the Ascians and keeping the Garlean front from pushing deeper into Eorzean territory.

IV. Alphinaud considers the Warrior of Light his dearest friend regardless of their background, and laments that as much as he has been able to assist him...he has not been able to alleviate the most strenuous struggles from their journey. They would rank second in importance of individuals in his life following his sister Alisae, and third if he were to find a spouse.

V. His sister has stepped upon the path of the Red Mage, indicating she has always been the more active one. Despite being defined and capable...Alphinaud is of the frailer health when compared to Alisae and others of more martial vocations.

VI. Alphinaud has a love for tinkering with magical formulas and mechanical contraptions, but this is second to his love for throwing himself into historical/miltary lore from all the regions available to him. Because of this offering him the opportunity to research lost ruins or uncover hidden truths relevant to current plights can seem to be more of a pastime than a chore in his expressions.

VII. Alphinaud highly values the people that he has managed to form a strong bond with. Despite his charisma and seeming ease of being able to implant himself into the folds of others, he was an outsider to most circles of interaction during his time of studies as a scholar. Until the Warrior of Light and consequently fellow Scions his only true friend had been his sister and his Ruby Carbuncle. This makes him a bit more sentimental than he might reveal.

VIII. Alphinaud's taste in women lean toward mature-minded individuals whom he can hold a sophisticated conversation with. Appearance is secondary to the mental prowess and emotional connection; although, he seems to have a slight fondness for those taller than himself. But this is an unconfirmed rumor that he neither accepts nor denies.

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