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miz kitty's saloon.
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miz kitty's saloon. (reply)
The hushed murmurings of the current patrons of the saloon didn’t go unnoticed for perhaps the most dramatic entrance they’ve seen thus far. The man was unlike any she’d ever seen before. That wouldn’t stop Miz Kitty from serving a worthy customer, however. He hadn’t broken any of the rules that were roughly painted on a wooden board, its domineering presence reminding any who got out of line that they’d be booted out. Quaintly shining a glass with a rag, she nodded to accept his order.

“Ya hungry, mister? We start servin’ dinner at 5.” The saloon’s hostess kept a careful, lingering glance at the other—noting that he palmed the grip of his weapon. A proactive measure to let the others in the bar know he wasn’t one to mess with, she was sure. Either preventing a fight, or lookin’ for one. “Today’s menu is beef stew. Served with taters.” Miz Kitty gingerly sat down the glass she was so focused on making sure there was nary a water spot, now working on the mystery patron’s drink.

“Wet or dry?” she inquired, pouring the bitter liquid with a special mix of the saloon’s own ingredients to add a hint of natural sweetness. Some liked it dry—that is, without the addition of rum or whatever suited their fancy. Others liked it drowning in liquor, calling it an acquired taste.

Either way, he’d be delivered a tall glass of sarsaparilla with ice. As with all her visitors, Miz Kitty tended to be friendly. Striking up conversations at the bar was a prime way to get to know the townsfolk. This one didn’t seem like he was from Willowlake, but he did seem like the type to know how to get into some trouble. Kitty constantly needed to remind herself that the purpose of this here saloon, this little business of hers, was to lay low and foster a new life for herself away from the troubles that nagged her back East.

Her fingers were itching, though. Her mind, equally perturbed. What came natural to her was what overcame her thoughts, and Miz Kitty knew that the urge would overcome her one day. The West was wilder, but would it be more forgiving? Civilization was creeping into its vast frontier. Every other day it seemed, Kitty read an article out of the local newspaper of an outlaw’s abrupt end by an unforgiving law—stories of a colorful history cut too short. She craved her illicit access to jewels, gold, and cold hard cash. Until Miz Kitty made her next strategic move, she’d drink in the tales of strangers such as this one, tempted by such feats until she wanted to make a few of her own.

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She was always attracted to shiny things. Beautiful things.

Things that didn't belong to her.

Things that were worth their
weight in gold.

Things that weren't worth quite as much.

It was the thrill. The excitement of her heart racing, her adrenaline pumping before she--

Cracked the safe. Disabled the lock. Tampered with the security systems.

She mused about this quite proudly in her involuntary confinement at Arkham, sitting upon an uncomfortably hard chair in a small, ghastly-lit box of a room...while a degreed know-it-all peered at her in blank-faced judgment. How could she obtain joy from taking things? What was once a necessity to live evolved into something more akin to a nasty habit.

Kleptomania. Kleptomaniac.

An official diagnosis that Selina Kyle paid no mind to. Labels made doctors feel good about themselves. Made them feel like all those years of study paid off in the form of being able to call their patients some form of unwell.

Accurate it may be, the klepto would be eventually be released from her confines.

She wasted no time being back at home on the streets. In the alleyways.

Still attracted to those shiny things.

Beautiful things.



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seven questions i stole.
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1. Who is your character? 
Selina Castle, at your service.~

2. Are they a Canon character or an OC?
Okay soooo she's def canon, but I've altered her A LOT so she's very AU. Which I like. So.

3. If you answered Canon, why did you choose this character? If you answered OC, how or why did you make this character?
Wellll at the time I was in an anime-based verse for some years, but I've always wanted to try comics verse. I finally got up the nerve to try it with Catwoman because she's always been one of my favorite anti-heroes. Her iterations are so varied and her character is more complex than many like to believe because they just think of the spandex & whip. So growing with her as I learned more about comics in general has been a delight.

4. If you answered Canon, how have you expanded this character past their main story? If you answered OC, how have you immersed your character into different universes?
Sooooo initially I did try to stick very closely to Rebirth Catwoman. But it got dry. So then I started dabbling with RP with characters in other verses. I loved the flexibility of building on Selina while also still honoring what made her the Catwoman. So while there are some noted differences in how I portray her, there is still some familiarity.

5. Both Canon & OC, how has this character affected you? Do they hold a special role for you or inspire you in any way?
Selina is legit so special to me! I love writing as her, so much so that I've even brought it into my job. xD I actively do comics research & scholarship, & I try to bring awareness to Catwoman and other characters/stories as a means of incorporating it into education. So I took it and RAN with it lmao.

6. Both Canon & OC, You knew it was coming, what is your opinion on shipping and the impact it has on your character? Shipping?
I'm a big shipper. BIIIIIG shipper. I take each relationship that Selina has had to heart. I carry each experience, each heartbreak, each moment of happiness as a part of her history. The traditional ship (BatCat) didn't work out for me, & while that's unfortunate I will say that my current ship is the most wonderful one I've ever had in RP. We transcended universes & made it work despite being the "odd couple." Franky is mai heart & I love how we have a continuous story that's carried on from day one. We'll be 1 year married next week! He is a treasure.

7. For both Canon & OC’s any big future plans for this character?
I'm trying to be more active on HERE, but I am pretty content with the Discord servers I'm a part of. I plan on posting much more regularly in those existing stories. I want Selina to have more babies with Franky. xD I also don't want her to get content in the same old, same old! I want to really develop her character into the BEST momma, the BEST wife, and the BEST cat burglar. Some things she just can't give up. ♥

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[reply] lucas bishop | cash or credit?

“They’re beautiful, darling. I’ll take five.” Words drawled as if they were almost a purr as fingertips with nails as sharp as claws flicker over a set of diamond rings. Selina Kyle’s smile was impish as she drank in the astonished expression of the clerk.

“Are you sure, madam?” he inquired, voice low and meek. “They are…”

“Expensive? Surely you don’t question my ability to pay?” she replied, her tone of speaking exaggerated to convey a state of disbelief. “I will have my lawyer draft an appropriate correspondence for your accusatory--”

“I-I do apologize, madam. Right away.” Sheepish and defeated, the clerk carried away the fine jewelry for processing and packaging. Selina wanted to grin widely, but decided to reserve the celebration for such a dramatic display until after she left the jeweler’s shoppe.

Manhattan was a beautiful borough, filled with shopping delights and a wide range of stores for those with expensive tastes. Sometimes one could do for a little change in scenery. Gotham, by contrast, was gloomy and bland. Here, Selina spotted such a wide array of people and places. New York City was a cat burglar’s dream, and this Cat intended to live it to the fullest.

She liked to call it a small vacation. Catwoman wanted to expand her reach and do a bit of exploring elsewhere. She certainly wouldn’t miss the imposing eyes of a brood of Bats and Birds on her tail.

“Your total today, madam…” the clerk tapped a button on the register, the sum of her purchase displayed on a small digital screen that faced her view. There were so many digits that the man still sweat, though he made no additional comments about her ability to pay. “Would that be check...cash...or credit?”

Cash. So this little boutique did hoard a safe for keeping physical monies somewhere. Ms. Kyle smiled sweetly. “Credit, darling.” Retrieving her card from her clutch, the exclusivity of the logo and platinum color gave the clerk a renewed confidence. She swiped with ease, an approval giving way only seconds later. Selina’s rings were boxed and bagged, and the clerk walked around the counter to hand the valued customer her goods.

“It was a pleasure serving you. Please do come again.”

“Oh, I intend to, darling.” An ominous statement, Selina carried her bag and her ill intentions out of the shoppe to head back to the suite she was renting for the time being.

She gazed at her watch--a dainty gold wristlet with a small clock face. Pretending to check the time, she really wanted to ensure that her recordings were saved. Using the pad of her finger to swipe the touchscreen, Selina could see that her video and audio footage were saved in their appropriate formats. Casing a place like that was a real risk. Security was tight, but perhaps no worse than the glaring eyes of the Gotham City Police Department and their street pigs. Cat felt confident about this one. Besides, if all went according to plan she’d more than make up for the amount spent on her glimmering rings.

Only a couple of blocks away, Selina made it to the niche bed and breakfast she rented by the week. A beautifully aged building surrounded by brick and icon accents, she found it quaint and appropriate to stay in for the duration. There wasn’t any need to live too far from her bounty of glory.

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FULL NAME. Selina Kyle.
GENDER. Female.
HEIGHT.  5'7".
AGE.  Varies; commonly mid-20s.
ZODIAC. Pisces.
SPOKEN LANGUAGES.  English, fluent. Spanish, fluent. French, conversational. Italian, conversational.


HAIR COLOR. Dark brown.
EYE COLOR.  Green.
SKIN TONE.  Olive, yellow undertones.
BODY TYPE. Hourglass.
VOICE.  Sultry, with a tone that seems to purr. Exaggeration of her "r's." (Grey Delisle). 
DOMINANT HAND. Right-handed.
SCARS. Varies depending on the version being portrayed.
MOST NOTICEABLE FEATURE(S). Eyes that seem to glow like an alley cat's. 


PLACE OF BIRTH. Gotham City (The East End).
EXTENDED FAMILY. Maggie Kyle, sister. Aiden Mason, brother. The Batfamily. Numerous kitty cats.
PARENTS. Rex Calabrese (biological, currently canon). Brian Kyle, father figure. Carmine Falcone, alleged father. Maria Kyle, mother. 


OCCUPATION. Vigilante, thief.
FINANCIAL STATUS. Wealthy. Acquired personal wealth; shared assets with Bruce Wayne.
CRIMINAL RECORD. Yes; multiple run-ins with the GCPD. Select few stays in Arkham.


PREFERRED EMOTIONAL ROLE. Selina wears her heart on her sleeve; she isn't afraid to tell Bruce how she's feeling at any given time. 
PREFERRED SEXUAL ROLE. A healthy mix of dominance and submission.
TURN ON’S. Brooding. Stability. Good heart. Muscles. Raw masculinity tbh.
TURN OFF’S. Whining. Playboys. 
RELATIONSHIP TENDENCIES. Family-oriented. Affectionate. Playful. Loyal.

6. Miscellaneous? !

CHARACTER’S THEME SONG.  7 Rings, Ariana Grande.
HOBBIES TO PASS TIME.  Being snooty at fundraisers. Snatching shopping for luxury goods. Baking.
PHOBIAS. Enclosed spaces, especially cages. 
SELF CONFIDENCE LEVEL.  Pretty confident! You have to be to dress up like a Cat in the night.
VULNERABILITIES. Anything that directly affects her family / friends. Especially when it comes to Maggie.

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intro for jason todd. | untitled.

- - - k l e p t o m a n i a c ❤
This city could bring out the worst in you.

A permanent gloom seemed to hover over its contents. Draped in a veil of misery and lost hope, the East End was just as Selina had always remembered.

Pitiful. Forgotten. A shell of its former self.

At one time, the East End was thriving with life. Flourishing with greenery tipped with colorful floral arrangements courtesy of Mother Nature herself. Booming with families that wanted the city life, but wanted to stay out of the city center. A concrete suburb fit for a husband, wife, and their 2.5 children.

Of course, that was a great time before Selina Kyle was welcomed into this cruel world. This is the East End she’d always known.

Barrelling traffic of older model cars, trucks that spout pollution. Trash littering the sidewalks and sewer grates. Couples arguing at the tops of their lungs at 3am. An occasional--though admittedly, more often than Selina liked to admit--ring of gunfire that made all the lights go off. No one ever saw anything. No one ever heard anything.

Everyone in Gotham had their own story of misery to tell, their own woes to dwell over. The Cat was no different. Born into poverty and rendered homeless by the deaths of her parents, the streets were all she knew.

This life was all she knew.

Her notoriety as Catwoman allowed her to gain an advantage many others didn’t have in this district. While seen to outsiders as a criminal who should be locked up for life, the East End dwellers favored their unsung hero. Not one superhero cared about the progress of the crime-infested city. It seemed that they never had their own calls for justice answered. Even Batman’s appearance in the area was rare, though he was known to show up from time to time--especially if it involved a break in one of the cases he were attempting to solve. Other than that, the vigilante would much rather do without lurking around in the very area his parents were murdered.

The irony did not escape Catwoman. A beacon for justice and yet…

These people had none at all, if any. Many were simply too poor to move to better parts of the city. Selina witnessed their struggles firsthand. Lack of nutrition, lack of healthcare. Girls deciding to take matters into their own hands and make bank using the world’s oldest profession.

She didn’t like that.

And so, Catwoman was on her own crusade. Her misdeeds were fueled by the desire to make every family whole again. Thievery, heists, and burglaries were only the start. Now she aimed to secure the rackets that ran out of her home burough. Gangs liked to headquarter themselves in the East End because of scarce police activity. There were plenty of warehouses and old factories to work out of. Selina intended to break up quite a few of them, while starting her own. In her criminal underworld, women were queens. Not pawns, not tools of trade, and certainly not worth discarding when the men figured they were no longer useful.

Still, she’d have to go about this step-by-step. Any miscalculation could land her in deep waters--if not dead. The crime families were not child’s play, but neither was she. And she would help this part of the city any way she could.

With or without the Bat and his righteous brood.

Selina held binoculars to her eyes, scouting an old mill that some thugs seemed to make their new home. It was rumored that a new racket was moving in and she didn’t like the sound of it. Sex trade was disgusting--the victims were always unwilling participants, kidnapped and forced into a life of which they gained no profit or control over their own beings. Catwoman intended to stop it in its tracks. A hefty task to complete on her own, she knew she needed some muscle. Barging in without a plan wouldn’t be smart.

She lowered the equipment from her eyes, biting her lip. She’d need to get a better view to scout activity, to find a weakness in their setup. If anything, this was only a branch of a group of much stronger foes. If Catwoman weren’t careful, she could put the lives of dozens of girls in danger.

Quietly, she slips into the night. Silently, she hopes for a miracle to drop at her feet.

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reply to demoness. | "don't be /shy/."

- - - k l e p t o m a n i a c ❤
the story thus far... A mysterious figure with an even more mysterious letter makes their appearance at damian wayne's 17th birthday bash in metropolis. as any concerned cat mother would, selina trails the unannounced guest--intending to get to the bottom of it. selina prematurely jumps to conclusions, however, assuming that damian is simply too shy to inform the family of his new dating partner. 
The mystery was still profound--and one that Selina would not let go of so easily.

The unknown deliverer of whatever that was seemed to be quite in a hurry. The Cat had tagged behind many a foe, and was far from worried about losing her target.

Was target an adequate description of the fleeing silhouette? Perhaps not. There was no real danger to be had, although she was far from discounting the other as not dangerous. She was simply on high alert. Determined to find out who it was and why they had the audacity to make themselves at home--albeit briefly--uninvited.

Beneath the clouds of uncertainty and suspicion, Selina was certainly intrigued. While hovering upon the edges of rooftops to avoid certain detection, careful emerald eyes watched as this figure held their own on the busy Metropolis streets. After twilight there was nothing more dangerous than a concrete jungle’s alleyways and streets barely lit with flickering incandescent light. This one seemed to know the area like the back of their hand--navigating with ease, taking down the riff-raff as if they’d done this every day of their life.

She’d have to be watchful of this one. They may give her a run for her money.

Skinny high heels long discarded, Selina continued to slink along the city skyline in her party dress as if she were an alley cat after her prey. This mission was not just to satisfy her own curiosities. She wanted to let the others know that she always had their backs. She wanted Damian to know that almost more than anyone else. How could she begin to adjust to this new life if the family could not rely on her? Taking a unique liking to her youngest bird didn’t help, either. If there were forces out there that wanted to stir the pot, to make some trouble…

Selina would meet them head-on.

The assailant continued to flee by vehicle. Selina sucked in her breath, a bit bothered that she’d have to sweat to keep up with them. Beneath her own dress her handy weapon was holstered. Using her bullwhip, Selina stayed out of any direct beams of light--taking flight building-by-building while the car below puttered to a predetermined location.

To her surprise, the car seemed to make its trek back into Gotham. A breathy sigh emerged, and the Cat managed to cross the bridge by hitching a ride upon a trailered truck. Perching upon the top she remained unseen as she crossed back into familiar territory. At least now she’d know her way around. No disadvantages would be had.

Squinting her eyes as if it would help her keep tabs on the car, brows raised earnestly as Selina realized that they were headed into the lucrative Diamond District--and straight for a famously luxurious hotel. The truck seemed to be headed for the industrial zone of the city, and so Selina used her whip to swing from an overhead pass sign--landing with a light thud on a neighboring SUV. It seemed to brake a bit, unsure whether they hit something. The pause in transit was minute as the van continued along its way, assisting the kitty in making it to her final destination. She removes herself from the vehicle as it decides to use valet. Selina could make it on foot here. The parking garage was surprisingly dim, with plenty of spaces to hide and crawl behind.

“Svelte. Small frame. A girl,” she muttered under her breath as she spot the figure exiting her vehicle as the valet takes her keys. Was Damian dating someone? Only he would manage to find a girlfriend that was part-assassin, part-ninja. Selina tittered to herself, finding amusement in her wild thoughts. Still, the Robin was seventeen now. Surely he wouldn’t be that embarrassed to showcase a new girlfriend at his own party. Selina pursed her lips, partly blaming Bruce. “Stunting that poor boy, he should be comfortable with dating by now…”

Now came the difficult part. While the still-mysterious woman disappeared into a well-lit lobby and seemingly to her room, Selina was left to figure out an alternative point of entry. While the general public was allowed to browse the lobby, only paid patrons were able to go upstairs. Desperate now, Selina retrieved what seemed like an ordinary pair of sunglasses from a hook in her bra. Donning them quickly, the Cat focused upon the woman’s frame.

“- - Analysis complete. Tracking initiated.- -”

They came in handy, these experimental devices from Wayne Enterprises. Luckily enough for her, Selina had access to prototypes and beta testing privileges. Though they appear simply as an expensive pair of fancy frames, the glasses were a new technology being developed for the purposes of augmented reality and portable information access. A few tweaks however, and a girl could manage to make them useful for…

Business purposes.

With the woman’s signature locked into her spectacles, Selina could easily find a far side of the hotel to scale. Getting in would be no problem.

“- -Target distance: 43 floors,- -” the device quipped.

“Gives a whole new meaning to living the high life,” Selina quipped, preparing herself for yet another workout. Though she complained, the kitten was in perfect physical health--climbing the sleek hotel in height, taking her no less than 30 odd minutes to make it to her destination. Luckily for her, the upper floors were littered with balconies. And balconies were very easy to break into.

Especially if they were already open.

“- -Arrived.- -” The glasses pointed her in the right direction, Selina now standing upon a balcony with doors wide open. She removed the technology, placing them into her dress once again.

“Is that how you greet all of your boyfriends on their birthdays?” the Cat inquired, intending to make her presence known. Perhaps a bit foolhardy, but her blood was pumping and the adrenaline already flowed. If it was a match she wanted, it was a match she’d get. “Dropping off strange pieces of mail, then leaving suddenly? We would have surely welcomed you in, dear.”

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reply to protector! | "b&e"

- - - k l e p t o m a n i a c ❤
the story thus far... gotham is crazier than usual, with its occupants seemingly under a nasty spell. the population is rowdy & violent, while the plant life dwindles--with no explanation. selina is tasked with obtaining information on a possible Arkham patient who may contain the key to unlock this mystery. she has yet to come across eddie brock, though it seems they will meet soon enough...
It was as dank and gross as she remembered it to be.

Catwoman wanted to gag. The stench was unpleasant, to put it nicely. A mixture of sweat, excrement, rotten food…

It was now that she realized that perhaps would be helpful to equip her costume with some sort of facial mask for tasks like these.

Shimmying through air ducts, Selina Kyle was on a mission. She knew the path like the back of her hand. Being a former inmate afforded her true privileges. While others counted their numbered stays with ticks on the wall, the inmate formerly known by a series of numbers plot her escape a multitude of instances. While occasionally she was let go by some form of administrative handling--Bruce’s doing, no doubt--the Cat was able to obtain enough information needed should she desire getting out on her own.

The planning came in handy.

Making a right turn at what she deemed an intersection of ducts, the lithe Cat of Gotham City estimated that she wasn’t far from the series of various admin offices, clustered together far away from the residents themselves.

Arkham Asylum was infamous for its clientele--some with temporary stays for fleeting insanities, others with more permanent mental illnesses that required months of a stay, if not permanent. While many contained within its thick concrete walls and barbed wire security fences were ordinary citizens, Arkham Asylum was often home to Gotham’s undesirables. Household names like Harleen Quinzel and Pamela Isley were among the frequent visitors.

It was no coincidence that this very pair sought out Selina’s assistance. It seemed that something was off with the greenery of Gotham--what little the city did have. Plants were dying at alarming rates. Parks once lush with flora now appeared dull and lifeless. Tufts of grass refused to grow in the cracks of cement, and the trees that lined the posh Diamond District even took a direct hit. In addition to the green failing to thrive, the entire city seemed to be in shambles. There was chaos in the streets--fights, crime, and general disturbances. Even for their metropolis it was far too much. Ivy was concerned that a new inmate she’d discovered in passing attributed to this crisis. Someone unfamiliar, she believed he carried a sickness and that she needed to know more about him. About it.

Harleen, being the supportive partner-in-crime that she was, also wanted to get to the bottom of the mess so she could help dispose of it. And because Selina was the stealthier of the Sirens…

She continued to wiggle down the path, making sure not to alert anyone of her presence by causing unnecessary noise. Catwoman needed to make it to the large storage area where all patient files were being kept. While she didn’t have specifics on a particular patient--or even a name--Selina was clever enough to know where newer files were being kept. Asylum inmates who were deemed dangerous were automatically quarantined. Catwoman figured that anyone brought in within the past six months and were deemed too dangerous to be within the general population would be handled separately. It wouldn’t take her too long to comb through the documents to get names, ailments, and any other interesting information.

Selina paused. As if her breathing could be heard, she bit down upon her lower lip and slightened her exhales to a minimum. A gaggle of doctors were contained within a space, discussing an inmate referred to only by number. They seemed to discuss a batch of results from some sort of testing. The Cat frowned. Arkham Asylum wasn’t a stellar facility for mental health care--but one should not have to be forced to consent in experimental procedures and treatments.

Listening further, Catwoman attempted to memorize the inmate’s number as well as the code word they seemed to continuously throw around. “GR-27,” she murmured to herself in hopes that the letters and number stuck with her while she fumbled through documents soon enough. Seeing as the physicians referred to the resident in past tense, it was a prime chance that they did not survive whatever was being administered to them. She decided she’d check with the deceased records first to see what would turn up. It was likely that whatever was going on was not the act of an individual, but rather a group of psycho-scientists performing trials and experiments on those unwilling or unable to fight against them.

Resisting the urge to sneer, Catwoman pushed forward--not far from the sealed files she needed to dig through.

- - -

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[post] starter for Cpt. Marvel, Jr.

" a    m a r v e l o u s   e n c o u n t e r "

It was a tough world for a black cat.

Oft associated with the likes of superstition, bad omens, and witchcraft, felines of the ebony assortment were usually shunned by society. Cast away in favor of more elegant breeds, the black cat had to make a name for itself on the lowly streets. Slinking in the shadows of the night, digging through the scraps for some kibbles, raising its fur on end and displaying the sharpest ivory teeth in contrast to its entire form.

This was why Selina Kyle embraced the alter ego and moniker of the Catwoman.

Surviving on the streets of Gotham City for as long as she could remember, Selina found the similarities between her and the ominous felines striking. Little by little, she transformed herself into a costumed cat. A scrub cap became a cowl sporting a set of kitty ears. Simple gloves became those outfitted with a matching set of steel claws that could slice through skin with ease. Selina forwent the stereotypical hoodies for a sleeker suit--more form-fitting and allowing her to appear like the slender cats she adored so much.

Dressing up in costume wasn’t all that extraordinary in Gotham. It was a wild, sprawling concrete jungle with even wilder residents. The most well-known of the population, deluded in many ways, played dress-up and used their appearance to accentuate the crazy factor. Gotham’s leading vigilante himself was a costumed Caped Crusader. Selina figured that being a Cat was far better than being psychotic vine of weeds, or a mentally decrepit clown.

“Mama needs those kibbles,” she murmured to no one in particular. Though the Cat was far from her very humble beginnings, her line of work required that she stayed on top of the happenings in the streets. Any shift of leadership in the crime families could send her livelihood tumbling into ruins. Every one of her takes were affectionately nicknamed as kibbles--and rightfully so. Without them, she couldn’t fund her lavish lifestyle, her delectable dinners, and the lives that her brood of kittens were so accustomed to by now.

The goal tonight? A simple smash and grab. At least, that’s how the job was described to her. Smashing was far beneath Selina’s specialty--it was always best to move about with the least amount of detection as possible. Such was the way of the cats of the night.

Rumor had it that one of Gotham’s businessmen had an interesting collection of firearms at his disposal. Guns were always a hot commodity on the Black Market--with a little elbow grease, they could be refurbished into weapons that were virtually untraceable. What made this case unique was that the guns were not simply your average pistols and revolvers. They were aged, coveted by collectors who fawned over the olden days of the Wild Wild West. Unlikely to be sold as they were to be in the hands of someone who really wanted them.

Selina didn’t care where or who they were for. Her only job was to make sure that they arrived with nary a scratch. The Cat would get paid her cut--in all cash. And nothing in this world excited her more than lying about in hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cold, hard dinero.

The man’s home was a sprawling mansion located a good half-hour outside of the city limits. Catwoman had to cycle as close to her destination as she could, parking her faithful motorbike in a brush dense with vegetation. Hoofing it the next couple of miles would be no problem. Less than twenty minutes should be her approximate arrival time.

Going over the map of details in her mind, Catwoman was confident that this would go on without a hitch. The Bat would be many miles away, taking care of his city. The woman highly doubted that any other superheroes would care to guard this remote spot of upper-class suburbia. And when she spotted the tall wrought iron gate that wrapped around the vast property...

She knew she was home.

“Mm. Ibiza sounds like a good vacation spot,” Selina mused to her lonesome, already plotting what she’d do with her payday. First thing’s first--she needed to work her way in. Luckily for this slick kitten, she knew exactly where to start.

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