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01/09/2021 08:05 PM 

Osiris Malik Devinti (Ascendant Version)


Osiris Malik Devinti
Aliase(s): Desecrator of Heaven
Age: 1,927
Birthday: July 8th
Sign: Cancer, Dragon
Bloodtype: O-
Birthplace: Alexandria, Egypt


Race: Demonized God / Angel (non-human)
Height: 6'
Weight: 186 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Hairstyle: Short
Eye Color: Silver
Distinguishing Features: His eyes give away wich "mode" he's in. Silver is his base state, a red ring in his pupils is a sign of danger, full red is berserk mode, and gold is divine mode. 
Skin tone: Lightly sun-kissed
Scars / Birthmarks: none


Positive traits: 
clever, creative, honest
Negative traits: sketchy (as hell), secretive, antagonistic, sadist

- Everyone he's ever truly loved has been killed.
- Has a fear of failing to protect someone due to past traumas.
- His mother and his wife were killed by angels, hence his absolute hatred for them.
- Is never openly hostile.
- Knowledge seeker. 
- Willing to teach others if they have potential.
- Will experiment on others.


- Veteran Combatant: Has over 1900 years of fighting experience (to the death).
- Assassin: Has learned the art of assaination from his human servant.
- Sexual Stamina and Endurance: Regularly f***s his succubus servant into submission. 
- Capable of Flight, by using magic or his wings.
- Jeweler: Loves making jewelry and will sometimes give his creations to others as a sign of goodwill and respect.
- Artist: Paints in secret.
- Mercantile: Always seems to have something that someone wants.


- Has studied and mastered a wide variety of magics. But he specializes in:
Ice magic - Exactly what you can think or imagine it is.
Soul - Transfer, binding, conversion, destruction
Spatial - displacement, portals, dimensional transfer, manipulation
Holy - Healing, purification, and resurrection. (good luck getting him to revive anyone)
Enchanting - He can add magic properties to non-magial items or remove them all the same.

- The feathers of his wings hold magic of their own.
His white feathers can purify or protect and can form into swords of light that he can wield or control freely.
His black feathers can corrupt souls and form into daggers.

- His natural affinity is fire magic, for which he was peerless, but he himself sealed it. 

The Void:

Osiris' personal realm of densely concentrated magic that feeds off of those who enter it: blood, souls, vitality, or magic, it'll decide on it's own what it wants. 

- Currently a place of blessing because of his excessive feeding of angels to it, which makes it dangerous to vampires, undead, and demons, himself included. 
- An excellent training ground for mages since it helps with fine-tuning magic control.
- Strengthens magic abilities through a cycling process that can be highly taxing and dangerous if not regulated correctly.
- The only ones capable of enterring it are Osiris himself and those he brings in through his portal. 
- Also accounts for nearly two thirds of his magic pool.

Bonus Trivia:

- Intimate with Death - Has been killed twice, but self-revives. Also, had his heart eaten the second time around. Don't ask him.
- Instructor: Enjoys teaching people to realize their potential in the arcane arts.
- Detriment to Himself: Holds back constantly, if not always in combat situations.
- Son of Anubis: Due to his heritage, he is very knowledgeable about death, judgement, and souls.
- Prison Warden: Owns and runs a prison that he keeps in the astral plane that houses both criminals and his research projects. 
- Weapon of choice is a kusarigama or his ethereal chains.
- The owner of a black book known as the Sin of Pride.


08/03/2019 06:40 PM 

Nathaniel Shaw


Name: Nathaniel Shaw
Aliases: Jacob Mercer
Age: 25
Birthday: September 30th
Sign: Libra, Snake
Blood Type: AB
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California


Race: Human
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 175
Hair color: Brown
Hairstyle: Short
Eye color: Ice Blue
Distinguishing features: Full beard, small gauges in ears, and a captivating smile.
Skin tone: Warm Ivory
Scars / birthmarks: Birthmark on his right shoulder blade. Quite a few burn spots on his back.


Positive traits: Intelligent, persuasive, charming, sociable
Negative traits: Pathological liar, manipulative, sociopath, abusive, homicidal

- Father was killed when he was 12 years old, his mother soon remarried when he was fourteen.
- Physically and verbally abused by step-father.
- Enjoys luring unsuspecting people and killing them.
- Plays both sides.

- Law: Extensive knowledge of the law due to his father being an attorney. 
- Trap Enthusiast: Hunted with his father by luring and baiting with traps. 
- Boxing: His step-father was a professional cage fighter whose aggression came home with him. Nathaniel took up boxing at the age of 15 to learn how to defend himself. Kept up boxing even while in prison.
- Escape Artist: Went to prison for the murder of his step-father at the age of eighteen. Broke out of prison seven years into his 20 year sentence. 

07/30/2019 08:18 PM 

Adaji Cirene


Name: Adaji Cirene // Jai Zeranova
Aliases: Hazen Creed
Age: 63, appearance is 21
Birthday: July 18th
Sign: Cancer, Pig 
Blood Type: O
Birthplace: Ash Shinan, Saudi Arabia


Race: Genetically engineered human-alien hybrid
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 225
Hair color: Black
Hairstyle: Very long, worn down. Will tie it up in a bun when he's trying to focus and braids it when training.
Eye color: Lime green
Distinguishing features: His eyes lose their luster when he's angered and turn gray when he loses control. Has tribal tattoo-like markings that appear on his face, arms, and torso in certain situations, but they usually disappear after a day. // The markings become more permanent the longer he's in a state of negativity.
Skin tone: Honey-almond
Scars / birthmarks: The only scars he has are a row of holes from the teeth of his Inhibitor that he wears above his left ankle.


Positive traits: Caring, studious, attentive, generous, charitable, confident, respectful, protective
Negative traits: Antagonistic, psychotic, homicidal, greedy, depraved, detached, resentful

- Realist with a hint of optimism
- Will knowingly walk into a bad situation due to his confidence in his own abilities.
- Introvert with friends in odd places.
- Runs his fingers through his scalp when annoyed.
- Enjoys a good fight and a good argument.
- Anyone who he decides to care for or protect he will go to great lengths to ensure their health and safety, otherwise it was wasted effort on his part.
- Deeply respects monks.
- Poisons his own food.
- Missing some parts of his memory.

- Survivalist: Hunting, butchering, cooking, fishing, leather working, primitive construction and tool making.
- Raised by soldiers / mercenaries: Learned guerrilla tactics and inhumane methods of warfare and torture. 
- Martial Artist: He grew up learning martial arts. Tang Soo Do, Eskrima, Judo, and Sojutsu are the styles he learned and mastered at a young age.
- Linguist: Fluent in Arabic, English, Russian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin, and Korean. Knows two alien languages as well.
- Educated: He graduated from a military academy where he learned military strategy and underwent extensive platoon combat drills.
- Medicine: One of the soldiers who raised him was a combat medic. He learned how to identify and treat a variety of infections, wounds, and diseases. Attempted to pursue a degree in medicine after graduating. Denied due to failure of psyche exam. 
- Immunity: Poison and toxins don't hurt him. Instead they add a heightened flavor when he ingests them.
- Studious: Things that weren't taught to him he learned on his own. Enjoys reading and writing. Self-taught toxicologist and botanist.
- A natural fighter due to his strength and abnormal reflexes.
- Surprisingly agile.

// Note: This is Adaji's information with some bleeding effect from Jai. Jai has his own skills and personality. One such skill that Jai has that Adaji does not, for example:
Has an amazing singing voice and can read all manners of body language.

07/30/2019 04:46 PM 

Isik Tehlike


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