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December 10th, 2023

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July 07, 2018



09/25/2023 05:34 PM 


Name: Kaito



Weights:167 pounds 

Eyes: blown

Hair: red

Body: slim muscle tone

Kaito was a fast learner and a quick study as he went the police academy quickly and made it to Swat in less a year. He normally a shy guy but once you get know him he is the nicest guy you will ever meet. He is over protective at times when it comes to people he knows. Until the demise of the world he thought he was alone but boy was he wrong.

12/30/2021 04:41 PM 


The first is a Fantasy, action, adventure and romantic you choice if you want erotic or not and the character is Dan that i will be using for this
It was a warm spring day in a small town on the outskirts of a huge city a young male was working at a blacksmith job repairing swords, shields and whatever else people would bring him. "Yes sir don't you worry about it ill have it as good as new in a day or two" The young man said as he picks the equitment on the table than looks over in a cover seeing his armor from the old days not sure if he wants to go back to that life or just stay with the one he has.

07/06/2021 02:02 PM 

Dan aka The Crimson Blade

The Imaicho Village is a place where people come to trade and train if they are deem worthy enough or not besides from one day when shopping they come across a young boy that steals their money and food without being noticed. The young boy finally got caught one day and taking to the school as he was in front of the same group that he stole from. They tell the young boy that he can either home his skills in the school or face the charges and beheaded for the crimes. The boy decided to train at the school as he told them his name was Dan and he was holding a stone in his hand that was the color of crimson red.

06/03/2021 03:30 PM 

Ash Dragonblade

Ash Dragonblade is my name and I am a Knight of the Kingdom of Ravenwood of the country Loki. I was born in a small village called Alexville not many people lived there but we were a happy few mostly a few soldiers, a blacksmith, and a few farmers live there. I always enjoy listening to the stories from the soldiers that would tell me about their adventures. When i was a bit older i started to train as a soldier until one day a knight showed up hurt.

01/27/2021 11:32 PM 

Jack Edward

Jack Edward

Jack Edward is the name and pirate is the game. Don't give me that look i can feel it you think im not much of a pirate well that's what you think.  I have stole plenty of treasues for being a young pirate and yes i'm only eighteen. I was taking when i was just a child to be a cabin boy but when the ship was under attack by a other pirate crew they kill our captain and the rest of the crew was a little scared to take up the spot so i took it for them. Now i have to say it can be a overwhelm at times but i got one hell of a crew of guys and girls. Ill tell you what you bunch of Scallyswags you want to know more about me how about starting a rp with me and maybe ill give you a amazing buried treasure. HaHaHa

07/04/2020 03:33 PM 

Jake Shepp

Look if you want to know about me i can tell you a few things but you can't tell anyone i told me this but as you can see my name is Jake Shepp and I am a warrior fighting for my country. I'm 5'10 about i say 175 or so haven't check in a while to much fighting going on here. I was born in a small village just a little ways from the capital I was told when i was young that i would become a great warrior and I would be married to a beautiful woman hasn't happen yet but we will see. I study martial arts and the ways of different clan's putting all of their abilities together.

03/21/2020 03:35 PM 

Nathan Drago
Current mood:  calm

Nathan Drago
I'm 5'9, 185 pounds as you can tell i'm pretty muscular tone. Well since you want to know about me i guess ill tell you. "sigh shakes his head" Well I'm a trainer in a local gym for anyone who wants to lose weight or just learn the basics so they can stand up for themselves. I have alot of different sides to myself so it depends on how you talk to me is how ill talk to you. I did study kick boxing when i was younger plus a few other tricks as well. "Rolls his eyes" You know what if you want to know more just ask and maybe ill tell you 

03/22/2019 12:13 PM 

Danny Nightheart

Danny Nightheart

Age 19

Body slim but muscle tone

Hair/Eyes color: Blown hair with blue eyes

In a Galaxy call Dragon tooth Cloud at Planet Xander a young boy name Danny Nightheart was born and rises as mage cause of the power he had inside of his body. Growing up he had to learn all kinds of spells and weapons training to survive in the world. Danny was sent to the space station Chronos to work when he turn eighteen working at the bottom making it his way up to a space ranger fighter.

03/22/2019 02:56 PM 


Adam Stormborn was Mulford

Age 21
Race human
Occupation Architect/fighter
Hair/eye color Black hair and green eyes
Tattoo a dragon from his shoulder to his waist

Adam was only eight years old when he started to learn how to fight for self-defense and to hurt people who hurt the ones he care about or himself cause of his drunk and abusive father made him turn this way. Always yelling at him and telling himm that he was no good up to the day his father died from drinking after that Adam seem to find peace in the world now 21 years old living a peaceful life besides from most night when he goes to fights for more money.

02/15/2019 12:02 PM 

Mike Garcia

My name is Michael Garcia but I go by Mike. I'm only 18 years old and I’m a full human/wolf spirit. I'm about 5'8 and 175 pounds. I have brown eyes, blond hair and light build. I'm a gauntlet user but I’m still learning how to use them. I was born in Fontaine. I was only a baby when my mother died giving birth to me. My father left me on a stranger’s doorstep. That's when I met Auron he took care of me. When I was five auron taught me drunken fist, hapkido and dragon then he told me I was left on his doorstep when I was baby. When I was nine I went to gather information an spent half a year looking for my parents but with no luck until i found some strange gloves in an abandon building. At age ten I returned to the village to find it in ruins. I call out Auron name many times but no answer than finally find him under his own roof with just half of his body sticking out.


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