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10/24/2019 10:53 PM 

--- Yue

Sunlight crept through the cracks of the windows, a warm towel left on my head as I slowly opened my eyes. My body is in pain, but... I'm alive? Looking down, my wounds have been bandaged and tend to. I was rested in a soft bed and welcomed to the warm smell of delicious spiced meats being prepared. How long was I gone? Who... Helped me?
Those hypnotic eyes flashed in my head again, a shiver racing down my spine. There was an urge.. This urge to devour. To eat.  I sat up and nearly panicked. My wings! My wings! They've.. been bandaged. Whoever helped me can see my true form?! The door swings open and I nearly jump out of the bed. The beauty from before holding a series of meats and a bowl of steamed rice. The smell was overwhelming. It was delicious. My urge to devour her turned towards the food and my stomach agreed. She was cautious, as she should be and I only mirrored the reaction. A soft hiss tickled my throat. I never.. made such a noise before - mimicking the creator who now is morphing me. She took a step back before taking in a deep breath. Moving forward, she showed no fear towards me. Doesn't she know I could easily rip her apart!? I will! I'll claim her as mine with this ichor! But as the food drew closer, as I looked into her weary hazel eyes... My heart sank. Fate had funny ways of saying you were meant to be somewhere. It was like I was under a spell she cast. Everything seemed to freeze and we simply were lost in each other eyes. A fluff of my wings, I attempted to threaten her by casting my own spell. Though she didn't budge. She had a weight to her, one that was stern but calm. It was nearly terrifying. She sat the food on the nightstand and simply watched me. Was it a taunt? Was it a threat? The woman, she took control over my body again. I can see waves of what looked like life coursing through her. This essence -- this concept my creator taught me about. She was surging with it. She looked delicious, I wanted her in every possible way. In every horrid, awful way - let me rip her apart. Alas, I fought the urge to attack. This seemed to please my creator. The food... I used the food as a distraction. 
Quickly, I pounced at the tray of food. The minute the meat graced my tongue, the juices overtook my senses. The seasoning, the flavors - I was quick to slurp and scarf down the delicious meal she made me. Her own being seemed to settle, her essence calming as she eased herself around me. I could see her heartbeat start to slow, I could sense her own being weaken. Then those words came from her mouth - the expected question I was waiting. 
" Who are you? "
Her voice was like a sweet melody. It rang through my feral ears. My own heart thumped in my chest. What was this woman, what spell did she have over me? And what did she mean? 
" I am -- you. A human? "
There was so much doubt in my voice, wiping the remnants of the juice of the meat with the back of my hand. She gave me a disappointed look. She could see me. She was about to speak in protest to my questioned answer, but I interrupted her. " I am a Grigori. An angel. " It was quick enough to silence her, nodding her head as she walked behind me to examine my broken wings. They were already in the process of healing, but she seemed so fascinated by them. Seeing the scriptures and drawings of the land, being like me were depicted with only two wings. They have never seen a seraph - let alone a WATCHER fallen from HIS grace. A soft touch against one of my feathers, my heart nearly blew out of my chest. It hurt so badly, but from her - it was if that one feather came to life. She showed no fear towards me and then I was graced with her beautiful voice once again. 
" Who are you? "
What is with this crazy woman? I answered her question already, but when i turned to face her, I was greeted with such a beautiful look. Her hazel eyes gazing into my violet ones. I fell back against my palms. I was smitten. 
" Amaros... Amaros, the one who taught mortal men the wonders of spells and enchantments. Amaros ' Spades ' Emyr --  And... who are you? "
A smile. Who knew.. that HIS creation could be so... beautiful. The movement of her soft lips as she spoke her name. A name I already grew so weak to. 
" Yue Zhang. "
" Yue... Zhang. I owe you my life. You saved me, but why -- how can you see me other mortals couldn't even acknowledge me and you save me! " 
Alas, she only gave me a simple smile. 

Where was I... 
A temple that reached towards the heavens, located upon the Eastern Mountains. It was spectacular. It was breathtaking, to wake up and see such a view. She let me stay with her, she took care of me, she catered to me -- and I gave her... my life. I obeyed her, I protected her. All beings here had a spiritual adeptness due to their intensive training. I trained with them and exposed them to further aspects of the supernatural. I was the one who taught the mortal man of enchantments and magic... Just like I was in Enoch. I was a Shaman, an Oracle to them - and these titles I accepted. Any who was hurt during training, I healed with my feathers. I helped expand the territory, warding away and fighting away impurities with Yue at my side. My heart sang with hers, for her family. I felt at home, at peace. 
The call of Gehenna loomed over me. It taunted and tortured me but I ignored it - just that little longer to be with her. One day she just left. She didn't tell me anything, no notes, no preparations. I was left with the monks and I nearly panicked. I flew past the temple walls in search of her. Where could my precious Yue have gone!? Where did she go!? My heart was broken, it sank in my chest. Tears started to cloud my sight and I had to land in an unknown area. The near the outskirts of Hong Kong. I was disoriented, I was confused. I ran to her restaurant, I ran up and down the streets to find her essence. Nowhere, no sense. I couldn't find her. The call of Gehenna screamed inside me, it flooded my ears and rang in my brain. To send this realm in disarray and turmoil. I could reshape it, I can draw her out through the state of madness. She'll answer that call right? Or.. I could lose her forever in the process. 
A saddened adventure back to the temple, this was her home, right? She would return then? 
Days turned into months, which turned into years. How long? One... two... three.... five... My form hibernated during this time, finding shelter in her scent and within my wings. 
I don't remember the day, but I remember the sun shining that much brighter that day. Peeling myself away from my cacoon, the haven I created to hide, the smell of the same dish filled my nostrils. That same dish she fed me when we first met. Is she home? No... my mind was playing tricks on me. Fixing myself up, I trudged towards the smell. It was more potent than usual. How much did she make? Seeing several plates made, it looked like they were freshly made and simply cooling down. Her voice, demanding yet so sweet, did she have a new student? She was far more harsh than usual. 
I walked into the light only to have my heart jump to life. I barely noticed how she's aged, she was still so beautiful. Alas, my eyes didn't rest at her. They traveled to see a strapping young man, tired from the training the woman was putting him through. Hair as dark as hers, a sharp face, a sturdy form - but his own hazel eyes matched mine. I was speechless. 
" Amaros.. "
My attention snapped towards her, standing tall, my wings folded back. Her face was soft, it was filled with love as she motioned to the young man beside her. 
" This is my grandson. I have a request for you. " 

10/23/2019 10:14 PM 

--- Amaros

To watch a world come into formation, every world has its own story. From beginning to end. So what about when Gods decide to battle each other time after time again? The effects of bent reality, instability. What is real anymore? 
Seven wings of beautiful white glistened and glittered in gold. Hair as white as snow with eyes that sparkled like violet gems within the sparkling skies of the realm now known as Enoch. I lay in a pool of liquid essence. The magical remnants of what is suppose to replicate water. A woman with silver ghostly hair. Her eyes a deep green with a smile that screamed nightmares, but welcomed me so. An hourglass form hovering over me as I lay battered and broken. The war of Gods breaking my wings. She sang a song to me. A song of redemption, or revenge - my heartbeat inside my chest to it's beat. My eyes widened as her words filled my ears with new hope. But at what price? My body... a bond... the Devil was beautiful, she was powerful. No weapon was drawn, no threat was made, and yet I felt a weight on my shoulders. It brought me to my knees as looked up at her helplessly. I was helpless to her charm, to her unknown spell. Was she a God I never faced? Was she something more? She told me that I didn't have to serve any Kings, any Patriarchs. But to serve a Queen...
I bowed my head and accepted my faith. I, Amaros, the Watcher who taught man of spells and enchantments became the vessel of ------ ' Spades' Konshelm. My purpose was to continue to teach, to act as a guide to those who are lost. To examine and research realms a far, realms I'd never could imagine were real to begin with. I will be the reshaping of that realm or be it's reason to fall into chaos and disarray. It was a strange job, one really is given to an angel? But being forced out of HIS light. My being was hers, and a sweet, thick ichor was poured down my throat. It was hypnotic, it was pleasuring, it was painful. My body was confused. It was in peril and mystery. But I was blissfully lost. My mind numbed into wonderful nothingness as I felt her slowly corrupt me, take over me, fuse with me. This green ichor now seeped and pooled form my lips, this urge to infect others and corrupted them like me burning my insides. It felt heavenly, it felt empowering. To have a woman give me so much power. I was given a partner. A tall, handsome man with dark hair. His eyes glistened of rubies, matching my Amathyst orbs. His name was Mordred - a vessel to ------- ' Kons ' Konshelm. From there my name shifted from Amaros to Spades, taking on the name of my... creator. 
A first mission, the sudden drunken urge to simply devour and take. It churned and bubbled in my stomach like my own body was eating itself from the inside out. A simple world shifting and swaying between concepts of stability. This concept constantly surging throughout my mind. It was like a poison that I couldn't extract alway attempting to understand it. But I would hear her words that this concept was none of my concern. That this concept was an experiment for her and her realm. But I wanted to know more, I wanted to see more. The very few times being within the confines of Ulara I couldn't stay. The twisting and turning of what to believe and not believe tore at my mind. But what caught my eye was it's state of decay, it's lifespan, how ready it was to fall into chaos and be reformed into something new or be utterly consumed... by me. To bring it to a state of Gehenna and rebirth it creating it's Genesis -- That is what I was to be. 
Upon arriving in this realm, I took a deep inhale of it's air. It's essence tickled my nose and filled my lungs. It was if this realm was made for me. To be conquered and claimed by what was once fallen. My own redemption was at hand, I will perform my duty to her and claim anything as my own! But the land I stumbled upon was already within ruins. It was plundered to chaos and turmoil, watching women and children die for a simple game, experiencing men kill their own brothers to secure a sense of power. What am I to do in a world that is already killing itself? The supernatural filled this realm, the many demons, and angels who shunned or challenged me. My being, the teacher within me became a solider once again, taking up arms to banish and punish any who opposed me. Dismiss reality, shift it to your own. I will sway and disorient what you believe is reality. 
I will create Null and shift the minds of other others until they are nothing but their own voided hole. Of the Supernatural, the Divine, the Occult, or any magicks I made it my personal goal, my mission to make them mine. Elemental spell, after the curse, after blessing and healings, there was never such a concept as too much information. And then -- I voided them all out. I made them into nothing, a black hole that simply devoured and ate all that came towards me. Null -- the spell to distort the concept of reality and make it... nothing. Through these years I've become numb to the twisted ways of these beings. The inhabitants consistnat bloodshed, for what ever reason they used to justify it, only became my amusement. I started to enjoy it, it was wonderful, it was beautiful. It was nearly an art form to watch the different symphony of screams and cries -- her ichor boiling through my veins. Her being... twisting and distorting... Controlling my state of uncertainty. I'm going to break. She's taking a hold of me. And yet -- with what I saw and experienced. I didn't care. I didn't mind. It protected me from what the horrors of his creation, how lost they would be without our guidance. 
As I became helplessly numb to this new shift, this new persona that I have taken - this being who is becoming me - A horrid war broke out. Horrid birds clouded the skies in smoke, humming loudly to deafen the ears of those below them. They dropped metal cylinders of explosions that destroyed the earth below them. Women and children once again screaming, men fighting each other with encouraging the needless bloodshed. I could stop this. With all just a simple spell I could cause peace and heal them. But I watched it. With my seven angelic wings spread high, I watched as they destroyed themselves with a disgusting, sadistic smile on my face. Their cries of pain and agony were my favourite symphony, the cries of the innocent piercing through the clouds of the Heavens. This transformation was liberating, was relieving - though I have realized I have fallen so far from HIS touch. " But what GOD would punish those who use the gift he freely gave them? " It was a time of acceptance, a time of surrender. I became what she wanted and I freed myself from his holy light! To Gehenna and back, I will reform THIS world to be my own! 
But a sudden strike from the metal bird, the impact of it's hardshell against my wings. The shattering of bones, the tearing of flesh, I crashed to the ground. What is this? There's a mixture of iron and perfumes in the air. I see both a strange crimson liquid and green liquid pool from my body. The crashing explosions around me. People begging for their lives to be spared. I was found by a young man terrified for his life. He had a metal rod in his hands. A knife tied at the end of what looked like it's barrel. What is that device? What was he going to do? I could only weakly look up as I stared down the dark hole of this creation. A metal ball rested at the end and I feared what was to come next. A trembling finger, my first mission was a failure. But a loud thunk was made and no pain came. Was that the spell of the rod? To end me quickly? Was this my afterlife? Looking up, I saw a young woman with beautiful raven locks. Her expression twisted in confusion and concern. She made my heart skip a beat, I became lost in those beautiful hazel eyes. Everything hurts - it's starting to blur... All I could do was fall asleep with the picture of my own angel engraved in my mind. I was ready to be taken away. 

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