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01/16/2022 05:05 PM 

It Never Let Him Go [Pt.2] (Alphinaud)

Admin’s Note: I had a high demand for making a part 2. I have never actually made parts to my shorts and starters like this before, so this is very new to me! All the same, I hope you enjoy!

!Disclaimer; there is no connection between my writing and the actual FFXIV storyline!

Having gathered the Scions, Tataru would soon explain what she last heard of Alphinaud, before the silence followed. A scream… and that was all they had to go on. Y’shtola shook her head “Try to think, Tataru… there must have been some other background anomalies you may have heard, but currently are unable to process.” she points out. That much was true, there had to have been some kind of disturbance in the background she could manage to catch. Urianger would soon encourage her to take a calming breath, clearing her panic just may help recall the slightest memory of what else could have been heard.

Moments passed, Tataru just could not think of what else she may have heard. Though… something did occur to her “W-wait a minute! there IS something I remember!” she waves her hands about. The Scions regather as they prepare to receive this vital hint. Tataru raises her right hand “There was a distinctive roar!” she announced. A roar… plenty of dragonkin alike had them… yet this was a vital clue itself as to where Alphinaud’s whereabouts could be. Alisaie takes a moment in a ponder, before something hits her “I remember the roar as well… yet I would know if it belonged to any of our allied Dravanians. My stomach drops at the thought; could HE have somehow regenerated? even after we dismantled him and freed the Aether back to the land?” she gives her concerns.

It soon dawned on the rest of the Scions, Alphinaud had gone back to the Coils of Bahamut, but for what? that was the real mystery. The roar… Alphinaud’s scream… Estinien had connected the clues together, as did Alisaie, their gaze meeting one another as both had begun to pursue without much warning. Alphinaud was in danger… their focus solely on preventing his demise. With this new course of action, Urianger began to lay out where each entry of the Coils were located. Y’shtola would venture the Binding coils in Eastern La Noscea, Thancred the Second Coils in the North Shroud, Urianger himself for the Final Coils within the Northern Thalanan. As for Alisaie and Estinien? respectively they had taken different routes, each would aid efforts between the Second and Final Coils.

01/11/2022 08:56 PM 

It Never Let Him Go

Countless days had passed since anyone had last heard from the Scions. Though it made sense, there wasn’t much going on anymore. The lack of Primal activity certainly was a relief for many. However… there was something picking at Alphinaud… causing him to venture back into the Coils of Bahamut. Perhaps something was amiss for him? who knew.

It was clear he had something eating at him, yet he told no one about his venture. It was only an hour after his departure, that Tataru had notice he was the only Scion missing. A mild panic, she gathers round the others and expresses her worry over their missing comrade. For Alphinaud not to say a word, was very unusual for him.

Deep within the Coils, where the Allagan device itself was shut down, Alphinaud poured over the information… even after Bahamut’s recreation was halted, he felt there was more. Didn’t the Aether released return to the land upon his demise? though it had… there was a lingering sentinel. He felt a gaze upon him… an entity approaching him… he slowly turns around as not to seem threatening, yet he lets out quite the scream, his Linkpearl relaying the panicked cry as he neglected to silence it. No more had come through the Linkpearl… highly concerning Tataru as she looks to the other Scions.

02/12/2021 10:43 PM 

He Also Calls Ishgard His Home

It had been some time since Alphinaud had last made a trip to Ishgard, the Elezen wished to see how things were going with Aymeric’s new laws and the restoration of the Firmament. His sights were also set upon paying a visit to the only person he seen as an elder brother figure. Ishgard was quite busy with things, as usual, it was nothing new to the young Elezen, his first mission? the Congregation to see Aymeric of course! the guard had made Alphinaud wait.. of course.. whilst he’d inform the Lord Commander of the sudden visit. Beaming brightly upon hearing this, Aymeric gladly allowed Alphinaud to pay a visit.


“Well met, dear Alphinaud.. what brings you to grant us this visit?” Aymeric would ask as he placed a few documents aside, willing to make time for the young Scion. Happily of this gesture, Alphinaud bows before he fixes his posture “I simply wished to see how Ishgard is coming along!” he beams “Curious as I am, even if the Warrior may not currently be present, I am more than capable of helping with the news.” he gestures, the Lord Commander nodding in acceptance “And you have that right; Ishgard is doing quite well. The Firmament is nearly restored to its former glory. However...” his brows furrowed “There are those yet whom still follow upon my father’s old testaments... doing what they may, as they deny the positive changes to Ishgard.”

06/01/2020 05:05 PM 

The Will of The First, Zodiark’s Command

The youthful Elezen laid silently, staring up at the endless sky above. The sun beat down on his battered and soiled body. His grimoire in shreds.. his garbs, tattered.. the breeze began to blow gently over his still figure. A brief smile cracking upon his fatigued lips “Grandsire.. pray.... guide my soul... ascend me... to... sanctuary....” his hues welled up as his consciousness began to fade out “My Scions.... someday..... forgive me....” he utters out as his vision grows dark, the world around him muting as his figure itself showed little life.


It would take a miracle for Alphinaud to be saved from his fate, he had no one else around. With his grimoire torn, none of his Carbuncles could be summoned. Time was running out for the young Elezen, as the land too began shifting to correct its natural Aether. Soon enough, the Aether of the land began to attach itself to Alphinaud’s still figure... in which.. the very soul of the Archon himself began to use his own Aetherical presense, protecting Alphinaud from the realm claiming him “Exarch.... time is nigh... the land will claim my grandson, ere long!”

11/09/2019 09:45 AM 

Once Peace, Zenith’s Shroud

The young Scion decided to check up on Ishgard, it had been quite some time since Aymeric had taken the throne of rule since Thordan’s corrption. The city seemed to be bustling, even with its restoration currently in progress. Alphinaud smiled as he took a stroll through the plaza in Foundation. It filled his heart with joy to see the city improving so much after all they had been through. He thought a moment, wishing to take a trip to Zenith in hopes to check on Hraesvelgr.

With that set to his mind, he journeyed across Falcon’s Nest and into the Dravanian Forelands. He knew to stop at Anyx Trine for the closest Aetheryte to rest at. After his short break, he continued through the mountainside of Sohm Al, greeting one of the Dragons to take him to Churning Mists.. where he would finally finish his trek to Zenith.  He took a gander around, something felt off.... but what? Alphinaud knew this atmosphere was very abnormal “Something is amiss... but what.... wait..!” he gasped as he suddenly turned around, to see a silhouette coming right for him!

He had no time to react, no time to defend himself... before he knew it, he laid upon the ground, covered in his own blood.. his own Aether... his consciousness quickly slipping from him as he sends his Emerald Carbuncle to seek out help. The little fox creature looked at him worriedly, Alphinaid shook his head and nudged it “G... go..... g..... g-et....  help..” he gasped out, before losing consciousness. The Carbuncle’s ears dropped, giving its caster a nuzzle before running off to find him help.

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