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09/12/2020 01:08 PM 

Rude characters

Playing a character who is rude? Cool, more power to you, a variety in traits in personality is always good.  Issues arise when a person who for example dislikes being cussed at decides to have their character do just that.  Getting upset out of character because someone responds in kind to your character's actions in character is kinda weak.  You should never treat in character actions and banter as ooc attacks upon yourself.


Recently i dealt with someone who upon my character asking his a question immediately went to calling my character a bitch and was rather rude.  Did i get upset over it in or out? No, that character clapped back at him.  Now, the person who started got all in his feelings ooc and blocked me when he got clap back for his rudeness and called out over his lack of knowledge in character.  That's someone who cannot roleplay a rude character because they're too sensitive to handle the hits back when they decide to be rude.

If you rp a rude character, remember, detach yourself from the character, a character clapping back at yours isn't an attack on you, if you cant handle people being rude to your character... at all, skip the rudeness, and most importantly... dont be fragile and crumple easily ooc wise when pressure is put against your character for being rude.

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