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05/25/2023 04:55 PM 

Summer Fireworks.

Ah summer, one season that countless mortals and even otherworldly beings looked forward to fully embracing each year. It approached far faster than one caramel bombshell had even expected, but then again her adventurous lifestyle left her with little time to slow down and smell the roses. However today was completely different, she did something that almost no one would be crazy enough to do. She invited 500 guests from many different realms and timelines to an enormous party in her parent's highly exclusive realm, such a legendary place was known as the Sacred Solstice Plane. It was the same place where she had spent her entire childhood many centuries ago training in all types of insane environments that could easily kill a human, it was also where she became one with nature after years of solitude, which lead to her developing new abilities overtime. 

However the other half of that mystical world also contained the most powerful foods that one could seek, even the very water that blessed the lush forest filled lands on a rainy day could fully heal a deathly sick person just by touching the tip of their tongue. Legends even spoke of the fountain of youth being located there, they weren't farfetched though. One bath in the steaming hot springs located far up in the snowy mountains would literally make an elderly mortal young all over again.  A massive high class resort was built just for this event in a matter of hours, it was a once in a lifetime kinda thing afterall and she wanted it close to the best beach. She certainly wasn't allowed to constantly invite people to such a sacred place however, it would cause a major imbalance.  

24 hours might not seem long to many, yet it felt like eons to her after seeing countless familiar faces again all in one place today, Selphea couldn't deny that she missed each of their unique smiles. The beach that she chose had the softest and freshest grains of sand, but the crystal clear ocean before her was even more beautiful at night. The sky in her homeland had it's own unique glimmer to it. Instead of seeing stars, one would see many whole planets up close and personal merging with one another. It still had it's own sun and moon nonetheless, especially since her parent's Diana and Leona govern over them.

Fast forward to midnight however, the entire 100 acre beach was completely trashed with debris after everyone partied as if their lives depended on it. The vixen was currently resting that ample peach shaped rump of hers upon the warm sand while still letting the entire day sink in as she calmly watched the ocean waves motioning back and forth, eventually Selphea found herself blissfully drifting off to dreamland.  Two vast mountains of marshmallowly soft flesh slowly rose up and down within the golden O ring bikini set that clung tightly to her heavenly figure. Hundreds of bold lipstick marks in all shades of the rainbow were practically plastered all over her body after that very raunchy day. It was a great way to start the new season right, but alas all good things come to an end and It was just her now after everyone left, or was it really?

A shiver suddenly ran down the bombshell's spine after something....not of this world made a ghostly appearance across the ocean before her. Though, it was a being that she knew quite well, or perhaps too well in this case. Baby soft deathly pale digits danced along the sleeping amazon's cheeks, caressing them with such incredible tenderness that could put angels to shame.   

Selphea hardly budged, but something else finally pulled her out of dreamland moments later. Her plump raven tainted petals were suddenly captured by a pair of intoxicating maroon red one's and the fierce passion behind that kiss was a clear reminder that someone wasn't playing around today. Golden orbs opened in a flash, only  for Selphea to be left awestruck by the sight of a beautiful ivory haired princess straddling her lap and gyrating such shapely hips in a teasing manner. The lovely petite maiden came dressed in very little, only a skimpy black two piece bikini that didn't leave much to the imagination, especially since it was wet. Flashing a smile as that little heart thumped at an alarming rate within her chest, Selphea could hardly resist returning the sweet affection.

As the late night hours greeted them with a gentle breeze, the princess' lengthy white locks danced along with it. Reluctantly breaking that otherworldy smooch, the last guest for tonight draped a palm down to gently cup Selphea's chin, lifting it up, forcing eye contact between them. Purple orbs that would normally give off a very sinister vibe seemed quite tame today, Selphea thought. Not even her mind was safe around this ravishing temptress however.

"Only you would wake me up like this Theresa. But to be fair, I do love everything in front of me~"

Selphea commented, she knew everything about this snowy damsel in her lap, but still she could never predict how the other would act. Seconds later Theresa inched herself closer, tantalizingly trailing that pink muscle of hers along the bombshell's right cheek, up to her ear before inserting a sultry whisper of truth. 

"Well of course darling, I'm the only person in the entire universe that can effortlessly see what lurks underneath your skin, on the deepest of levels. I even know that despite all of the debauchery that occured here today, no one knows what you truly desire, no one except me that is. At the end of the day, I'm what you really need~" 

Dark rose painted petals curved into a grin and Theresa could hardly hold back her laughter. For once, Selphea had no rebuttal to make. Those very words triggered a fierce storm of electrifying tingles that flowed endlessly throughout every inch of the bombshell's body. They even added a truck load of gasoline to the already scorching hot flame within the sun kissed amazon after such a lengthy day of making new memories, but now it was time for the final cherry on top. Flashing the most delightful grin that she had ever displayed to anyone, Selphea wasted little time and firmly gripped Theresa's scrumptious booty in that skimpy fabric. The petite princess retaliated in a loving manner by wiggling her tush against such soft palms.  Leaving a trail of onyx kiss marks along her left shoulder, Selphea stopped at that ear before inserting a whisper of her own. 

"You always know how to get under my skin, but that's why I never regretted bringing you back from the dead Theresa, which is something that almost never do in the first place. With that said though, I hope you're ready for hundreds of rounds today~"

It was the end of the day and the only thing that they craved more than anything else was each other. 

08/27/2022 03:22 PM 

Stairway to Venus~

(This is a starter that I wrote for a very specific sealed creature, who happened to be sealed inside the planet Venus. )

A single gander up at the eerie lifeless skies on that dark autumn night could spark fear in a mortal. Countless clouds that were up to no good blocked the full moon's grace and blanketed that entire overpopulated metropolis known as New York City with billions of icy cold droplets of aqua each second without an end in sight. The sound of fierce thunderclaps echoed relentlessly throughout the city, setting off numerous car alarms on each block and lightning followed suit. But on such a frightful night, one deliciously stacked caramel bombshell was busy taking her sweet time waltzing through her personal library in the basement of her mansion deep underground where one could scream, however no one would hear their cries. 

Shiny obsidian high heels created echoes as they clicked against the spotless black and white tiled flooring within that vast room. A huge chandelier made out of glimmering diamonds hung down from the high ceiling, lighting up the entire area. Dozens of delicately polished amber wood bookshelves were spread out in aisles and each one contained various works of art ranging all the way from steaming hot love novels that would make any reader desire more to  exceptionally rare ancient textbooks that an adventurer would have to go to incredible lengths to find. However this particular maiden in question was no stranger to danger. 

A pair of ample legs that could choke an angry gorilla in the blink of an eye were barely covered behind a rather ravishing short onyx sleeveless v-neck bodycon dress that hugged every inch of this amazon's curvy hourglass figure. Her attire especially showed off that scrumptious 40 inch peach shaped rump.  But with each step that she took against the floor, two vast mountains of marshmallowly soft flesh bounced within the upper v-neck section of her scantily clad outfit. Lengthy two toned locks were tied up in a ponytail at the moment yet still reached all the way down to her luscious booty. Starting from midnight black at the very roots, her silky hair faded halfway into a glimmering golden color.

Golden orbs stayed glued to  a rather decadent new romance novel within her palms that she could barely get enough of, every chapter that she read only made the vixen desire someone worth spending time with. But alas, Selphea didn't have anyone in mind at the moment. Shifting her attention towards a rather unusual platinum owl within that room, Selphea flashed a smile at that feathered friend. The owl in question was a watcher of this room and always parked himself at the top of those towering bookshelves. Hooting merrily at her as their matching hues met, the owl came storming down like a bald eagle and instead perched upon Selphea's right shoulder. 

Chuckling for a moment, Selphea brought a hand up to tenderly pet the fluffy creature's head. 

"Well it seems like you're in a good mood today Veve."

The owl excitingly rubbed his little head against her delicate palm in return. There was one other particular textbook that plagued Selphea's mind tonight however. One thick all white ancient tome sat on top of a wooden stand in the middle of that spacious library. There was no other book that matched the color of those walls. She kept the place tidy at all times,but wasn't one for decorating such a place meant for escaping. However the tome in question had an aura like no other, purple spiritual energy leaked out of it every second. Marching towards the stand, Selphea placed that addicting work of art down for a moment before picking up the centuries old tome. 

How she even got her hands on a sacred book like this would be a good and long tale over drinks for sure. Even as she held the titleless hardcovered tome without opening it yet, Selphea could feel intense mana surging into her veins, it almost felt alive. It was time to finally figure out what kind of intel was hidden away for so long. As she began flicking through the pages,dust came storming out. Maybe it was older than she had previously thought? Her golden orbs lit up with a fierce flame and the pages began turning at blistering speeds,creating a gust of wind before her. Absorbing every little detail that was written in a much different language, Selphea's mind could easily decipher it.
By the time she was done, she shut it with one palm.

"So it's a summon instruction spellbook, however it doesn't say what exactly will come out?"

Arching a brow, this piqued Selphea's interest,making her ponder about the what ifs of what would appear. It could be something monstrous and vicious, or even a beautiful creature that invaded her most intimate of dreams at night. Would it be a friend or foe? The bored adventurer was excited to find out on that stormy night. Full glossy black petals curved into a grin as she took a few steps forward, making sure that she had enough space for what would happen next.  

Bringing that unoccupied hand up to her mouth, Selphea opened wide before swiftly sinking her teeth into her own wrist. Next she slowly created a large pentagram in nothing but blood. Lastly, Selphea stepped away and tossed that age old book directly in the middle. It immediately began glowing bright enough to light up a whole village. Thinking back to the instructions, she started the spell chant that was written down long before many wars were fought. Closing her orbs, Selphea smashed her palms together in a praying stance.

"Dear otherworldly beings from faraway realms, heed my call tonight as I offer you a wondrous embrace~"

Cracking a smile after ending that sentence, Selphea opened her eyes and carefully watched as an epic event unfolded before her. Unfathomable amounts of malevolent energy came oozing out of the tome like an overloaded pot and the pentagram reacted to it by creating a powerful beam of light that pierced through the very ceiling above. She could only guess what would happen next.  


03/20/2022 10:24 PM 

Never one,without the other.

The fresh morning mountain air couldn't have been better for one nicely tanned young lass who was busy resting her bountiful booty at the very top of the steepest cliff that anyone could find for miles. However the view from so high up was truly indescribable to her . If she screamed, her voice would echo for centuries through the plentiful rainbow tinted lands below.  That magical foresty maze didn't contain only lush gifts from gaia of course, but various otherworldly creatures with immense strength that she couldn't find elsewhere.

That also meant rare treasures hiding below that were just waiting to be found by an adventurer who was brave enough to tread through such dangerous lands. This maiden's plans were to do just that today!

Tenderly rubbing a palm along her stuffed tummy after devouring a breakfast fit for a king not too long ago,  Selphea rested her back against the earthy terrain with her limbs spread out. The air in of itself was addicting to the maiden, making a small smile curve along a pair of pouty black petals. She could practically fall asleep at any time up there, the tranquil vibe was stupendous. Golden orbs shut for a brief moment,  however Selphea found herself caught off guard by a rather familiar set of lips pressing against her own a few minutes later.

Heart beats quickened by the second as blood rushed up to those delicate caramel cheeks faster than the speed of light. Smiling behind it,  Selphea brought a hand up to softly touch the other's cheek, gently caressing it as their lips clashed together. Finally opening her orbs, they met with a certain adorable harpy girl's face.

"I didn't even summon you here Seralily,  but to be fair of course you can also find me anywhere in this vast universe due to the unique soul connection that we have. I thought you was at home?"

The fluffy peach feathered harpy couldn't hold back her laughter, Seralily always loved sneaking up on Selphea at the most random moments, however Selphea really had no complaints, she couldn't deny that she found it adorable. Aside from the one time when she discovered a large egg in her bed one morning, which was laid by none other than the beautiful creature before her. Pulling away from that heartfelt upside down kiss, Seralily wasted no time and dashed in front of  the bodacious vixen,  greeting her with a tight squeeze,  followed by nuzzling against her cheek ever so excitingly.

Even after finding this harpy girl, traveling with her and living with her for several months, Selphea still wasn't used to all this. Sure she had playful moments with her 4 legged creatures, yet this kind of bond felt much different. Right now though, Selphea only had one thing on her mind.

Coiling her arms around the other's waist, she held Seralily in a loving embrace, smiling more while doing so before whispering to her.

"I suppose that you really plan to keep me warm with those silky feathers as often as you can huh?"

Seralily chuckled at such a question, it brought a bright smile to those kissable pink lips of hers. Leaning up to grace Selphea's right cheek with a firm smooch, she whispered back.

"Of course, besides you're the one that found me when my entire village was burnt to a crisp and I had no one else. I had 12 sisters and I was the only one left."

Just hearing those words brought back the memories once more from the depths of her soul, Selphea never regretted being there at the right time. She then followed up with a question.

"Do you remember the promise that we made?"

Golden orbs met with vibrant emerald ones that contained a hint of blue before they both spoke in unison.

"Never one, without the other."

02/20/2022 02:33 PM 

Alone.[Aftermath Post]

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