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Vs. Imps

There is a sprawling forest bathed in sunlight. The area is filled with exuberant vegetation. Here, in the shadows of great oak trees, a battle to the death is being fought.


A young woman in silver armor raises her sword. Adrenaline and fatigue causes her arms to shake like a baby’s rattle. “Damn it—!” She raises a voice of frustration, less at her circumstances and more towards herself.


A simple extermination request. That’s really all it is.


The targets are small imps that have been harassing travelers. Many use the forest roads for commerce, collecting ingredients and materials. The size of a small child, on their own, imps pose little threat. The most damage they can cause is with their claws and curved fangs. Sharp and deadly they may be, they are not particularly very fast though they can make impressive jumps.


Imps are most dangerous in swarms, but even then, a particularly desperate child can outrun them. They aren’t particularly intelligent either. For one selling herself as a warrior, Flora shouldn’t be sweating this hard.


She’s underestimated their numbers. Rather, the request hadn’t specified a number. “Some imps have been harassing travelers, will someone please do something about them? My stocks are falling by the day!!”


Nobody else really wanted the job. The pay wasn’t high and defeating imps weren’t going to turn any heads. Fresh out of training, it was exactly what a rookie like Flora was hoping for. Put down a few imps, impress a local businessman, and slowly gain confidence to tackle bigger, more dangerous requests.


But the little red-skinned uglies came pouring out like agitated hornets. It was her first time killing something not meant for food, and she’d already gotten used to the feeling of her blade tearing through flesh and bone. It’s at the point where, if she doesn’t swing to kill, she’ll be overrun, torn apart.


Coincidentally, she’d stopped counting after fifteen, but her blade was covered in the dark, foul smelling blood of twenty-seven imps. And there were still over a dozen left!


She readies her sword in ‘Ox’ stance. Though warily, the imps still approach. The sword is like the tail of a scorpion and many of their kin have fallen to its sting already. Still, the nearest one makes a frog-like leap—it’s belly is pierced straight through. Another makes a charge for her legs, but a streak of silver wards him off.


That is when she spots the trap.


Wha—!?” Flora cannot even voice her shock. A shadow moves in the periphery of her right eye.


Time slows to a crawl. Arms stretched out, an imp, hiding on a tree jumps at her head. An evil smile showcases its avaricious fangs.


!! I can’t dodge this !! screams her instincts. The machine her head fires to life and concludes there’s no way to avoid. Time, speed, distance, angling, none of it matters. The buffalo is exhausted and as soon as it goes down, its throat will be ripped out.


Everything moves in slow motion, so she see’s it happen with perfect. A branch hooks itself around the imps little neck, a hangman’s noose, and yanks the little creature into the air.


A second later, the ground grumbles violently. Dirt and soil is flung into the air as trees are uprooted. Frenzied screams fill the air as thick, huge, branches fall like battering rams, scattering the imps. Leaves like arrows fly from their branches. Sharp as razors, they lacerate and eviscerate, grow back and repeat.


But what just might the most unbelievable thing of all—


I’m so sorry! I shouldn’t have waited so long. I wanted to see if you could handle it on your own, so I waited, but when I saw that sneaky little thing, I couldn’t hold myself back anymore.”


is the young stranger claiming responsibility for all this.


A young girl, somewhere in her mid-teens, comes running from wherever she’s been hiding before now. A sight to see, considering she’s wearing an elegant red dress. Her hair, yellow and wavy, catches the sunlight and her eyes are large and blue, sparkling.


Are you...responsible for that?” Flora points at the line of trees marching deeper into the forest. The shrieks of imps grow ever distant.


Yes, I am!” The sun child smiles. “I asked the trees for help. I’ll put them back once they’ve chased those little beasties away.”


Snap! That was the sound of the tension being cut. Flora falls to her knees, provoking a worried health check by the girl.


I’m fine! Just tired. You really saved my bacon there. I thought I was a goner.”


You were most impressive. I don’t know the first thing about swordsmanship, but I enjoyed watching you. I doubt you needed my help. You would have won in the end. I was sure those things would give up eventually. Their numbers were all they had and it wasn’t doing them any good.”


Flora smiles bitterly. “Imps always attack in numbers. I’ve heard…” she hesitates to continue. What she’s about to say is only a rumor. “...that lately, they’ve been doing things like setting traps.” She details a story she heard of a single imp pretending to run away, luring a lone warrior into a nest.


That is rightly terrifying,” is the young girl’s opinion.


And this time, they laid in waiting here and jumped out all at once. It’s a good thing they can’t plan far ahead.” That last one must have gotten desperate, she surmises. Still, it’s no question the imps are displaying a frightening rise in cunning. And with numbers like that, it might be best to call of a General Hunt to cull them.


I’ve driven the imps to the South East.” A short while later, the marching trees return like a victorious army and resettle their roots into the ground. There seem to be a lot of monsters over there, so I hope I’m right in thinking it’s not a place people go.”


South-East, right? That should be towards the river, but you’re right. Villagers don’t go out that far and it’s far from the main roads used by travelers. It should be fine for now.” Flora stands up and stretches. “You’re a traveler as well, yes? Were you on your way to the village?”


Ah, well…” The girl scratches her cheek thinking of what to say. “I’d like to poke my nose about the forest for a bit more, if you don’t mind. I’ll keep my eye out for trouble. I know where the village is, so I should be able to find my way back.”


Well, there usually isn’t anything too dangerous in the forest during the day. And she can clearly handle herself with that strange magic.


In that case, be careful. I need to get back and report what I’ve found. I can’t call the quest complete, but with these findings--” she looks at the pile of imp bodies bound in a net of spider-like thread. More threads were attached to the branches of the tallest trees. A direct zip-line to the village gates. “...I can ask for a bigger reward. It will work, won’t it?


The young mage assures Flora, The trees will deliver it for you.”


Then you have my thanks, Miss—”


But the young girl only runs away with a laugh. “I’m just a beautiful traveling enchantress. Let’s meet again sometime!”


Her feet kicking up little clouds of dust, the beautiful traveling enchantress disappears into the forest. At the same time, the sac of imp bodies is lifted into the air by the trees

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Talara Camlorn In-depth

"I'm the greatest enchantress in one-hundred worlds, across twelve parallell universes!"


     General Characteristics

Name: Talara Camlorn

Appearance: Enchantress Talara

Other Names: The Apprentice, Young Miss, Little Miss Chrestomanci, The Spider Princess, Everyone’s Little Sister

Titles: Chrestomanci (Future)


  •      Personal Characteristics

    Birth Date: September 9
    Birth Place: Unknown
    Hometown: Aclair Village

    Death Date: 
    Age at Death: 
    Death Place: 
    Resting Place: 
    Manner of Death: 
    Last Words: 

    Primary Objective: Talara’s main goal in life is to become a master enchantress. The fundamental pursuit of Magic is the underlying drive to all her actions and conflicts. What exactly is the nature of her magic? What are her true limits? Temper your talents with experience and gain wisdom,” said the Old Arab.

    Secondary Objectives: The regulation of magic within the Twelve Related Worlds. “With great power comes great responsibility,” she read that in a story from another world. A world without magic. As an enchantress with nine lives, Talara Camlorn is being groomed to one day assume the office of the Chrestomanci and police magic. The misuse of magic is (or rather will be) her business.


    Another secondary objective of hers is to make as many smiles as possible. Before this Chrestomanci business, Talara felt her calling in the world of entertainment and would dream of using magic to entertain others. If magic is indeed a tool, she would rather use hers for spreading joy.

    Desires: There are many personal things Talara would love to do. Principal among those is to one day perform in a troupe or a traveling circus, or visit an amusement park. She would also like to encounter a unicorn, ride on the back of a dragon, and dance with fairies.

    Secrets: Hidden away deep in Chrestomanci Castle is a small pool of ancient magic. This is the source of magic that powers the castle’s bounded field. It also serves as a near-limitless well of magic to draw from. Those new to castle may feel this as an oppressive force, suppressing emotions and magic and causing those with negative thoughts to feel physical discomfort. To those long exposed to the castle’s influence, it becomes a source of strength, allowing even those with minimal magical aptitude to use magic effortlessly. An enchanter with nine lives can draw from this pool and this makes their already bottomless magic virtually inexhaustible.


    The secret Talara knows is how to permanently disable this pool and, in turn, make Chrestomanci’s power weaken.

    Quirks: The society of Chrestomanci’s World, especially in England is reminiscent of Edwardian era England at the turn of the 20th century. Although certain social norms are beginning to relax,


    It is still inappropriate for men to sit at a table with a hat or gloves on. Sitting down before a woman is extremely rude. Women are not allowed to use a man’s first name unless they are of close acquaintance.


    Women are not always required to wear dresses and have their extremities (arms and legs) covered at all time, but the concept prevails.


    Everyone with time do so, goes to church every Sunday.


    For the most part, Talara adheres to these etiquettes and manners. However, her unusual upbringing shows itself in how she bends these social rules.


    Having grown up without a mother or father, siblings or many children around her own age, the only company she had in Aclair village were older men women including her grandparents. This older generation would impose on her the concepts of how gentleman and ladies act. The collective wisdom was also higher than average in Aclair village, on account of its high elderly female population, and that too rubbed off on Talara.


    When she began taking lessons at a famous magic for predominantly children of nobility and the well-connected middle class, she brought with her the sense of a child of a working class family. There were many things in the big city she was ignorant of and it earned her a lot of grief from other students who viewed her as slow or some backwoods girl. Some conspired to make her life even more difficult because she could not use magic.


    As the next Chrestomanci, it is quite possible she’ll one day be hobnobbing with the crowned heads of Europe and abroad. For that purpose, she is given the training and education afforded to women of Nobility. How to host tea parties and balls, knitting and horseback riding, to name a few. In this way, she always carries a certain elegance and pride with her.


    But indeed, where she diverges the most from her society is the influence from the Otherworlds, the places she visits on her nightly Dream Trips. Exposure to hundreds of different cultures and attitudes has birthed the Young Lady she is today.


    She shows deference and respect to those older to her, but has a ‘bad habit’ of speaking very casually to them. It’s seen as rude in her own world when speaking to someone of a high-class and much too casual when conversing with those of lower social classes.


    The social status of Chrestomanci is a unique one that allows her to get away with this. This trait of ruffling feathers is something required of any Chrestomanci. For women, straying between social classes is a taboo so it’s seen as even more offensive for Talara to behave the way she does. Again, her status as a nine-lifed enchantress, being Chrestomanci’s apprentice, and her youth shields her from most social consequences.

         Mental Characteristics

    Known Languages: English (Conservative Received Pronunciation) (Altair Local Dialect), The Language Cats. the languages of various sea creatures (taught by some very nice mermaids),

    Lures: The kinds of people Talara are drawn to are those with strong personalities. She enjoys getting reactions from people and giving reactions to the things others say or do. She is the dedicated Bokke in a Bokke-tsukomi routine, the Fool to the Straight man.

    Savvies: Talara has been interacting with strangers since she was a child. Although she does feel some anxiety going up to someone new for the first time, actually talking with them, asking questions and giving opinions, comes fairly naturally. Magic is also something intrinsic to her, though in her own unique way. Doing spells the traditional way such as using ingredients and chanting, does not work for Talara. Instead, through the balance of the elements, she can activate a number of effects.

    Ineptities: The complications of Romance, what she calls “Gentleman and Lady Business,” baffle her.

    Temperament: Sanguine

    Hobbies: On Sundays, she travels to the village to perform magic for small children. On Wednesdays, when she’s released from schooling early, she goes into the forest to find insects and spiders for influence on creating new spells.


         Intellectual Characteristics

    Logical-Mathematical: Talara is reasonably intelligent. She can understand and solve problems as well as any teenager might. 

    Spatial: Par excellence. Though she may not grasp the full understanding of magical theory, but her conceptualization is high enough that she can craft spells on the flight. This is a key trait of enchanters magic, which has a more personal and stronger touch than sorcerer’s magic. She’s created such imaginings as Tarantula Dirt and Heavy Metal Queen.

    Linguistic: The English are masters of the English language and so expansion of her vocabulary is an on-going commitment. She’s not as eloquent as she might want to be, but her second language, Sarcasm, is improving swiftly.


    She is also proficient in magical languages. The Language of Cats is as intrinsic to her as English. This applies predominantly to cats, who’s understanding of humans allows for communication both ways. Cats in the Panthera family such as lions and tigers are harder to understand and do not understand humans.

    Bodily-Kinesthetic: Her motor functions are average. She does not have superb reaction speed, but does not have such poor control of herself that she could be called clumsy.

    Musical: Of all the talents she has, music is not one of them. Talara Camlorn is tone deaf. Neither does she have the patience to endure hours of practice to learn.

    Interpersonal: If there is an award for getting along with others, Talara would be a contender for it. There is not a prejudicial bone in her body. She has met vampires and werewolves, ghosts, demon overlords, and kids from many Otherworlds, most of which she counts as her friends. For many of them, she lacks the ability to fully understand them (she does not have much in common with the struggles of vampires, after all) but she strives to accept them without compromising her own responsibilities and morals.

    Intrapersonal: Talara Camlorn is not the introspective sort. Sometimes, she doesn’t understand at all why she does the things she does. There are moments when she wakes up in the morning feeling deep shame over some action she did years ago.

    Naturalistic: This is where the uniqueness of her magical Origin comes in. Talara is in her element when she’s among nature. Forests, oceans, canyons, wherever there is an expanse of wilderness is where she feels most pleasant.

    Existential: Not entirely on her own, but Witch Sight allows her to see and grasp the structure of spells and other witchcraft. For example, seeing through an illusion, or observing the layers of spells in Chrestomanci castle. It’s how she finds her way into the Bonsai Forest when on her Dream Trips and from there, the pathways into Otherworlds.


         Philosophical Characteristics

    Morality: Talara’s concept of morality follows strongly on the morality of her society. Things like sexual propriety, hard work, honesty, thriftiness, a sense of duty and responsibility towards the less well off, zero acceptance of criminal activity and having a stern demeanor are extolled as virtues.


    She’s not so childish to believe that she can change the world or bring world peace. In her travels through Otherworlds, she’s seen and met those who have lived much more difficult lives. They do bad things, but only because their circumstances are different than hers. If, for example, a kind old couple hadn’t been the ones to adopt her, it could have been off to an orphanage and then she’d grow up a street urchin working London’s back streets. The girl that Chrestomanci eventually finds might have been very different then.


    She’s just lucky, she realizes.

    Perception: Talara Camlorn is an unrelenting optimist. She’s a positive thinker with a strong emotional fortitude. The things that get her down, don’t keep her down. A good nap is all it takes to remove negative feelings and she’s managed to will herself into forgetting the cause of strife once or twice. She seeks to make the best of bad situations, though it is often balanced by the reasonable, experienced adults that surround her.


         Spiritual Characteristics

    Religion: Her views on religion aren’t very well thought out. There may be some greater power out there, working Its invisible hand over the lives of humans, but she has trouble putting her faith in it. She does not attend church on Sundays. However she feels about the existence (or non-existence) of possible deities, she actively dislikes church. As a child, she was brought along by her grandparents and she can barely recall anything of those times save how boring they were.


    Her revolutionary idea to get out of them was to go on an extended Dream Trip when she fell asleep Saturday night. Until she chooses to return to her body, she will remain ‘asleep’ and so all she has to do, she realizes, is stay away from her body until at least Sunday noon.


    Now that she’s a little older, she’s capable of making the hard choice not to go without having the excuse of sleeping in. This doesn’t earn her any points with anybody. To her surprise, she dislikes going to church so much that if pestered to attend service, the thought of blowing up the church has crossed her mind. She would never, of course, misuse her magic that way.

    Superstitions: There are no hard superstitions or rituals she adheres to. Her knowledge of superstitions come mostly from a ‘Grimoire’ that’s outdated by several centuries. Compiled by a non-magic user looking into ancient folklore and superstitions, most of its content is either wildly inaccurate or archaic. Only if one were attempting some sort of spell, would any self-respecting witch follow through with some superstitious ritual.

    Virtues: (Does your character exhibit Chastity, Charity, Temperance, Diligence, Humility, Kindness, Patience, or Justice? Only the 8 listed should be used, but more than one can be used.) There are two Virtues that Talara meets. The first is Chastity. In her society, women are considered a sign of purity and cleanliness. Young women doubly so. Although she should be at the age she’s started taking an interest in handsome young men, this hasn’t happened for Talara. She’s never felt anything more than platonic feelings and so can only assume the opposite is true.


    Justice is the second Virtue. She does not believe in the vengeful sort of justice. Rather, that punishment should be fair and metered out equally. She’s always felt that magic should be used for one’s own sake, but that one should have responsibility nevertheless. If one severely misuses magic, it should happen that their magic is taken away and if crimes were committed, turned over to the authorities. She always struggles with thi

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Who Is Chrestomanci?

Who is Chrestomanci?

Who is Chrestomanci? The question should really be What is Chrestomanci? For starters, Chrestomanci is actually the title of a job, not a person’s name. The Chrestomanci is employed by the British Government to monitor and control the use of magic throughout the Related Worlds.


This is not the most popular of jobs, especially with the less-than-scrupulous characters who tend to be tempted by any opportunity to misuse power, and particularly if it can earn them lots of money or an exciting life. But using magic is always dangerous, and it always has consequences, so even the best-intentioned witch or warlock needs help and guidance from time to time. Not only that, but there are plenty of ordinary people in the worlds without even a whiff of magical ability, and they need someone to make sure the magic users don’t get their way all of the time—which is where Chrestomanci comes in.


As well as looking after people, Chrestomanci also has to protect the worlds they live in. Many spells need certain ingredients to work properly, like recipes—which is fine if they are items like six drops of dew from a yew tree at dawn, or a handful of grass from inside a stone circle, or even dried mouse droppings. But some spells call for substances such as dragon’s blood or mermaid scales. These are illegal products, because of the potential harm caused by both the collection and careless use of such dark materials. But this also means there is a thriving black market in ‘exotic supplies,’ so Chrestomanci and his team have to be constantly on the alert for smugglers and underhand dealers.


Of course, not everyone is qualified to take on the post of Chrestomanci—it’s not a job you can simply apply for. Only the strength and special skills of an enchanter can possibly attempt to tackle the task. But Chrestomanci is no ordinary enchanter—he (or she) has to be a nine-lifed enchanter. Most people, whatever their magical status, just have one life each—but they also have counterparts, or doubles, in other worlds. People with nine lives (and they are exceedingly rare) exist only in their own world, with no counterparts anywhere else, which means that all the talents and energies and abilities that would have been spread out across the others are all concentrated in one person. This makes Chrestomanci a very powerful enchanter, indeed.


One of the most challenging tasks a Chrestomanci has to undertake is finding his (or her) successor—the next Chrestomanci. This is never easy, not only because of the fact that nine-lifed enchanters are exceedingly rare, but they might not even be living in the same world! They are also usually completely unaware that they have more than the usual number of lives and often demonstrate a distinct lack of magical ability in childhood. They are often discovered for the first time when they begin to lose their lives. For example, if on Monday somebody falls from an extremely high tower, or is consumed by fire, or fried by lightning, and yet on Tuesday is happily walking around with no noticeable ill-effects, chances are he (or she) has nine lives. This means that he is worth testing to find out what’s stopping him from doing magic.


All nine-lifed enchanters have a weakness, and it is usually that weakness which prevents them from being aware of their magic when they are young. Of course, they do not all share the same weakness, so it can take some time to track down exactly what the problem is. Once the weakness is identified and avoided, they can work magic like anything! In fact, because enchanter’s magic is particularly potent and immediate, they have to spend many years in training, learning how to control their power and its full extent—while trying very hard not to dislocate the universe or blow off too many rooftops.

Once they are aware of their nine lives, it’s up to them to make sure they take care of the ones they have left—especially the last one. The best way to do this is to detach it from the body and keep it in a secret, protected location where it cannot be attacked or enchanted. Removing a life is a delicate operation; Gabriel de Witt who is Talara’s third predecessor as Chrestomanci, pioneered the process.


The one thing Chrestomanci does not have is a nine-to-five job. He has to be ready to thwart evil, apprehend villains, and solve magical conundrums at the drop of a hat, no matter in what time, place, or dimension they happen to occur. People in dire need can also summon him (or her) by calling his name (“Chrestomanci”) aloud three times. Consequently, his (or her) staff is used to finding half-drunk cups of tea and abandoned plates, as dire need is no respecter of mealtimes.


Being Chrestomanci is the most powerful job in the Related Worlds, and the Government are always on the lookout for the next one. If you ever find yourself returning to dream worlds you visited before, waking up with grubby feet and gravel in your bed, being told off for being “on a different planet,” or raising small whirlwinds in the garden—you never know, it could be you!


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