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04/28/2020 01:40 PM 

The boys are back in town // A sample

" 𝖔𝖕𝖙𝖎𝖒𝖎𝖘𝖙𝖎𝖈 𝖋𝖎𝖌𝖍𝖙𝖊𝖗 "
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" And just when you think the whole world has abandoned you, a hero will surface. They may not want to fight, and they may feel wrong about the upcoming battle - but, when the choices are you vs them? She will fight, and she will not lose. "
Sh*t, sh*t, SH*T! Just keep running! Keep going! Cass shrieked to herself, booking it down the back alleyways of the Wall Market, where ShinRa was next looking for her group of rag-tag friends. She had picked up her old childhood friend, Eric, who was claiming to be a first class SOLDIER, Akiko, who seemed to be a reincarnation of the last of the Cetra, and Nanaki's grandchild, Zulu. 

    Days before their adventure to Wall Market, they had been sticking there noses where it didn't belong, in the old Mako reactors. They were overgrown with shrubs and greenery, of course, but, you could still get in there! Down in the belly of the non-functioning reactors, they saw something horrifying, people were running experiments on other humans - again, making what they hoped would be "Super SOLDIER", or so Eric explained. 

    "They apparently kept some cells of Jenova, Sephiroth, the legendary heroes Cloud and Zack, a bit of Angeal and Genesis, too.." He had trialed off, and Cass had frowned. They were going to genetically create these people from scratch once again, her heart told her.

    "So, we go destroy it all." Cass spoke firmly, slamming her hands onto the table. Akiko clapped her hands together.

    "Hell yeah we do! I like the sound of totally obliterating anything to do with ShinRa." She grinned from ear to ear, Zulu putting her paws on the table, looking everything over.

    "Grandpapi Nanaki is gonna be suuuuuper mad, but I'm in." She nodded, "They caged him like an animal years ago. I wont forgive them."

    And that's how it had begun.

    The pools of this Mako had people in them, and they weren't sure if they were living or dead. Some were mutated beyond imagination, and crazier still, Akiko said so many people were screaming out in pain, which Cass only heard when Akiko grabbed her arm to leave.

    WOOSH, a metal rod missed Cass' head by a split second, as she dropped to her knees, skidding past the suited vagrant as she leaned herself back, and then shot upright when she was far enough from him. What did these people want?! "You can't run forever, punk!" He yelled after her, and she turned to stick her tongue out.

    "At least I'm not gonna sweat in a stupid, dry-clean only suit, ya nugget!" She yelled over her shoulder, and then booked it into overdrive.

    A quick turn down this alley, to avoid another one of the lackeys - sharp turn here, she could feel the burn in her calves, her lungs also on fire. How long had she been running, 10-15 minutes? Coming to a screeching halt, she leaned over at a dead end, hands on her knees as she hunched over, trying to catch her breath. "Eyuck, all sweaty.." She mumbled, pulling her top from her chest, watching as beads of sweat ran down her darkened skin. "Gonna need a shower..." She sighed, turning around, seeing she wasn't alone.

    "Well, well, well. Lookie who we have here - Hello, kitten." Blonde, holding a rod that looked like it was infused with lightning materia, Cass drew up her fists, still breathing heavily, shaking her head to move auburn strands from her vision. "Oooh, kitty's got claws, I see!" he laughed, and two more lackey's came out from behind the narrow way she had just come from. "Ya know, the Don is looking for you and your pals, as well as my boss. Just what did you do?" He narrowed blues, and got in his own stance.

    Moving her feet apart, right foot forward, left foot back for balance, she gritted her teeth, taking off where she stood, running towards the man, pulling back her arm to land a punch to the side of his face, her arm was caught by the rod, her face in his other hand.

    "Extremely adorable." He teased, pushing her back, slowly stepping forward. Dammit! If only Eric.. she shook her head. No. She could save herself, she was her own hero. Once again getting into her stance, she looked around and swallowed the lump in her throat, hopefully this would work..

    Cassandra took off again, this time, she had blizzara ready to be cast, using it on the all the surrounding men's legs, watching as they stumbled, and while off guard, she jumped onto the blonde's shoulders, and pushed off him, casting haste in mid-air, and felt her feet touch concrete, she was now running along the wall to get past them. As she once more landed on solid ground, she looked back, to the men stumbling, cursing, and tested her luck; She flipped them the bird. 

    "Don't underestimate me because I'm a girl, idjits!" She once again pushed through the debris of the alleyway, to be met by the former SOLDIER, bumping right into him. "Oh! Oh, Eric, sorry. I just - we gotta go." Grabbing onto his shirt, he looked more concerned and confused by the moment. Eric, the boy reincarnated from Cloud, had dark, caramel skin, brown eyes with green starbusts coming from the middle thanks to the Mako infusions, and black hair. In other words - he was every girls dream.

    "Wha - Why are we running TOWARDS the mansion!?" He asked, and she looked back to see the blonde slowly shivering out of the alley. 

    "Uh, are we? I'm lost again." She chuckled, and he rolled his eyes at her.

    "Cass, seriously..." He sighed

    As she looked forward, she saw the pink bow, which told her, this was friend number three out of four all together. "Akiko!" She squeaked out, grabbing her friend by the rod - literally her weapon - And pulled her along with them.


    "Whoa now, Mike Tyson - let's just get safe." She breathed out, and to her right, a figure had leaped out of a window - it was Zulu.

    "GOOD GOD. BIG CATS, REAL BIG CATS, CASS!" She shrieked frantically, and as they all made their way to the mansion, Cass cursed - this had to be a...

    The floor opened up beneath them as soon as they passed the bridge.

    "For fu-" Cass begun, but ended up shrieking as they fell, and fell, and.. how long where they gonna fall? Looking over, she reached out for her friends hands, hoping they could all sofen the fall somehow, but knowing it was near impossible. As they could see the ground Cass braced herself, her arms in front of her face, but, it was no use, her head knocked right off the side of a bin, and searing pain shot through her temple, the surrounding area was going black, and she could hear people talking, something about being right where they wanted them. "Fuuuuckkk..." She trailed off, her body going limp. What a terrible time to pass out.
" I wasn't ready, I'm still not. "

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