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July 5th, 2020

Gender: Other
Status: Swinger
Age: 115
Country: United States

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June 28, 2020



06/28/2020 11:28 PM 

A Heads Up, Please Read.


Consider these rules or guidelines...more or less what to expect from the blue haired green skinned lady person man thing your you might get involved with. 

  1.  First,  I am a dude in real life….Shocker I know.  However I don’t plan to fool anyone into thinking I am a woman IRL.  If you read this, good head start on you.  Otherwise if I can sense an rp going to a place where this information would be revalent I will simply say.   
  2. When it comes to rp,  I am open to almost all of it.  Though I’m kinda a wuss when it comes to anything too gory.  Violence and the like seen in anime and most movies is perfectly within reason to describe.  I know people like their detail but when lopping off an arm or a head feel free to tone down the gore.  
  3. ERP, I’m down, we’ll think of something.  Male/female I don’t care too much.  I would ask your at least 21+ and to stay away from the more obscure fetishes without asking first. 
  4. Been roleplaying since highschool,  for me that would be around 2004-2005 back when Mypsace was respectable.  So since I've had huge gaps in activity I plan to learn some new things.  I would appreciate the patience.
  5. I like to think I’m pretty laid back and understanding.  If that can be reciprocated...awesome we will get along fine.  
  6. Currently working two jobs...replies may be slow.  (No ones heard that before - Eye Roll-)

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