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July 16th, 2020

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July 11, 2020


07/11/2020 04:52 PM 

Here are some guidelines, please read through then yeah?

1. So I'm strictly on my tablet at the moment...unfortunately, anyhow I'm still able to get at least a coupe paragraphs out. I'd like the same I'm return, I don't think that's to much to ask? I may go more than two, depends on the mood I'm in honestly and how willing I am to deal with autocorrect...

2. So as previously mentioned I'll be dealing with autocorrect, even now it's really ticking me off. So please forgive any mishaps.

3. I'm decently friendly and welcome most genre aside a few however I'm not use to all genre, please forgive my limited (at the moment) genre interests. I don't mind trying those I've not tried out so no worries there.

4. Please don't rush any replies, I've got a full time job (yes even in these times) so I'm not on everyday nor all day when I am on. I may even be off for days at a time, please forgive me for that.

5. I'm happily married with children in reality, any "relationship" here will simply be story related. I've been here before and know some can get interested in one another in a very real way, not that there's anything wrong with that. Just currently not for me.

These are it for now, if more are required later than I'll be sure to add them along the way. You have my thanks for reading these, much appreciated.​

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