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07/30/2020 01:50 PM 

Theo's hidden past

This is a secret Theo has told nobody. His original name was Theodore Cassidy, but when he turned 18 he got his last name changed and moved away from his parents. Nobody knew the reasons except for him and his parents. They were probably in jail by now or even dead, but he didn't care. Once he left they were just figments of his nightmares. Haunting his dreams and even sometimes haunting his thoughts.

Leana and Teven Cassidy were not the model parents. Always drunk, in debt with drug dealers, selling drugs, and always being high on something. They were never both mentally really there. When Theo was born they had hoped to get a baby girl. Not going for an ultrasound to check the gender until he was born they were already upset. It wasn't until right after he was born that his mother started to hevaily use alcohol and drugs. His father lost his job and started dealing with the criminal organizations and the dirg dealing world. Earning quite a bit of debt they would scramble to pay it off.  Theo hated always being around the sneel of alcohol or drugs or seeing shady people with guns. As he grew older his father started to hate him even more. Not only was Theo supposed to be a girl, he wasn't manly enough to be a boy. Always drawing and wearing girly colors. For years his parents abused him mentally and physically. Blaming him for the reason they were in debt. He was supposed to be a girl that they could have groomed to become the perfect girl to sell off to help with their debt. Theo knew they would have tried to sell him off as well, so he would act up and sometimes even run away so he wouldn't be deemed as acceptable. The day of his eighteenth birthday he packed up his stuff got his last name changed and moved far away. Shoving all of the past in a bottle and burying it so deep nobody would ever find it. He didn't see a therapist about it so some things will set him into a panick attack. Also various scars covered his body. Those were the only signs of proof that his past ever happened.

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