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Yes I know they suck, but gotta have some moral ground rules. **REQUIRED** 1) You add, you talk. I will do my best to remember you, and make sure you never feel like a number. But it is a relationship we both have to work at it. 2) Replies: If there is a issue, let's discuss it, not just no response. If I forget simply remind. If we want to drop it, simply say so. ^^ No arguments are needed don't worry. 3) Roleplay: I am open minded to a degree, but when I say no to including a aspect. ^^;... Yeah it is a hard no. I might compromise to a degree, but please respect limits. 4) Ooc, // or Ic, " ": I'm fine having a conversation with both, but please make sure you use one or the other. Simply want some clarity is all. 5) Have fun!!!!: This is a labor of love I'm reculant to even do ^^; So please let's just try to have fun and enjoy ourselves. Anything else not positive between admins, is not needed. 6) Trust: Yeah earn it ^^; 7) Pick a rule, bring it up in your first message so I know you read this. 8) No more copy and paste, I will try not to do this to you as best I can!

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