Last Login:
August 3rd, 2020

Gender: Male
Status: In a relationship
Age: 115
Country: Afghanistan

Signup Date:
July 30, 2020



07/30/2020 11:18 PM 


My Rules

- I'm not on very much. I need good stories to keep me interested.
- I play a non-canon and canon version of Madara. If you have a special request, ask.
- Mature themes welcome, including smut, horror, and death.
- If I don't answer right away, give me a few days. I'm slow.
- No personal drama, RP drama is fine.
- If you add me I expect you to message me. If you don't I won't bother to see you.
- I don't delete people, taking the effort to remove your page shows I care, I don't.
- I'm very selective about who I get in the sack with. I have a very selective list.
- I don't rp with MCP pages. Sorry, please choose one role.
- Madara is not into dudes, sorry.
- Not a fan of discussing but I will. Messages only, please. Stream banter is fine too.
- Please follow the standard rules of roleplaying.

Please have, don't take anything I say seriously. I am 99% in character even in greetings, If you use OOC or some other form of way to tell me you are talking to me out of character, I will do the same. I personally use // when I'm speaking out of character.

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