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August 3rd, 2020

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July 31, 2020



07/31/2020 11:47 PM 

Roleplaying Rules And Regulations : Nagoriyuki
Current mood:  chill

Since this character was literally made after the reveal of his trailer. I am going to keep the rules in place for this account rather easy going. It's nothing serious so worry not my friends.

Rule 1.) Nagoriyuki was created to honor a debt to a friend of mines from the Guilty Gear Verse. I did promise her that I was going to pick him up eventually. So this is my way of honoring that debt nothing more nothing else. 

Rule 2.) Mirrors are fine and okay since this is not my primary role. I want everyone to have fun when roleplaying with me as I literally made this character as a way to honor a debt to Ramelthal. 

Rule 3.) Since I am a very serious person I will say it to you all only once.  I am here to roleplay but do not get Roleplay confused with Real Life. Real Life? I am a very very serious but kind hearted person. In Roleplay? I am much of the same but I write as a muse to pass the time. Not as a commitment to others. ( Unless otherwise specified by me in messages. ) 

Thank you very much for your consideration. 

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