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01/09/2021 05:30 PM 

Arks rulebook

If we are to have fun then there are some rules that need to be in place as well as some preventions

1: If you don't know what pso2 is or idola. That is perfectly okay. I'm not stuck to only this verse.

2: Guardian is what others call the character in game as there is no program to pronounce the names that players may come up with. So it is a name. But if you require a name, going from the anime, both versions will be called Ash. You may differ the two by calling the girl Ashley.

3: The main difference between Arks Guardian and Vandor Guardian is that Arks fight with techs/photons. While Vandor mostly fights on their own power. When pushed calls upon a deity known as Polaris Nova. Both have different allies and will not have any memory of any other except arks regarding [Persona]. Other differences include their friends and their enemies only sharing the goal of defeating dark falz as needed.

4: My version to reference games freedom will not have a set gender. They can be male or female.

5: I will not center an rp around smut or romance.

6: No, I will not do an instant ship just because you are playing their closest friends being Matoi or Giselle. (Arks and Vandor versions respectively.) If you try to force a ship you will be blocked. If it matters that much to you then at least work for it.

7: I prefer third person rping. I may not reply to first person.

8: Going back to regarding characters. I wouldn't mind meeting more from the pso2 side or the idola side. I'll keep my fingers crossed, but any good or evil from the verse will be welcomed.

9: No controlling the character or god modding during battles. I think that's all for now. More will be made if they are needed.

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