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11/08/2020 08:45 PM 



- Portrayal of Bardock is roughly based off on 'Super Broly; Movie && the Father of Goku.'  I love how he is portrayed in both movies, so he'll be roughly based on that. Do not dictate me on how to portray my muse. You will be ignored && probably deleted from my list if you micromanage what I can do and cannot do.

- Most importantly, please do not mistake role play for real life. If Bardock is mean to your character, that does not mean that I'm mean to you. Bardock is not a friendly character. He isn't Goku, he is the FATHER OF GOKU. If he is kind to anyone, it would be Gine, so if you cannot handle his personality, you may not want to interact because I will not censor my creativity. Not everything is puppies and rainbows. DEAL WITH IT. If you worked under Frieza for so long, only to be betrayed, you wouldn't be so friendly either.

- Zero tolerance for drama. If you're known for starting drama, please do not interact with me or even send a request. I do not tolerate bullying, slander, racism, etc. If you do not have basic human decency, do not add me. We have no business interacting.

- The writer is 25 + and will not interact with minors. If you're a minor, DO NOT INTERACT.

- Will not join tournaments, group SLs, or chats. I'm not comfortable and I've had not had a good experience within them. If I do join, it will not be without close friends. Please respect that && do not pressure me.

- Do not harass me for replies. If you harass me, blow me up, or cuss me out. You will be deleted or blocked, depending on the harassment. I have enough on my IRL plate; I did not come here to be stressed out. Rushing me for a reply will not get you anywhere but left pending. I lose interest fast, so don't test my patience.

- NO GODMODDING. This has been a rule since the good ol' myspace era. Particularly, I do not care for role play fights without a good SL behind it. "Then why do you play a character from DBZ, which is fighting orientated? You know what you're getting yourself into." 

It's simple. I do what I want && when I want. If I do not want to engage in a role-play fight with you, then that is my choice alone.

- Romance. I'm not a big fan of romance, shipping has NEVER been my priority nor will it ever be my priority. Please do not auto-ship with my muse even if they are canon in the series. I do not like to ship with people that I barely know. Autoship is boring and serves no development. If you wish to be in a relationship with my muse: WORK FOR IT. Make my muse feel that you want them. If my muse is genuinely connected to yours, we can possibly work something out if we vibe enough. Otherwise, I do not like forced shipping or auto shipping. Do not ask, the answer will be a no. If you do not like my answer, then do not add or delete me. This isn't a dating site.

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