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Disney OC’s
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Name: Issarra
nickname: Isa
age: 17
gender: female 
sexuality: straight 
appearance: long black hair pale grey eyes. About 5'4"
style: black sweaters, ripped jeans, and red biker boots
parent: Shan yu
 theme song: youtu.be/oo9AIaetoiU
 friends: her twin brother Vossel
likes: big cats, cold places, and chocolate.
dislikes: dogs, overly warm places, spicy food.
bio: she is the younger twin and always follows her brother around. Most people stay away from her because they are afraid of her pet snow leopard. She is very observant and like her father can have a short temper.

Name: Vossel 
nickname: Voss 
age: 17
gender: male 
sexuality: straight 
appearance: shoulder length black hair, pale grey eyes, a scar that goes from the top of his right eye to his right cheek bone( pin.it/1Yvc5PH ),about 5'9" 
style: black tees, dark brown leather jacket, jeans, black biker boots 
parent: Shan yu
theme song: youtu.be/kRlT-ELd1hw 
friends: has none yet other than his twin sister Issa 
likes: motorcycles, the forest, knife throwing.
dislikes: selfish people, and crowded places. 
bio: he got his scar saving the girl he loved but even though he saved her she took one look at his scar and left him. He has vowed never to fall in love again. He is very protective of those he cares about. And is a talented knife thrower

  Name:  Kintara
Nicknames: Tara
Age: 17
Gender: female 
Sexuality: straight 
Appearance: shoulder length flaming blue hair(turns red when mad), golden eyes, slightly blue skin.
Style: jeans and black tanks
Parents: hades 
Theme song(s): 

Enemies:  fate
Likes: sweets, reading, music
Dislikes: her uncle, water, spicy food
Bio: her mother had died in child birth and Kintara was raised by her father. Her whole life she has been told stories of her cruel uncle. She had no friends and wasn't aloud outside of the underworld but after sneaking out at the age of 15 she met eon and became friends. Now she is too face high school.
Extra: unlike her father if her hair goes out she dies but it can only be put out by water

Name: Eon
Nicknames:doesn't have one 
Age: 17
Gender: male 
Sexuality: bi
Appearance: short white hair usually spiked, green eyes and pale skin
Style: v neck black long sleeve shirts and jeans
Parents: Ursula 
Theme song(s):

Enemies: fate
Likes: rain, the ocean, reading, salty food
Dislikes: spicy food, judgmental people 
Bio: Eon always loved his family but his mother would always pressure him to learn her magic but would get mad at him when he couldn't make it work. After swimming to the surface one day he met Kintara and she excepted him for who he was since then they have been friends ever since
Extra: tentacles appear when in a body of water

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