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02/24/2021 01:34 PM 

A U: Dead by Daylight Story

This will highlight a background in the DBD verse for Jul'ne. How she got into the Trails and went from Survivor to the Entity's pawn and turn Killer. So come back later to read it! ♡

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02/22/2021 01:55 PM 

"What it would be like..." A to Z headcannon!

Heyyy guys n gals!
Here's a headcannon list I have done out of boredom one random night of my character!! Yay we loves these right? Right!? :D
Anywho credit to the person who's on Tumblr that made this. And enjoy!

A - Asking you out
Jul'ne isn't the woman she once was. Which was pretty timid and nervous when asking someone out on a date. But now a days if she likes you, she will ask you out. Don't even care if you're smitten with the love of your life! This preditor got her eyes on you and she wants to treat you to a nice date. Hell your partner can come too if they are as interesting as you!

B - Being best friends
Jul'ne treat her friends like cool loyal companions! She's easy to be around when not in killer mode and is willing to help you with anything. How did you get this crazy broad to be in your circle is beyond comprehension. But do not worry she got your back and will murder whoever you say fetch at.

C - Celebrating your/their birthday
Jul'ne isn't much for birthdays... she would give you a card and maybe a gift. She don't expect much on hers either but appreciate it if a party is thrown.

D - Double dating!
Jul'ne likes it to be honest. If it's to help out a friend and ease their nerves all along bringing her own date. It's rather pleasant and fun.

E - Eating dinner
She's well mannered and eat pretty light. She eats just about anything so no need to worry about on what to cook.

F - Flirting with you
She loves to flirt on someone she found to obsess over! Be it her next victim or a potential partner Jul'ne flirts big time and in a dangerous manner too that involves threatening with a knife. So be careful.

G - Getting protective over you
Be it a friend or something more, Jul'ne won't back down if something or someone is harming you. She will fight them off or verbally assault till the bastards go away or just die by her hands.

H - Hugging you
Jul'ne isn't much of a hugger.lol Especially if you're not her love interest. But she will receive it in a non emotional way and just comments on how it makes her feel. Or maybe you stink and she must tell you! If you are her love interest she will sigh and smile then hugs back. If you're a total stranger prepare to get a knife at your throat. -_-

I - Inviting you to team up/join their organisation of heroes
No...that's not happening.

J - Joking around with you
Jul'ne can be pretty dry and dark with jokes. So she leaves that to the experts and let out a giggle or two in good company.

K - Kissing you
Oh boy she's a firecracker at kissing! Deep and passionate, with slip of the tongue. Anything that could get your collar hot! I mean with soft luscious lips like hers you better say grace!

L - Lounging around on a lazy day
She normally could be found reading her romantic erotica novels at home in a shirt n panties. Or sharpening and cleaning her knife collection for the day. Nice and peaceful.

M - Making you breakfast
Due to Jul'ne's domestic background these things come naturally to her. So expect a huge breakfast with all the fixings and all the juice you could ever want! We might be eating breakfast throughout the day...

N - Netflix and chilling
She usually is the one who engages first. Especially if the show or movie sucks possum neck! So have fun with that!

O - Overcoming a fear [include a fear]
Jul'ne is afraid of being buried alive. To overcome it she would request that she have a walkie talkie to speak with a friend or something to help her get out as soon as possible.

P - Partying
She's the cool friend who chills at the fancy leather couches or bar stalls with drinks and vibing to the music.

Q - Quarrelling with you
Jul'ne hates disputing over something small and dumb. She is quick to end it by solving the issue together and move on.

R - Rescuing you
As said in the protecting prompt. Jul'ne is willing to rescue her friends and lover by all means. Even if she gotta slit throats, burn homes and get the whole police department on her tail. As long you are safe and alive.

S - Sleepingover with you
She only need her bag of necessities and a knife. And the sleepover can get rolling! Again she's the chill cool friend when not crazy so expect some moderate fun to be had. A movie and popcorn? Karaoke n video games? Truth or dare whatever the f*** people do these days!

T - Taking care of you when you’re sick
Jul'ne will bring you all the medicine, food, herbs and head pats you need! Her domestic roots would be showing and like a lovely wife she would take care of you.

U - Using technology
Jul'ne knows how to use all firms of tech! But mostly use her cell phone.

V - Vexing each other
Do not piss the crazy woman off...

W - Waking up to you
She's pretty normal about it. Shakes you out your sleep and mention the reasoning. If you fail to wake up she will try again in 15 minutes. If this was a predator and pray scenario; it be more like a scene of a f***ed up yandere woman threatening you.

Y- Yelling at each other (for the angst!)
Again...please don't.

Z - Zoo date!
She don't mind it...buuutttt you could do so much better on date locations.

And thats it! Pretty mediocre right?

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