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Abilities & Statistics of the Witch

I'll keep this brief with small summaries for the abilities and what not. 

Beyond-Dimensional Existence: Meta-World beings exist beyond the realm of humans, including all its dimensional space, immaterial and material physics, space, time, causality, possibilities, transcendental realms and its concepts.

Beyond-Dimensional Manipulation & Higher Dimensions: Meta-World beings are capable of affecting Fragments that exist in the Sea of Fragments, as well as creating their own Catbox that can house Fragments as well. They are not limited to also being able to control the Higher Dimensions of the First Layer, moving freely up and down them and affecting everything in them as well as nonexistent voids.

Plot Manipulation: Game Masters and Witches can control the plot of the Lower Worlds and even higher layers. Choosing to write as they see fit to control the narrative and all of its causality, inescapable by beings who can’t transcend to the authority of the initial plane it was written. Cutting entire scenes out from the plot of a lower world and preventing the story from progressing past that point.

Fate Manipulation: Game Masters and Witches are capable of altering and controlling the Fate of all within the Gameboard and Lower Worlds. Either as an irreversible ending or leaving their fate up to complete chance.

Causality Manipulation and Resistance: Game Masters and Witches have already transcended the cause and effect of the first layer, making them immune to its logic errors (unless incurred by themselves.) This allows them to also control cause and effect in Fragments as well.

Mind and Soul Manipulation: A Witch is able to control and ascend the soul of those they meet, Voyager Witches in particular can even bring lower layer beings to higher layers without needing to ascend their souls. A Game Master can bring the soul from a Lower World and embed them in created husks. A Game Master can also manipulate the mind of pieces on their board, making them do things they normally wouldn’t do.

Conceptual Manipulation: On top of the Truths, Meta-World inhabitants can create concepts by thinking. Because concepts of the First Layer are visualized in the Meta-World, higher layer beings also have total control over those concepts.

Nonexistent Physiology: Meta-World beings exist as an entity with nothingness at the core of their being, with their physical form being constructed and defined solely by their thoughts.

Acausality: Meta-World Beings exist completely outside of the First Layer and are unrestrained by the limitations of the Human Domain, including fate, time and causality. Such concepts can only be imposed on them from even higher beings. 

Law Manipulation: A Game Master creates and manipulates the laws of their Gameboard, such as Beatrice creating the Anti Magic Toxin rule on her gameboards. This includes being able to control the laws within a Fragment or within the First Layer.

Power Nullification: Even a higher layer being who enters a Gameboard is forced to obey the rules of the Game Master or Territory Lord. A Territory Lord, and Game Masters of their Gameboard, can nullify powers if they go against the rules of the board. A Game Master reserves the right to forcefully eject even qualitatively superior entities from their Game at will. Permission to attack the Game Master, granted by that same Game Master, is needed for it to even happen.

Reality Warping: Territory Lords can shape their Gameboard in whatever manner they see fit, and change whatever narrative or things exist in their Gameboard at will.

Possibility Manipulation: Meta-World Beings are capable of collapsing possible outcomes and different outcomes in a Fragment into a single result through power of observation. Essentially deciding what reality is ‘true’ and what ‘isn’t’ all with just their thoughts. This process also includes manipulating the possibilities and probability.

Immortality: Characters in Umineko have several different layers and types of immortality, but all Meta-World beings share the same regenerative immortality: As beings who define and construct their physical forms solely by the size and type of their thoughts, they assure their existence through a will to live and ability to think. Even if they are conceptually erased from existence, it’s possible for them to redefine themselves through a will to live and return, Even from the nothingness of their core. It is impossible to conventionally touch let alone kill a Meta-World resident unless their true forms exist on the same layer.

However, one can kill a lower layer (or ‘avatar’) manifestation of a Meta-World entity in their reality. But as long as the true selves exist, they can always return. 

In that sense, it is impossible to truly ‘kill’ a Meta-World resident, but it is still possible to permanently incapacitate them by forcing them to stop thinking, such as by introducing them into a situation that they can never mentally recover from.

Dimensional Travel: Voyager Witches can travel up and down the infinite ladder, and The Game Master/Territory Lords can travel freely anywhere on their Gameboard, from its highest layers to the Lower Layer. 

Reactive Evolution: Meta-World beings, Voyager Witches especially, spiritually and metaphysically adapt to higher and lower layers of existence. They can adapt themselves even when moved from the lowest to the highest point of any given layer.

Irrelevant Physical Characteristics: Meta-World beings exist outside the concept of speed, distance, weight and mass. It is unwarranted to measure their speed, strength, durability and all other characteristic factors on a mathematical scale: Since they do not require physical dimensions to move or manipulate objects, applying a measurement (which is inherently based on the idea of physical constraints) is impossible. They are transcendent of such concepts and can only be physically/metaphyiscally/conceptually wounded by characters of similar scale. Further more, Witches, especially Voyager Witches are their own independent conceptual walking universes.

Existence Absorption: A Voyager Witch is capable of ‘eating’ another Witch and absorbing their existence into their own. As every Voyager Witch is their own conceptualized walking universe, absorbing another Witch will combine their existence with their own until they become one being. Strong enough Witches can resist this as well.

Full Control over Lower Layer Concepts: Time, life, and death are inclusive to a being’s transcendence over another Layer. Featherine wrote Lambdadelta’s death. The Game Master is capable of stopping, fast-forwarding or rewinding time in their boards. The same can be done with Fragments.

Conceptual Existence Regeneration, Resistance, Evasion, Resurrection & Immortality Negation: With the Truths, a Meta-World resident is capable of turning these into conceptual weapons. The Red Truth cuts down anyone and denies their existence, right down to the last concept and aspect of their being. Regardless of whether the opponent is physical, spiritual, or conceptual, evasion is impossible. This includes means by teleportation, time reversal, revivals, inheritance, physical barriers, mental quarantine, conceptual inheritance, and all concepts of evasion or endurance. The Blue Truth works similarly, they only take more time to deny a target and can be cut down by the Red. The Golden Truth embodies the traits of both and can use both at any time, as well as even negate the Red Truth entirely.

Conceptual Resistance: Because even when a being is conceptually erased and denied the right to revive, their will can prevent themselves from their final aspect - their metaphysical will from being erased. Meta-beings also can resist their existence being slowly denied by the Blue Truth, as well as resist their beings having been absorbed into another.

Other abilities for Bernkastel include : 

Existence Erasure (Can claim one has 'died' with the Red Truth and they will always be erased until their final aspect is gone), Time Manipulation (Has complete control over time. Time Rewind, Time Looping and Time Stop of such a scale that even beings that exist outside of the concepts of space and time are still binded by them), Darkness Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Shapeshifting, Psychometry, Cloth Manipulation, Attack Reflection, Illusion Creation, Curse Manipulation, Transmutation,  Petrification & Soul Erasure (Witches can erase souls and turn bodies to glass just with a focused stare), Body Puppetry, Invisibility & Intangibility, Blood manipulation, Organic Manipulation, Elemental Manipulation, Smoke Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, Summoning, Telekinesis, Teleportation,  Telepathy, Disease Manipulation, Clairvoyance, Extrasensory Perception (Can sense souls and magic),  Deconstruction (With a stare, can turn others to dust and erase their souls), Weather Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Regeneration Negation ,  Durability Negation , Forcefield Creation , Subjective Reality , Spatial Manipulation , Size Manipulation , Stealthy Mastery (Can adapt her soul to hide herself) , Power Nullification (Can revoke titles of Witches and deny beings from entering the Meta-World), Power Bestowal (Can turn others into Witches), Absorption (Can absorb the existence of others into herself, rewriting them and making them part of her to where even their metaphysical will won't exist), Duplication, Abstract Existence , Ressurection (Can ressurect others who are erased including herself) , Non-Physical Interaction , Avatar Creation , Cosmic Awareness, Fusionism , Quantum Manipulation , Information Manipulation , Life Manipulation , etc. 


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