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01/12/2021 03:28 PM 

The guidelines for Zim's acceptance. (IC an OOC post)

Well then, to all you inferior creatures here, congratulations on being chosen to interact with me, myself and I, the almighty Zim! You are all extremely fortunate, you know, as I don't grant an audience to just anyone, at least, not privately. You have, somehow, you smelly pig rots, gotten my attention one way or another, whether it be an ability you possess that I can see of use to me or I see value in you in assisting in other matters. Like, all the amount of horrible experimentation I'll perform on you, and stuff.

But this is the highest honor anyone can ever undergo, and it's ridiculous I've even had to remind everyone of this! It's like all the stories going around about me somehow do not adequately show off how much of a genius I am! But you will all have a front-row seat and witness yourself just how amazing I am, accomplishing all feats and merits any sensible elite Irken Invader can, only better!

Seriously, you should have seen me this one time on Cyberflox. I met this weirdo fan of mine, eh, I forget his name now. Vizroomie? Verzizz? He had a lot of eyes and was ugly, filthy even! The fool had the gall to steal my body and foolishly convinced himself that he could become a better version of me! What a fool! Stupid, stupid... Viviz? Vinoorz? His head looks like a cybernetic rotting potato too.

Anyway, Zim defeated the moron, and now he's part couch! I know, incredible work on my part. And that's only ONE example of the terrible things I can do to you if you do not obey my commands...




Alright, enough of my messing around. I want to try and interject my thought process to get back into Zim's mindset. It's been some years since I've interacted with other role-players, and with COVID putting a lot of people's lives on pause, mine included, I figured this was an excellent time to get back into this hobby I once enjoyed. So please forgive my lack of tack with vocabulary and description for a bit. I'm also returning to the scene in the hopes of reigniting my passion for writing since it was once a possible career path I pursued. 

Still, as I know, people will want me to meet specific standards, I would like others to meet my requirements. I say that's a fair trade, yes? So with this in mind, this is what I am looking for in potential writing partners:


  1.  This is a standard rule for most, but I'd like those to have at least an adult's level of understanding of grammar and spelling. I'm not your English teacher, so I'm not here to grade you on your usage of complex words and match my response length. For the most part, I want to be able to understand what you are saying. I'll be more lenient on you if English isn't your first language, but I still would like to understand you enough to keep the session engaging.  
  2. Even if I do ship Zim with other male characters, I do not write erotica. Even as someone who identifies as an autochorissexual, I'm not here to get off. If that's something you like to do, I won't judge you, so don't come to kink-shame me in my house.
    But as I play around with zussy themes (I'm sure you can figure out what two words have been combined to make that term), I'm a-okay with the idea of Zim becoming pregnant, and in fact, encourage it. But this will take a dedicated amount of time within the story, something I hope that does span out in RL years before this is even an option to proceed through.
    Zim will NEVER jump into a romantic relationship right off the bat. I will also NEVER do rape or sexual assault/torture themes to result in his pregnancy. This is your only warning, so I will block all communication with you if you ever attempt this.
    I also flat-out REFUSE to do any shipping with canon height Zim since I feel that lingers into that disgusting shota sh*t. I, too, will not ship Zim with underage characters. Do not even try. Again, I will block all communication with you.

  3. I only accept messages regarding long communication forms on here, though role-playing via my status posts is completely fine and encouraging. I can't stand comments anymore; it makes it feel like others can easily pry into my life, you know? The only time I would accept a comment is if someone were to proclaim Zim's excellence or something since I think that would be hella funny.
    However, I have a Zim specific Discord account that I am happy to share with others who prefer to talk there. Just ask for it, and we can share tags.

These are all the things I feel are essential in bringing up, for now. I'll update this if I run across or remember other things. Thanks for taking the time to read. I would appreciate it if you left a unique signature, so I know you indeed read through all this.
Until then, take care and stay safe!

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