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01/25/2021 11:55 PM 

Throgg Wintertooth

Personal Information

Name: Throgg
Race: Troll
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Occupation: King of The Trolls



Throgg, the King of the Trolls, is among the most unnaturally intelligent of his vile kind, intent on bringing the world under the rule of a new ice age with himself at its head. Even the most lackwit child knows that Trolls are grossly stupid beasts. Nonetheless, around the campfires of the north, there persist rumours that in the depths of Troll Country there is an elder beast whose mutations were not just of the body but also the mind — a Troll King possessed of a grim and malevolent cunning who seeks to grind the realms of Man under his monstrous rule.

At the heart of an icy labyrinth strewn with the gnawed corpses of once-mighty heroes, the Troll King, Throgg, sits brooding upon his rocky throne. No fanfare announces his arrival, no vassals pay him tithe, and no courtiers vie for his favour. His subjects are drooling, stinking monsters and his domain is a desolate and wind-whipped wasteland. A filth encrusted crown rings one of the Troll King’s tusks, a once priceless heirloom taken from a great warrior whose quest led him only into Throgg’s gullet.

01/25/2021 11:49 PM 


Personal Information

Name: Durthu Oakheart
Race: Treeman (Elder)
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Elder of Athel Loren



Durthu, also known as Oakheart by the High Elves, is an Elder of Athel Loren, a Treeman so ancient that even Ariel's millennia-long existence pales in comparison. It was he who first forged a union between Elves and forest, and he also who argued with his fellow Elders that the binding be made permanent. In those days, he was ever a friend to the children of Isha, always willing to help them broaden their understanding of the forest and of the Weave.

Alas, those days are long gone. Centuries of destruction and carnage have taken their toll on Durthu's valiant spirit. He has borne witness to the rapacity of blooded life, and of the wanton destruction it has heaped upon his homeland. He has seen untold acres of trees felled for kindling or from simple spite. He has watched, time and again, as the Elves have invited calamity on the forest through an inability to sever their connection to the outside world. Worst of all, he has seen his fellow Elders fall, one by one; some slain by their own foes but most destroyed by the enemies of the Elves.

Now Durthu's benevolence is gone, replaced by an abiding madness. No longer is he a healer and teacher; he has taken up a sword, forged specially for him by Daith, and become solely a destroyer. He makes no distinction between the lost, the innocent, and the wicked - all who tread Durthu's beloved glades without leave are doomed if the Elder happens upon them. Only the Elves are spared Durthu's wrath, for he does not blame them for what has come to pass, only himself. Yet nor does he any longer consider the children of Isha to be his friends, and now shuns their company as determinedly as he once embraced it. Allies they might be, through the common cause of survival, but that is all.

01/25/2021 11:42 PM 

Valkia The Bloody

Personal Information

Name: Valkia The Bloody
Race: Daemon Princess
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Sword Maiden of Khorne



Valkia the Bloody, known also as the Gorequeen, the Valkyrie, the Bringer of Glory, and the Sword-Maiden of the Blood God, is a dread Daemon Princess of Khorne. She is charged by her god to bear the worthy warriors of Norsca, and beyond, who die honourable deaths in battle to fight on in Khorne's hall for all eternity. Once a fell warrior-queen of the Norscan clan known as the Schwarzvolf, Valkia rose in the Blood God's esteem by leading her warriors to vanquish tribes dedicated to the other Chaos Gods, and by slaying any who questioned her right to rule.

When a Daemon Prince of Slaanesh came into her hall, intrigued by her feral beauty, and commanded her to leave her rulership and join him as a slave girl, the warrior-queen took up her great spear, 'Slaupnir', and in a berserk rage, slew the daemon and swore that she would lay its head at the base of Khorne's throne in the Realm of Chaos. Though she died on the journey, Khorne was impressed with her devotion. From death he elevated her to daemonhood.

Charged with descending onto the battlefield to choose those worthy warriors of Norsca who will fight on in the Halls of the Blood God for all eternity after their deaths, Valkia has served her dark master well for uncounted centuries. She descends upon the field of glory, her armour drenched in blood and rays of light shining from her spear. The warriors of Norsca who praise mighty Khorne (which is to say, many of them) redouble their efforts in her presence, knowing that the Blood-Father despises cowards and will strike down those who flee or show weakness. And also that to gain the prize of fighting on in his hall for all time and becoming his chosen is a prize beyond all measure.

01/25/2021 11:19 PM 

Varakhil The Bleeding Gryphon

Personal Information

Name: Varakhil 
Race: Human (Vampire)
Gender: Male
Age: 281
Occupation: Blood Knight of Abhorash



Born to the frosty realm of Kislev, Varakhil started life as a Gospodar noble, raised in the comforts of his family's fortunes, as a lesser house of the Western Oblast. Raised as a fourth son, he was trained by the desires of his father to see him grown into a fine warrior of the nation, a rider for which he could be proud. He was more comfortable in the saddle than he was upon his own two feet growing up, and indeed, before his fourteenth winter, he'd be enrolled within the Winged Lancers of the nation. A position he'd hold with esteem, Varakhil was nonetheless fuelled to further heights, doing battle in the skirmishes to the eastern mountains, waging war against The Waaagh! of Warlord Gor'Muncha, and earning distinction and glory in the Battle of Red Rock Pass, whereupon he slew a Kurgan chieftain, struck down with lance.

It would not be long before he'd ascend to the ranks of The Gryphon Legion, Kislev's elite cadre of cavalry, and known throughout The Old World for their ferocity in the saddle. Ranging far, the company would take service throughout The Empire, eventually battling against the undead of it's damned region, Sylvania. There, Varakhil would bring fire and steel to bear against bone and ghastly spirits, facing the rotting legions of fell creatures that refused the call of the grave. Having slain a War Wight in single combat, he'd once again prove his mettle to his comrades, yet, other eyes would watch as well. For that night, whilst the Gryphon Legion celebrated a victory, Varakhil would be set upon by a warrior beyond recognition, emerging from the night. While a proud warrior himself, Varakhil was bested by this supernatural fighter, and only had a moment to recognize the gleam of fangs, before he felt the bite of the vampire upon his throat.

Yet, he did not perish, and when he awoke, he was alone in the depths of the woods, save for the warrior that had nearly slain him. Here, he'd be properly introduced to Korvyn Blackblood, a vampire of the line of Abhorash, who'd seen the Kislev fight, and had recognize the spark of greatness in Varakhil's spirit. From him, Varakhil would learn the ways of The Blood Knights, eternal champions of undeath, who sought only the greatest of fighters and challenges, and supped only upon the blood of the worthy, for no others tasted as sweet, or offered as great a satiation to their thirst. Since then, Varakhil has preyed upon mortal men, enamoured with the way of Abhorash and his kin, a proud member of a brotherhood of dark knights, and eager to follow their path. He stalks the desolate roads of The Old World, seeking out champions to prove himself against, drinking in the blood to seek further limits to his power.

01/25/2021 11:14 PM 

Wulfrik The Wanderer

Personal Information

Name: Wulfrik
Race: Human (Norscan)
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Champion of The Chaos Gods



Wulfrik the Wanderer, also known as the Eternal Challenger, the Inescapable One and the World Walker, is the ultimate sea-faring warrior. A mighty giant of a man, clad in hulking plate and bedecked in the trophies of his many kills, Wulfrik travels the four corners of the world, seeking the greatest and most deadly warriors and beasts to bring them to battle and slaughter them as demanded by the Gods.

One of the most devoted followers of Chaos to walk the earth, Wulfrik has made offerings of lords, kings, sea-serpents and dragons to his masters. To Khorne he offers up their skulls, to Nurgle the contents of their slit bellies, to Slaanesh their still-beating hearts, and to Tzeentch their dying breath.

Wulfrik has embraced his exile, accepting the honourable charge the Norscan gods have given him. He now ranges throughout the world as their will directs him, and continues to challenge the mightiest beings of the Old World to battle. Throughout his unending hunt, Wulfrik has never been bested in battle, and many are the men of Norsca and Kurgan who eagerly come to his banner, eager to fight alongside him to catch a measure of his glory. He has fought many times in the Armies of Chaos, also, for at times the offering he is commanded to strike down may be found amidst the ranks of the hosts of the faithless South. Lords and paupers alike cannot escape the World-Walker, for he is merciless, killing without compunction, and taking pride in all his killings. As the gods have decreed, thus it shall ever be.

01/25/2021 11:06 PM 

Nakai The Wanderer

Personal Information

Name: Nakai
Race: Lizardman (Kroxigor)
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Spirit of The Jungle



The ancient Kroxigor known as Nakai the Wanderer is a revered creature, regarded by Skink Priests as a powerful jungle-spirit made manifest. Though he has travelled all over the world, he is a mighty protector of the Lizardmen, appearing anywhere out of the jungle during times of need, before disappearing once more. He famously appeared at the Defence of Itza, wreaked havoc at the Red Fields and was recently reported at the Great Reckoning.

His presence is a tangible portent that a battle of great import is about to take place. In the aftermath of such major events, the Skink Priests treat Nakai with deference, adorning his massive, battle-scarred body with ceremonial tokens. Over the millennia of victories, Nakai has become quite festooned with such golden tributes.

It is believed that Nakai was originally spawned in Tlanxla during the time of the first spawnings, before the city's destruction during the Great Catastrophe. Ever since the gnarled Kroxigor has appeared all across the Lustrian continent throughout the centuries, usually just hours before a battle takes place. Sometimes, the appearance of Nakai is all that has alerted isolated temples of a forthcoming raid.

His own temple city in ruins, he travelled to Itza where he participated at the Defence of Itza during the Great Catastrophe. It was in this titanic battle that Nakai rose to prominence. He killed four score of the foul daemons, holding the vital Bridge of the Stars on his own until reinforcements arrived, earning him great honour. So great was the tally of Daemon-things reaped by the Kroxigor that day that it is said such creatures fear the site as they do no other place in the material world, hearing the death knell of uncounted numbers of their kin echoing down the millennia. He was thought slain, until his reappearance nearly three thousand years later.

01/13/2021 02:57 PM 

Malekith The Witch King

Personal Information

Name: Malekith
Race: Elf (Druchii)
Gender: Male
Age: 6,000+
Occupation: King of Naggaroth



Malekith, also called the Witch King, is the monarch of Naggaroth and the ruler of the Dark Elves or Druchii as they refer to themselves. He is the son of the Phoenix King Aenarion, the greatest Elven hero to have ever lived. Malekith is ancient and powerful beyond mortal reckoning, a being who has lived for thousands upon thousands of years, gathering a great treasure trove of magical power that few can rival within the world. 

Long ago, this mighty lord of the Elven race sought to claim the Isles of Ulthuan by sheer force of will, cruelty and bloodshed, but the Flames of Asuryan denied his right to rule as his father's heir and left him scarred by fire and twisted with hatred. Near death, Malekith was taken away and healed by his mother, the sorceress and consort of Aenarion Morathi, and removed to the lands of Nagarythe to recuperate and plot his seizure of power. While there, the horrifically burned Malekith was encased in a suit of magical, black full plate armour, the plates of the suit fusing themselves to Malekith's own tortured flesh.

To the brow of the great horned helmet placed over his head was welded the Circlet of Iron, and with his body transformed, Malekith took the persona of the Destroyer and now sought to reclaim that which was denied to him. In the years since, Malekith has led many great wars against the High Elven usurpers, but each time has been undone by cruel fate or the incompetence of his craven underling. 

Yet the Witch King is immortal and knows he will outlast those who foolishly believe themselves his betters. The day is fast approaching where old debts and insults will finally be paid, and Malekith will do anything within his power to hasten its arrival. Malekith firmly believes that if he can't rule Ulthuan, then no one else will.

01/13/2021 02:48 PM 

Kroq-Gar Last Defender of Xhotl

Personal Information

Name: Kroq-Gar
Race: Lizardman (Saurus)
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown.
Occupation: Saurus Oldblood



Kroq-Gar, the Last Defender of Xhotl is an ancient Saurus Oldblood, last of the Saurus warriors from the ruined temple-city of Xhotl.

The spawning that brought Kroq-Gar into the world produced a handful of other Saurus, each marked for greatness. With instinctive battle-cunning these warriors were unsurpassed by any of their kind, and each possessed an innate dominion over the native beasts of the jungle. Kroq-Gar’s spawning coincided with the rearing of a brood of mighty Carnosaurs, and he claimed the largest and most ferocious as his own.

Kroq-Gar had served his temple-city for only a few centuries when the Great Catastrophe occurred. Although Kroq-Gar and his spawn-kin fought many epic battles and destroyed entire armies of Daemons, the never-ending onslaught eventually caused the defenders to take refuge within their temple-city of Xhotl. There, the magical barriers of the Mage-Priests saved them for a time, but eventually collapsed. Taking advantage of a surge of uncontrolled energy, Daemons manifested themselves inside the temple-city, butchering the Slann before Kroq-Gar could ride to their aid. So the full power of Chaos swarmed over Xhotl.

Although his temple-city was in ruins, Kroq-Gar and the surviving army fought their way out. Buoyed by their own rage and the last blessings of their Mage-Priests. En route to their freedom, they sent many Daemons back to the abyss. For centuries thereafter, Kroq-Gar carried on a running battle in the jungle, the last army of Xhotl dwindling around him. By the time the Elves enacted their Great Ritual, only Kroq-Gar and his ageless Carnosaur Grymloq remained. It was the great Lord Mazdamundi, High Slann Mage-Priest of Hexoatl, that summoned Kroq-Gar to his temple-city, choosing him to lead the great Saurus armies that remained. Mazdamundi gifted Kroq-Gar with the ancient artefact known as the Hand of Gods, with which he could sear the flesh from his enemies’ bones. Since that day, Mazdamundi has assigned Kroq-Gar the sacred task of exterminating those creatures not part of the Old Ones' Great Plan. Over his long existence, Kroq-Gar has fought many wars — leading the armies of Hexoatl, or joining other hosts to aid them in battle. There is no continent upon which Kroq-Gar and Grymloq have not fought, but for the last defender of Xhotl, the battle is not yet over.

01/13/2021 02:40 PM 

Eltharion The Grim

Personal Information

Name: Eltharion The Grim
Race: Elf (Asur)
Gender: Male
Occupation: Warden of Tor Yvresse



Eltharion the Grim, Prince of Yvresse and Warden of Tor Yvresse, is one of the greatest of all Elven lords. Many times has he achieved what would have been thought impossible. It was Eltharion who was the first of Ulthuan's generals to dare an assault on Naggarond itself and live to speak of it, and he who finally brought about the defeat of WAAAGH! Grom. For his valour in that battle, Eltharion was elected Warden of Tor Yvresse and, though he is a dour ruler, the people of that fair city love him dearly. Eltharion's early rule was split equally between scouring greenskins from the land, and overseeing repairs to Yvresse's network of waystones.

In the first task, Eltharion was aided by the nobles of his realm, who rallied to his banner with an enthusiasm not seen for many long generations. In the second, he sought the assistance of the Loremaster Belannaer. Though Eltharion had successfully stabilised the waystone of Tor Yvresse, he felt that luck had guided his hand rather more than judgement in that task, and he did not wish to see ill-fortune or rashness on his part destroy Ulthuan. With his realm thus secured, Eltharion took his blade overseas; not to the chill shores of Naggaroth in the west, but east to the lands of the Old World and beyond. Yvresse had but barely endured the onset of one Waaagh!, and Eltharion swore that no other would reach Ulthuan's shores. Atop his Griffon, Stormwing, Eltharion swept through the Badlands like a wind of blades.

01/13/2021 02:28 PM 

Kholek Suneater

Personal Information

Name: Kholek
Alias: Suneater, Herald of The Tempest, Living Mountain
Race: Dragon Ogre (Shaggoth)
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Champion of Chaos



Every eight generations, when the malevolent moon Morrslieb waxes full in front of its benign cousin Mannslieb, a terrible storm rages through the crevasses and chasms of the Worlds Edge Mountains. Jagged ridges are silhouetted like the broken teeth of some titanic beast as lightning flashes and thunder roars. Before a great chasm that splits the mountains like a gigantic axe wound, hundreds upon hundreds of Northmen kneel in the pelting hail and snow, chanting sonorously as their captives are sacrificed and hurled bodily into a cavernous lair. Then, as the storm reaches its terrible climax, a terror from the prehistory of the world bursts forth with a roar that shakes the roots of the peaks themselves - Kholek Suneater awakes, and all the world trembles at his wrath.

Kholek is a Shaggoth of tremendous age. He is one of the first-born kin of Krakanrok the Black, father of the Dragon Ogres. Kholek was present when the terrible pact with the Dark Gods was forged, pledging their race to an eternity of servitude in exchange for immortality. The sagas tell that Kholek’s part in the bargain was such an affront to nature that the sun hid its face behind a bank of stormclouds and has never looked upon Kholek since that fateful day. True enough, Kholek’s coming is heralded by roiling black thunderheads. Where the Herald of the Tempest walks, a raging storm blots out the sun.

Like all Dragon Ogres, Kholek is energised and enlivened by the power of lightning, roaring with triumph as crackling bolts of pure power play across his ancient and scaly body. He wears great plates of brass as his armour, the better to attract the tempest’s kiss, encrusted with the patina of age and blackened by soot. In his shadow march the mountain tribes that worship him as a primal god of destruction.


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