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02/21/2021 11:11 PM 

Buni lee- one of my characters

Buni Again!~

Mating season: everyday buni is the same innocent werewolf but some months he  comes into heat. sometimes he has sex with people and doesnt relize it. he's kind of in a trance as his eyes grow darker and he becomes more vicious. --
the only thing is, he wont stop until the trance is over ~


02/17/2021 11:55 PM 

Buni lee- one of my characters

Name: Buni Lee
Age: 19

Sexual Orientaiton: Pansexual, but likes men better
Body Type: Athletic (kinda slim)
Personality: He's very worrying and cannot stand to see someone he loves get hurt. though he's tall he is the most caring person or wolf boy you'd ever lay your eyes on
Backgound: Theres not much about him but he was said to be sent to his death once he became of the age 21. since he's a werewolf he may cause trouble and many people couldn't stand to be around him only the people who may understand him could ever like such a being.

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