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one piece oc — ekari cautelosa

these ideas are solely based for my one piece oc, ekari and possible ships for her! however, i would be willing to try these out with other characters/fandoms as well!

Character: Roronoa Zoro

Plot 1: 'Sword Skiing'
— Zoro has always been amazed at Ekari's swordsmanship when he first saw it in action. The two grow close as they visited sword shops, told tales of their ambitions, and even had occasional spars together. Zoro then asked why Ekari became a swordswoman. She said she didn't want to, but became one because of her devil fruit. The power of the fruit's sword allowed her to restore her village. This was shocking for Zoro, but he still praised her and her abilities. With this comfort, she started to like Zoro, not for his muscular physique and power, but for his kind heart that hid in his mysterious gaze. Soon enough, the two spar days after this encounter, and the spar might take an unexpected turn.

Plot 2: 'Beer Walking'
— On a quiet night in Ekari's village, she happened to stumble upon Zoro, the swordsman of the Straw Hat Pirates. He seemed lost and a bit thirsty, looking for something to wake him up on a warm night. Ekari offered Zoro some sake, which the man definitely accepted. Seeing how kind the woman was, Zoro appreciated her skillful mind and her kind gestures. Ever since the Straw Hats had made their pitstop at Ekari's village, the woman grew very fond of all the pirates on the crew, but Zoro felt respected, and he liked that. After grabbing drinks, Ekari shyly asked if he'd like to go for a walk as they drink, to which Zoro accepted. This night walk evoked feelings in the male and he soon realizes that it wasn't because he was drunk. 

Plot 3: 'I Don't Party'
— After spending days on this exciting island, Ekari invites the Straw Hat Pirates to a special party for them before they leave. All Straw Hats accept this offer, except for the swordsman Zoro. The man seemed unamused and stern, polishing his swords and focusing more on his ambition. Ekari realized how stern the man is and sat down to talk with him. Zoro was focused on becoming stronger he almost forgot how to have fun. The woman talks to him about enjoying himself, because that's a reason to keep fighting. Spending time with your friends makes you stronger within your will and heart. During the night of the party. Zoro is seen at the party, and he's enjoying his time. Ekari is glad, and the next morning, Zoro thanks the lady with a human touch gesture. 
Character: Portgas D. Ace

Plot 1: 'Let Me Take You Dancing'
— Ace is a carefree man, and enjoys all the parties the village hosts. However, he had his eyes on a beautiful dancer who swayed greatly with the funky beats as well as the soothing ones. One night, the village hosted a grand festival for the newcomers on their island and how greatly they've benefited them. During the party, Ace asks Ekari, the Cereza Pirates Captain, for a dance. Accepting this offer, the two dancing together, somewhat in romantic fashion. The touch of the woman make Ace's heart skip a beat, he couldn't believe it. He wanted to show her how he felt, but a dance wasn't enough.

Plot 2: 'Can I Help With The Cherry Pie?'
— After waking up in a warm home, Ace questions how he ended up in this cozy cavern. While walking around the home, he finds Ekari, a small redheaded pirate who was sorting out cherries. After realizing Ace had woken up, she greets him warmly and explains the situation and how he had ended up in her home. Ace had remembered this woman from previous encounters and appreciated how kind the girl was all those times. After announcing she'd make the man her homemade cherry pie, Ace offers to help her. With delight, the two work on a cherry pie, making messes and goofing around, all while enjoying the making of a tasty treat. The two start to realize how good they treat each other. Does this resort to love?

Plot 3: 'Adventure Seekers'
— While walking around a busy village Ekari catches up with the well known Ace. The two have known each other for awhile after Luffy brought Ace to the village for him to hangout in. The captian, Ekari, was a kind girl and treated Ace like he was no less of a person than her crew mates. They start to walk along the gravel path and walk towards the village's peaceful forest. The two young ones walk into the forest, close together. They admire the beauty of the forest and their bond grows stronger and more tender. Ace starts to inch closer towards the redheaded captain and his feelings start to show right in the peaceful woodland. How does Ekari take these feelings?
Character: Usopp D. Brave

Plot 1: 'Storytelling Smiles'
— During a peaceful night, Usopp wanders around the forest and spots the Straw Hat Pirates ally, Captain of the Cereza Pirates Ekari Cautelosa. The redhead was sitting alone and watching the moon reflect within the ocean waves. Usopp took a seat next to the startled female and started to talk about 'his' adventures on the sea. Ekari is intently listening to his amusing stories and shows great interest. This warms Usopp's heart as he continues. The two start to tell each other fun stories and admire the creativity of one another.

Plot 2: 'You Can't Lie About Feelings'
— Usopp is known for his clumsy lies and tries desperately to hide how he feels in between those lies, however it doesn't go as well. He mostly uses it as comedic relief and as a comfort. As Ekari and Usopp spend time together, sharing their creative minds and pay attention to their rambles and stories, Usopp grows close to Ekari and places her in his heart. However, he realizes his feelings for the woman. This brings a pain to him as he tries to keep his cool around the captain. However, Ekari can see through his acts and soon asks, "Usopp, you've been strange lately. Have I done something to touch your heart?" Now Usopp knows that Ekari sees his feelings. How does it take it? How does Ekari feel?

Plot 3: 'An Eye For An Eye'
— The skilled sniper of the Straw Hat Pirates, Usopp, likes to show off his skills and cleverness within the village. It impresses the children as well as the adults, even crew members of the Cereza Pirates. Usopp is always seen in the supplies stores within the villages, and with this, Ekari offers to help him. The pair make unique weapons Usopp can use in battle and they enjoy how they think alike. While training with his new ammo, Usopp sees how powerful the thought of the two grows well together. With Ekari's comfort and knowledge, Usopp takes his opportunities to grow closer towards the girl and better understand her wats of thinking. Does this evoke feelings or just a normal bond?
Character: Trafalgar D. Water Law

Plot 1: 'Comfort Within Acceptance'
— Law's traumatic past has brought him worry amongst the people he's fond of. He worries that his past will bring judgement to his character. His mysterious self is no trouble for the Captain Ekari. After Law visited her island, she kept an eye on him, for protection. The girl wouldn't force the man to join in on village festivals and parties and respected his privacy. After a good day of baking pies for her village, she brings a pie to Law as a 'thank you' for giving her village another presence for awhile. Receiving the woman's gift, Law asks why she was so kind to him despite his 'emotionless' self. Ekari explained that she accepts everyone regardless who they are. The two started discussing about their pasts and what shaped them into who they are. Law starts to enjoy Ekari's company, however, how does he treat his feelings?

Plot 2: 'Mystery Feelings'
— Ekari always knew how mysterious and intelligent Law was. She enjoyed his presence although he almost never spoke much and seemed to have this same expression all the time. Regardless, she treated Law with care and made sure he felt accepted. The man appreciated how kind the girl was towards him and started to like being in the aura of her character. Law attempts to spend more time with the girl as they discuss about themselves and their devil fruits. Their conversations captivated the two and the company of one another made them both smile. What did Law truly feel about Ekari? What did Ekari truly feel about Law?

Plot 3: 'We Can Share A Slice'
— Ekari and Law grow close together as they know more of their origins and how they can connect. Law was always impressed with Ekari's way of fighting and enjoyed her personality. Ekari enjoyed how sweet Law was under his mysterious cover. The two tend to have a drink together in the afternoon as Ekari enjoys Law's company. However, it was time Law left the island and he had one request for his redheaded friend. He asked if they could share a cherry pie together, as a thank you and one last reunion. The sharing of a cherry pie is not the only thing she receives before Law's departure. Is it a kiss? A hug? Only Law knows.

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one piece oc — ekari cautelosa
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➤ Name — Ekari Cautelosa (Ekari comes from Bakery, Cautelosa means Cautious in Spanish)
➤ Age — 22
➤ Birthday — February 16
➤ Ethnicity — Caucasian and Hispanic (More Caucasian than Hispanic)
➤ Affiliation — Former Captain of the Cereza Pirates
➤ Powers — CherÄ« CherÄ« no mi (Cherry Devil Fruit), Cherry Stem Saber (Sword granted by eating the CherÄ« Fruit)
➤ Bounty — 8,000,000 Beri

-ˏˋ⋆ Personality — Ekari is very introverted and shy when greeting or around new people, however she is very polite and treats her crew members with great respect and care. After adapting to new people, she becomes more friendly and extroverted. Ekari constantly apologizes for her crew's clumsy and reckless behavior when around new individuals, however she's quite reckless and clumsy herself. She is always trying to include others and shows lots of empathy when she can. Don't keep your hopes up too high for her, she is short tempered and foes not cool down easily. Most times, she's calm and always giving a smile to ensure the happiness of others around her and ones that look up to her. When in battle, she's battle hardened and gives her all. She's confident and analyzes whatever she is able to. Ekari is not one for battle, however when it comes to it, she will fight till the end.

-ˏˋ⋆ Appearance — Ekari is a 5'3 skinny white female with short dark cherry red hair which reaches down to the middle of her neck. Ekari tends to brush the right side of her hair behind her ear, with a small strand of hair in front, not hiding her golden thick, small hoop earring. Her skin is soft and seems to have no blemishes, talk about beauty, huh? Ekari's eyes are are deep brown, and her cheeks are almost always pink. Her shirt is a white poet styled sleeve and neck button-up shirt with thin vertical light blue stripes going all around. She places red bracelets on both of her wrists that rest on her shirt. She wears a 'crop top' jacket with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows, exposes the sleeves of her shirt. The jacket has no hoodie but can be be considered a turtleneck; the jacket is open, revealing her shirt. On the back of her jacket is her 'Jolly Roger'; A skeleton head with both eyes being a cherry.The stems of both cherries reach the back if the skull's head, resulting in leaves pointing on both left and right directions. The skull has a gold thick, small hoop earring on the cheek and bandana sleeves falling down on the back of the skull's head. Her shirt is tucked into a deep cherry red short skirt, which is tied on the back, leaving two 'scarf like' strands of her skirt flowing down to the length of the top of her bandaged scar (they sit behind it.) She has a bandage on her right thigh after a wound she received at 10 years of age. She wears dark grey thigh high socks with thin white vertical lines going all around her socks. She wears bright brown sailor boots which are parted down the front, leaving brighter brown flaps to fall at her ankles. Ekari wears dark grey fingerless skin tight gloves and a necklace of her 'Jolly Roger'. Her sword, Cherry Stem Saber, is placed on the back of her skirt.

-ˏˋ⋆ Likings — Dancing (her village always throws parties and she's always in the mood to toss on a dress and dance the night away!), fruits (growing up on a cherry farm always drew her to enjoy the sweetness and sourness of many fruits), stargazing (the silent night dawns her as she always admires the beauty of stars), jewelry (she isn't greedy and expense driven, she just enjoys the works and creativity jewelry stores), seafood (shrimp is her favorite, however she is very fond of all kinds of seafood), swords (she is no swordsman and never wanted to be, however being equipped with her own sword drawn her to admire the shape and abilities of swords), baking (cherries? you're in for a homeade cherry pie!)

Possible Ships — Zoro x Ekari, Ace x Ekari, Usopp x Ekari, Law x Ekari, OC x Ekari

(This Next Section will include her BACKSTORY and SHIP REASONINGS)

-ˏˋ⋆ Backstory — Ekari grew up in a wealthy family. Her father was a Blacksmith and her mother was a farmer. She grew up with a cherry farm which has drawn her to enjoy baking and fruits of all kinds. When she was 9 years old, Ekari ate a Devil Fruit without even realizing. The fruit in name was the CherÄ« CherÄ« no mi, which grants the user cherry related abilities. Upon eating this strange fruit, her body felt tingly at that moment. Weeks passed as young Ekari allowed herself to rapidly grow cherry trees. One cherry tree grew a sword called the Cherry Stem Saber which is only granted to the cherÄ« fruit user. The girl took the sword and kept it safe within her room. Living in a calm and quiet village has made her a very calm individual herself. She was never induced into war and violence throughout her early childhood years until she turned 10. Ekari's mother was a runaway of a pirate crew whom had attempted to force her to have children with a crew-member in order to gain more power. Her mother refused and resorted to violence when the crew-member attempted to get his hands on her. This caused her mother to runaway on a small boat towards a village where she met her future husband. After years of freedom, the pirate crew Ekari's mother was apart of invaded the village, taking hostages and killing innocent villagers. Ekari was taken hostage as well as her mother, who was shortly killed after the captain found out her identity. After finding Ekari's strange sword, the pirate crew sailed off with the girl still alive and her sword by her side. Days passed as she was forced to tolerate the name calling and horrible remarks the crew had made against her village and her mother. This was her intent to kill. One night, Ekari slaughtered the entire pirate crew with her dear sword, one by one, blood dripped from their bodies as the sword pierced through them. During the process, Ekari stabbed her own thigh with the sword, leaving a deep gash within her. A day passed and another crew found the abandoned looking ship, in which they discovered the young girl. After taking her in and treating her wound, Ekari was allowed a place to stay with a young pirate thrived boy who was 13 at the time. The two young ones became good friends and always played 'Pirate' together and went out on long walks around the village. The Grandfather of Ekari's friend realized where the girl was from 5 years after she started living in the village, and asked what her ambition was, which she replied with "To become a Pirate and restore my village." With these words, Ekari became the Captain of the Cereza Pirates at age 15. Ekari, the boy and his Grandfather soon then built a Pirate Crew for the next 4 years, saving individuals and offering them a place to stay as Ekari's village was rebuilt. At the age of 78, the boy's father died of a natural cause, leaving his grandson to be the 'Co-Captain' of the Cereza Pirates. Ekari was only 19 at his death while her friend was only 23. With her ambition fulfilled, Ekari had grown her pirate crew since and has protected her village. She welcomes Pirates with a warm smile to see her village's markets and parties. Ekari is now 22 years of age and her Co-Captain is 26.

-ˏˋ⋆ Zoro x Ekari - Zoro falls in love with Ekari's calm and caring attitude as well as her ability to fight. She is very fond of Zoro and always tries to include the man, however she never forces the man to. They are both very gentle of one another and have a strong sense of justice and confidence.

-ˏˋ⋆ Ace x Ekari - Ace falls for her outgoing and party side, seeing how fun the introverted seeming girl and actually be. He always tries to dance with her and loves her baking. Ekari enjoys how fun and sweet Ace is. His reckless behavior represents her crew, but she enjoys the positivity.

-ˏˋ⋆ Usopp x Ekari - Usopp and Ekari have creative minds and like to share fun stories and goof around together. Ekari enjoys Usopp's character and sees great potential in the man. Usopp and enjoys how she listens to him and sits with him on silent starry nights.

-ˏˋ⋆ Law x Ekari - Law grows very fond of how cautious Ekari is. The girl never forces him to do anything and respects his space. He enjoys how the girl is able to be calm and fierce when she pleases. Ekari enjoys how mysterious Law is and is willing to put effort to make him feel comfortable and accepted within her presence.

(here you can view ekari's design: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/650770214906251717/)

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