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July 15th, 2021

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March 16, 2021


05/05/2021 01:42 PM 

Demon Slayer Version

Name: Rikku Hara

Nicknames: Angel Doll

Physical Age: 15-25

Actual Age: Unknown

Species: Half Angel

Gender: Female

Orientation: Bisexual

Height: 5'5

Hair color: Plum purple

Eye color: Mint/forest green

Likes: Books, stars, music, dancing, goth culture

Dislikes: Dolls, frilly things, her mother, demons/curses

Addiction: None

Occupation: Demon Slayer/ Curse Sorcerer

Weapons: Newly squired Nichiren Sword, Flaming sword

Abilities: Celestial Breathing

Short Bio: Rikku being born into an important yet abusive clan. Around the time she was born to her very elderly mother her mother had made a deal with a demon that she would give birth to a normal human baby but with the husband she chose she was gifted with great power, one no baby should have which turned the mother into a demon. Her father was unaware of the changes to her until she began beating and trying to kill her child around the age of eight when she became interested in demon slaying herself. Afflicted with many markings of demons she could never kill the child whether due to original motherly instinct or something to do with Rikku it wasn't exactly said. Rikku was sent away tp the demon slayer corp where she decided to learn how to become a demon slayer with her own style (celestial breathing) She can't do full concentration breathing due to the fragility of her human body no matter how hard she trains so she has the celestial zodiac signs to help her enhance one ability at a time. Currently in her teens she's just being let out to fight demons since they didn't want anyone finding out about her mothers deal with Muzan and thinking she was a demon they're slowly trying to introduce her into a normal human life rather than living behind the walls. They were mostly testing her to see if she had demon blood but it seems she has the exact oposite which no on knows how to control currently.

04/23/2021 05:52 PM 

Relationships and the many forms

AUTHORS NOTE: Since Rikku is a Multi-LI character I would like to give each character she ships with recognition and keep track of them here. They're all unique relationships in their own ways and they all matter. If you are not comfortable with this that is completly fine! We donot have to ship Rikku also loves friends, and honestly I look forward to Rikku having enemies, she was originally made to be a hated character by me, she takes all my weakness as a person and some of the things I dislike and turns them into a positive force. I remind myself playing her that things aren't ALL bad. 

Nelly: Nelly is a fresh friend to Rikku but she's absoltely a cherished one. This relationship is fresh and really on the rocks but Rikku is determined to show Nelly she's just as precious as the rest. 

Gojo: This is less of a friendship and more of a mentourship, Rikku respects Gojo ore than most people and just wants to make him happy like she would any other human. Of course he seems happy all the time but if she's learned anything it's that perminant cheer is the best mask for pain and suffering. 

Yuta: The relationship with Yuta she currently has is similar to hers and Nelly's, fresh out the box. But having heard so much about him she feels like she already knows him. Though Yuta is younger than her she looks up to him quite a lot and would do anything to help him. Personally she doesn't fear Rika and hopes to befriend her as well. 


Haku: Rikku has spent the most time with Haku and has developed a rather large crush on him, which he shares. They're two halves of a whole they didn't know they could be and are working out a very difficult time right now. They support each other the best they can and seem to be each others happy places. Rikku cherishes him over all else and he is the only one to see what her "true form" is. Not even Rikku understands fully that she has one. As boyfriend and girlfriend Rikku is eager for her first relationship but is very scared to screw it up. 

03/16/2021 11:33 PM 

Rikku Hara; BASICS

Name: Rikku Hara
Name Meaning: Dominant Ruler|| To seize
Age: 16-25
Race: Human
Gender: Yes
Sexuality: Pansexual
Alignment: Neutral Good
Blood Type: AB-
Mental Condition: About as scarred as the rest of the Jujutsu sorcerers
Birth Place: Kyoto
Occupation(s): Jujutsu Sorcerer/ Student/ painter
Rank: Grade 1 to Special Grade 1
Relationship Status: Single
Height: 5'5
Weight: 112 lbs
Posture: lazy
Hair: Wine colored to her shoulders
Eyes: Mix of mint and shamrock greens
Jujutsu style: Blessing
Weapons: None
Ability description: Rikku's abilities are based upon the American understanding of angels and thier living of heaven. This often confuses others who use Cursed energy as she calls hers Blessed Energy. Using this energy she can exorcise a curse by a single touch though it can take a lot of Cursed energy for just one hit to go through. She'd learned to gather much by stealing it from lower rank curses that she fights.
Techniques include: Divine Judgment, Heavens Gate, Domaine Expansion; Purgatory, Michael's destruction, Flaming sword

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