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06/20/2021 10:28 PM 

Regarding Replies

Everyone does them at their own pace.  Some do replies really fast, others take about a week.  It's better to let people reply at their pace than to rush them.  A reply with time being taken to be done well is better than a rushed reply, always.  Also there are some people who will announce when they'll do replies, but not actually do them and some who have a priority list of who they'll reply to first.  Both are not good.  IF the priority was oldest to newest rp, then it is fine as doing it like that also more easily helps you keep track of who you replied to much more easily especially if you're on mobile as often as I am for example.  If you are one of those people who make statuses where you say you're getting to replies, that gives people the notion that you're doing your replies and as such if a day or more passes and they ask about their reply, you lose the ability to complain about them asking about their asking about it especially as some people will say they're getting to them, but not reply to people outside their circle of friends despite saying they're getting to rps more than 3 times in a week and get called out IN PRIVATE about the lack of replies.   If for example, lars alexandersson has 25 replies to do, but he KNOWS he can't get to all in a day, he'll at least give a heads up after announcing getting to replies to those who are waiting and may be expecting a reply that day and be like. 
"kay, I can't get to all of these in one day, so...  I'm replying to Ebon, Virgil hawkins, Faye morgana, Edward Elric,Testament, Anji, and Artoria pendragon (ruler) today and tomorrow Justice, Date masamune, A.B.A, Chachamaru, Red Death, Raiden, and Kliff."

06/18/2021 04:06 PM 

Why i haven't been on

I was robbed and super annoyed as a result.  My phone which I use for work and here was stolen and it had so much information on it for what I had planned for this account which none actually backed up like it should have automatically.   

Anywho... I am up for discussions and stuff.. I'll be slow with the updating on here, but... I have enough saved on here to work with.

05/22/2021 07:03 PM 


“Ugh… What hit me.” Was all that came to mind as a every muscle felt stiff and numb, as though they were pushed to their limits.  Eyes fluttered open, Causing them to be flooded with the dull stinging liquid all over him, he was enveloped by amniotic fluid that poured into his mouth if he tried to scream.  A pitch black void in all directions, stinging liquid everywhere, but no sense of danger, quite curious.  Stretching his arm out, his right hand meeting resistance met with a soft yet hard leathery surface.  … Hand?  A dream then, he lost that arm years ago during an incident with a monstrosity disguised as a human.  It was not uncommon to dream possessing that arm once more.   Suspended in liquid, but still able to breath, the leathery wall ripping open as nails dragged along it from within, the amniotic fluid spilling forth him following the rapidly draining liquid.

Falling out of the strange flesh prison, the back of Heimdal’s head collided with the tile.  Turning over forcing out the fluid out of his nose as he did.  The acrid stench, annoyed him as his body was mostly numb save for his nose which had an orange film on top of it.   The last of the fluid leaving his nose as he walked through the familiar surroundings as a pleasant yet foul smell wafted into his nose.  His lab, what happened that he was in that flesh prison and why was the lab a chilly and drafty discounting being wet.  Heimdal noticed a strange weight centered around from his lower back and paid it no heed as a very enticing smell assailed his nose, his mouth watered as everything faded to black.  He must’ve hit his head harder than he thought,  He quickly lied down to let it pass as everything faded to black, but not before seeing what looked like a black hand in front of him coming from the encroaching dark.

His eyes opening, the draft gone and enveloped in a warm bright yellow sheet.  How many hours was he out, which golem carried him to his bed since he must’ve fallen asleep in the lab? The room was no longer grey, but a bright orange with pink lines running along the entirety diagonally.  “What a horrid color scheme, what buffoon thought this was a goo-… oh.“  He thought when he suddenly remembered he was the one who picked it.  Half asleep, Heimdal slid to the edge of the bed then sat up looking down at the floor sliding off the bed onto his feet.  He must’ve been exceptionally tired since he slept through the changes to the room as he looked around it.  Heimdal noticed something he didn’t during his first look through of the room.  A mirror, surely there were no more bags under his eyes if he slept so deeply that the changes to the room was made without his knowledge.  He walked to the mirror breathing deeply through his nose needing to walk around it in order to see his own reflection, a rosy face  and not a worn down tired one to peek back at him would be nice today.

Much to his abject horror, the creature foretold to eat him stared back at him from within the mirror with a red smear on its lips as well as the bright yellow cloth on it.  Heimdal let out a scream at a much higher octave than he recognized.  The maw of monster before him, agape showing rows of teeth designed to rip and tear.  Its eyes wide open as he took a step back, turning to run.  The monster came from a mirror, no wonder no one knew of its existence.  He ran out of the bedroom, pass his wall cleaning golems, pass the room smelling of cherries, and down to the armory. 

Signature not recognized.

Not recognized?  No, it can’t have broken now.  Heimdal looked behind himself sure the monster gave chase, but it wasn’t there.  Was it in his head or can it not come after him if there’s no mirrors in the area?  The voice repeated the line on loop the entire time Heimdal stood there.  The voice beginning to irk him, his brows furrowed, Heimdal looked to the sensor and yelled.  “Stop that incessant noise you stupid gremlin of a system!” Heimdal’s expression grew from one of annoyance to surprise.  was that his voice?  It wasn’t gruff, very low, and gravely anymore, but high pitched and smooth in comparison to his own voice almost like a female voice, but that couldn’t be.  The monster must have swapped its with his, that’s it.  This monster sent his curiosity into overdrive.  “I must capture this monster and study it.  It’ll be an invaluable asset.  He looked to the door to the armory as his mind raced with ideas to trap the monster and how he’d go about studying it.  He’d just need to build a golem that’d be able to withstand it and capture it, but can he do it before it comes for his life?

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[ This blog post is private ]

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