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* laws


guidelines / rules / things to keep in mind.
This is my take on the GODDESS Isis.
  • Here to write that's it. Samples, drabbles with others or independently. 
  • Mature themes: blood, gore, coarse language, violence. Not interested in writing ero or smut.  The only time this will be present is in samples and small drabbles.
  • Random starters are welcome as is discussion.  Please don't ask for a random starter if you've no intention of reading it or replying properly to it. 
  • As a writer, I will support you if you support me properly if not then I will not.  *NOTE I do not see everything or catch everything on the status stream.
  • NOT INTERESTED in groups, cliques, or adding people on discord also don't use discord. Be respectful in character & out.
  • Keep your drama of any kind to yourself.  Including petty unnecessary status, call-out, and anything else along the lines. 
  • Kindly don't steal anything: writing-wise or image-wise. If you want an image just ask
  • Don't rush me. I won't rush you ever. I work long and random hours however if replies aren't met within a certain amount of time I will save the rp.
  • Repeatedly sending a request will get you blocked
  • Only interested in pairing/shipping if we are actively writing and it has gotten to that point.  This is a single ship/pairing profile.
  • English is not my first language.  


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[ This blog post is viewable to friends only ]

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