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11/22/2022 08:42 PM 

muse playlist.

margo - the other side
{ They say I'm the devil
So I painted my heart black
I kinda like the danger (I kinda like the danger)
So I'm never turning back

kyle stibbs - die for me
{ Die for me
You would do it slowly
Do it painfully and drawn out over years
Vanish your potential, I'm not feeling sentimental
You died for me
Hold the tears

nick lutsko - sometimes
{ Sometimes you gotta finish what you shouldn't have startedSometimes you gotta shoot before you see the targetSometimes Daddy's gonna say, "You're not worth the price to pay"Sometimes the tunnel only leads to darkness }

wintersleep - orca
{ I'll be a tidal wave when I grow up
Crashing on harbours
I'll be a temperamental element
A raging water
I'll be a perfect storm swallowing over
I'll be a killer whale when I grow up
I'll be a monster

jharia - bad luck
{ And I would do it againI'm not sorry but thank youFor enduring meAs long as you didThat's more than I'd ever ask of you }

blue kid - the dismemberment song
{ So don't you squirmDon't you fretI'm not going to hurt you, yet!
I just feel the need to be gettin' a little of youA lot of blood lettingI know the sensation you're probably dreadingFor cutting you up will be so refreshing for me!

whitey - let's fake love 
{ Yeah, you can own me
Knock me to my knees
But don't fake love with me, unless you mean it
Don't fake love with me, unless you mean it

whitfield fahrenheit - this old house 
this old house has been around for years
seen its share of grief and tears
the backs of dead men make a poor foundation
and there's plenty of the dead around here

skittish - love lies bleeding 
{ You haunt this little heart
Tear my world apart
Love lies bleeding, not too late to make that season,
Not too late to keep that feeling
The days are gone, they’re gone

06/23/2022 06:38 PM 

have you seen this man

This guy

this goodie-two-shoes blind guy

this wannabe human incarnation of justice or whatever

this guy

has anyone seen this man

05/03/2022 08:49 PM 

more doodles.

why not lol

05/01/2022 07:29 PM 


me & who 🤔

04/29/2022 05:10 PM 

a testament to my simpdom.


03/31/2022 07:55 PM 

the ol' heehoos.

Blood warning~

Some tasteless funnies inspired by a friend.

08/27/2021 09:13 PM 


Plot ideas for fun and amusement♪

Feat. Xiao Xingchen

During the years of co-existence
Adjusting to their peculiar brand of domesticity, especially after it was clear that Xue Yang wasn't goin' anywhere.

Delving into those fun moments of deceit.

Exploring what, if anything, might have happened after the first time Xiao Xingchen left those candies for A-Qing and Xue Yang. It did change something, after all.

Cold winter nights.

Early reveals, whether by accident or design.

The What-Ifs
What if Xue Yang succeeded in bringing Xiao Xingchen back as a fierce corpse with a consciousness?--and everything that goes along with that. What would Xingchen's reaction be? I personally think it would be similar to the lifeless, hollow state Jiang Cheng went through after Lotus Pier fell and after it was discovered his Golden Core had been disintegrated. So, what would it take to get him out of that? Or would Xue Yang keep him completely mindless with those needles he uses? (But then, why bring him back?) Song Lan would still have Xiao Xingchen's eyes--so, would Xue Yang try to put 'em back 'where they belong'?

What if Xiao Xingchen failed to successfully kill himself? Be it due to the cut being too shallow, or due to Xue Yang's intervention, or some other reason.

What if Xue Yang somehow got hold of the instructions of the body sacrificing/soul transmigration array and forced someone to do it to bring Xingchen back? Bonus points: the unwillingly sacrificed wished for something that would be morally reprehensible to Xingchen. Like murder, or theft.

What if Xue Yang came across newly blind Xiao Xingchen at an earlier time than in canon?

Modern Day -- College -- back when he was a Hall Monitor in high school, Xiao Xingchen would clash with the delinquent Xue Yang extremely often. Now that he's newly graduated and off to college, he's happy to be free of that particular thorn in his side. It's a fancy college off in one of the big cities picked out by his adoptive mother, necessitating him to move into a dorm room on-site, which is fine and dandy... Until the day comes to meet his roommate and it ends up being that very same thorn in his side that he'd been so happy to have been rid of.

Something Piratey - Infamous pirate captain Xue Yang catches wind of a rumor: a royal ship transporting "precious cargo" is due to set sail at such-and-such a time. Obviously he goes for it, thinking the cargo is what you'd expect a royal ship to be transporting--gold, jewels, rich people things... And well, yeah, that's true, but it's also had a prince on board: Xiao Xingchen, who had been on his way to get hitched.

Something Piratey*2 - Dread pirate cap'n Xue Yang has been pissing off pretty much everyone trying to do business or transport goods via the sea. Naval officer Xiao Xingchen is eventually tasked by Emperor-probably-Guangshan with capturing or killing the sea-dog.

Something Piratey*3 - Tasked by no one but his own want to take down a vile villain because it's the right thing to do, one Xiao Xingchen finds his way to a dingy pirate shanty when he hears that's where his target - meddlesome pirate captain Xue Yang - is going to be looking for new men for his crew. His plan: become part of that crew. Get close to Xue Yang. Capture, preferably, or kill Xue Yang.

Something Piratey*4 - Robin Hood-esque pirate captain Xiao Xingchen has been pissing off the corrupt Jin Trading Company due to his escapades against their financial tyranny. Jin Guangyao, seeking favor from his father, sends Xue Yang after him to take care of the problem.

D:BH wherein one or both are androids that may or may not be in Detroit a little before/during the events of the game. Maybe XXC is a blind man whose adoptive mother got him an android, XY, to assist him in his daily life. Maybe XY sees android XXC out doing errands one day and decides to steal him. Maybe they're both androids that end up trying to survive the chaos. Maybe something else, I dunno.

Feat. Wei Wuxian

Post-Yi City What Ifs
What if Xue Yang skipped the funny business and wasted no time in getting still-controlled Song Lan to KO and abduct Wei Wuxian before retreating with them to whatever hidey-hole he has on hand?

What if Xue Yang caught wind of the Yiling Laozu's return a little earlier and found him outside of Yi City? Still pretending to be Xiao Xingchen, maybe he joins up with Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji for sh*ts and giggles while he devises a way to separate Wuxian from the Lan.

Modern day paranormal investigators, probably neck-deep in the occult and necromancy (the kind you'd find IRL, not raising the dead 'n sh*t, sadly--unless...), that run a YouTube channel documenting their shenanigans and forays into haunted locations.

I don't have any outstanding ideas for them (yet), but Jin Guangyao and Song Lan could also be fun. 

08/17/2021 02:09 PM 


I'm a sucker for makin' them♪ and I've been adding songs to these ones for a while now.
Alternative working title: Behold! My taste in music.

Ship Playlists
XueXiao | SongXiao 

Character Playlists
Xue Yang | Xiao Xingchen 

Funny Extra Playlist
Heehee hoohoo

08/12/2021 06:09 PM 


I'm biased, but it'd be fun if this verse was more hip hoppenin' or whatever the kids call it these days--so! 

Mo Dao Zu Shi / The Untamed: it's all on Youtube, english subbed.

The live action drama (complete): here 
The donghua/animated version(incomplete - season three/final eason has just begun though): here 
The translated novel is on Exiled Rebel scans but I'm not linking it here because it contains explicit material.
Same for the manhua/comic: the uploader of the translated panels includes explicit ads. 🤷‍♀️
The audiodrama can also be found on YouTube.

08/05/2021 01:24 PM 


An orphan that gained notoriety as a fearsome delinquent over the years who was eventually taken in by the Wen gang. While working for them he carried out a wide variety of terrible jobs, and even managed to get the 'okay' to slaughter a whole family whose patriarch wronged him when he was but a child. Things were good until the Wen gang got raided; Xue Yang fled, but ended up getting captured by a rogue detective and thusly imprisoned. He would have ended up on death row if it weren't for having caught the eye of a rich, corrupt man's bastard son. Jin Guangyao bribed and blackmailed the only witness to the one crime pinned solely upon XY, effectively buying him from what would've otherwise been inevitable death. Now he works under Jinlin Tai as JGY's goon and confidant.

General/Western Fantasy
Pretty much the same as canon but with less cultivation and more necromancy. Essentially - neutral evil human(?) necromancer. If you aren't familiar with his canon, that's fine, you don't need to be♪

Obviously, a villain! His quirk is 'controlling resentful energy' - summoning ghosts, which can be used as-is or be used to possess things (dolls, etc), vulnerable people, or corpses. Necromancy, essentially. His backstory is otherwise similar to Modern verse.

The Legend of Mana
A Mavole jewel thief working for jeweler Meng Yao, Xue Yang steals whatever rare gems his employer/friend tells him to--including Jumi Cores, even if they're still in the Jumi. Meng Yao eventually tries to get rid of him, probably, once his father or some detectives start giving him attention.

The Legend of Zelda
A dark sorcerer that can raise the dead. Started life, as always, as a misfortunate orphan child that experienced the trauma of broken trust and a maimed hand, courtesy of some Castle Town noble who didn't pay the injured child any mind afterward. Vowed revenge on the entirety of Castle Town. 

Other fandoms I'm familiar with and willing to tailor this guy to fit into:
Detroit: Become Human (deviant android)
Steven Universe (bloodstone gem)
Houseki no Kuni (lunarian)
Homestuck (human sburb player)
Space Station 13 (syndicate disguised as an assistant, or perma prisoner)
Vampire: The Masquerade (tzimisce - old clan, koldun practitioner - way of earth/kraina of the well)
Pokemon (... team skull? sylveon (jiangzai), swirlix, bounsweet, applin, alcremie, vanillish)



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