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11/21/2022 05:35 PM 

Stood and puffed your chest out like you never lost a war.

There were no gaps to grasp or cracks to claw. 
Set sail from sense, bring all her young
Set sail from where we once begun
While we wait, while we wait
I got a great idea,
I'm gonna wait right here
I got a great idea.
I'm gonna wait right here

while everything is happening
Everyone I know is sad
And if the world don't break, 
I'll be shaken. 


04/07/2022 03:31 PM 



For many, many, MANY years, Serenity had been the prime target of this extremly cocky, yet abudantly successful galactic bounty hunter known as Raziel. They’ve crossed paths one too many times in the vastness of the Universe for it to be called any kind of coincidence. Apparently, he has pursued her long before the
Novalithis Warthe event which caused her to lose her most sacred memories which defined her. Despite being a high tier hunter (one who was revered in many different realms and galaxies), Raziel had never attempted to turn her into galactic authorities, disclose her location, nor called for reinforcements. Somehow, he always seemed to know where she was, or where she was heading. Of course this annoyed Serenity greatly, yet she grew quite accustomed to their spicy and often dangerous encounters. 

They stood at the heart of Sector 1, also known as the slums of Euphoria. Various types of offscourings and trashed resources collected from all parts of the galaxy could be found in the mounds of the towering scrap heaps. To some, it was just a junk yard that littered the outskirts of the developing city; to others, it was a treasure trove of exotic, rare, and unique materials. For this very reason, scrap hunters were prevalent and many made their homestead in the dangerous sector of the slums. 

It could have been by chance, or perhaps it was the pull of their concentrated energies that drew in a hefty crowd of spectating slum dwellers as many began to flock around them to watch the show. Serenity was not shy to summon metal golems to her aid within the few moments of engaging with the hunter. Three self-constructed machinations formed close to her, influenced by the potency of her electromagnetic aura. 

Just as her creations sprang forward to strike swiftly at Raziel, he reacted quickly and countered her attack with his own special conjuring. Her opponent was indeed an interesting hunter and a seasoned combatant. Not only did he have great control of the mysteries of the dark, he was also well versed in volukinesis, or in other words, the ability to control insects. 

As the metallic golems lunged at him, he reacted with a summoning of mineral consuming insects. The bugs viciously swarmed the area— red-eyed with malicious intent. However, the insects that attempted to reach Serenity were ultimately zapped and fried by the intense power of her electromagnetic barrier. Her scrap constructed golems were not as fortunate as she was, as pieces of their armored form showed signs of deterioration and decay from the mucus spewed by those pesky critters.

“Tch…” She didn’t reveal her discomfort, but she was quite afflicted by his grotesque abilities of both darkness and insect manipulation. 

The golems swung their metal arms to swat at the flying pests and even attempted to punch through the thickened swarm to break their numbers, but these alien vermin were versatile and just as voracious. 

Those that gathered to watch the spectacle were clearly entertained, unfortunately some got caught in the fray either by getting attacked by these killer insects, or stabbed by the golem’s flying shrapnel. Some died on the spot; others got critically wounded. Nonetheless, the vagrants started to cheer for more violence.

“What do you want Raziel? I don’t have time to play with you.” Serenity spoke with a bit of sass, as bugs were zapped and fried around her. Despite it all, it was normal for the both of them to fight first and ask questions later.


03/30/2022 09:10 PM 


A joyous tune uplifted the spirits of the beach-goers, as the local band continued to play songs of the sand, sea, and that of paradise.

Serenity was a foreigner to the islands, and so were the friends that accompanied her. It was a spontaneous idea to invite her close comrades to come along to vacation, even for just a short while.

Basking in the sun, embracing the sea breeze, and swimming in crystalline waters wasn’t something the space pirate engaged in on a regular basis. In fact, she would call this a rare moment
even rarer that she could spend it with her closest friends that she met along her travels. Why didn’t she do this more? Curiously, she pondered waist deep in the soothing waters of the turquoise sea. She found happiness in living free; enjoying the beauty of nature and its splendor. So why couldn't this all be a normal occurance?

The laughter of her friends easily warmed her thoughts and their silly antics brought the greatest smile to her face
emotions that she carefully hid away throughout the many years of her long existence.

She swam further out and turned to the shoreline where she could see her friends and the locals mingling and enjoying life in this wondrous moment.


It happened almost instantaneously. A sudden awareness caused her to take in her surroundings before everything was enveloped in a total and gut-renching darkness. It was as if time had stopped just before the black embrace.

No longer was she wading in the sea in the company of her companions. The joy she had felt just seconds ago completely wiped from her heart and a sense of discomfort took its place.

In the abyss that engulfed her, a much darker presence lingered. As her eyes adjusted, she saw it… a monsterous, gangly figure looming over her for what she believed was about 25 feet tall. It was like a silhouette in the dark, looking down at her intently.

(“What is this? A dream? A nightmare?”) Her lips didn’t move, rather, she spoke in thought. And it responded back in a language unfamiliar to her, and yet, she clearly understood every word. “

(“I have FouNd YoU.”) Its voice was like a vibration in her mind, reminiscent of a time long forgotten. In this state, she couldn’t feel her lips move, nor did she have control or awareness of her own body movement. No voice emitted from her mouth, but her thoughts were read just as easy as if spoken.

(“Who are you? What are you?”)

(“MEmOry iS BrOkeN. yOu ArE FraGmeNteD. I wiLL MeND yoU.”)

With that said, a long, double-jointed arm stretched outward. It twitched and shook in eerie motions, with bone crackling sounds. A long, needle-like finger crept closer to her face, aimed towards her forehead.

(“Wait, what are you doing? Stop!”)

Her words were ignored and before she knew it, a ripping sensation tore through her mind, coupled with an unbearable pain that made the blackness of her surroundings turn pure white and blinding.

Agonizing screams deafened her ears; the smell of ash and rot clogged her olfactory sense. What lasted just mere seconds felt like it lasted more than a lifetime.


Then it all went silent.




Consistent beeping echoed. How long has it been beeping like that? Make it stop, its annoying. Serenity thought, as her eyes finally opened after a long slumber. As her blurry vision cleared, she could see about 5 medically dressed professionals looking down at her. She knew them, they were the medteam of her crew.

Doctor: “Oh goodness, you’re finally awake.”

Nurse: “Relax Captain, you’re in good hands.”

Serenity blinked a few times and slowly began to notice her surroundings. A white room
the medbay. She found herself connected to wires and needles from all angles.

“Don’t mind the clutter. We were running many tests. You fell unconscious to a condition that we have no record of. You have been asleep for

The nurse continued to explain the situation, but her voice became more and more inaudible as Serenity's gaze slowly drifted across the room. What happened? What was that? Who was that… Why did it seem so familiar?

Her eyes focused at the darkest corner of the medical bay. There in the shadows, she saw a gangly silhouette. She wasn’t scared, but she attempted to point it out to the others in the room. It was strange though. Her arm didn’t lift when she wanted it to and her mouth couldn’t produce the words to speak of it’s presence.

In frustration, she sat up and yanked all the wires from her body in the same burst of motion. The medical personnel were quick to try and comfort their Captain, but Serenity’s eyes remained focused on the anomaly that stood out blacker than the shadows it stood in.

She turned her body and leapt out of the bed, forcefully releasing herself from all her tethers. Her body was weak, but she forced her way towards that corner. It remained ominously still
a smaller version of the monster she encountered in the abyss. The concerned voices of her medical team were ignored with each step towards the shadow beast, only for it to dissipate as soon as she was at arm's length.

“What…? Am I seeing…?” Serenity muttered to herself, seemingly appearing confused and uncomposed. The team rushed to her aid, but she brushed them off.

“I’m fine! I have things to attend to…” She spoke rather harshly to the healers of her crew, but forced a smile in an effort to ease the worry. “Please send a report, I’ll get to it shortly.” With that said, she made her way out of the medbay wearing a simple patient gown. Her mind was throbbing, but something was attracting her like a magnet, and she followed without much understanding or thought. The team of experts knew not to argue and in unison responded, “Aye, aye Captain!”

Once the automatic doors of the medbay closed behind her, she felt a chill brush against her, and she turned towards the sensation, only to see the lanky figure down the hall, standing in the shadows of the corridor which led to the bridge.

It was apparent now… it was leading her.


02/04/2022 09:09 PM 


SERENITY I - 02.04.22

“Holy sh*t, Hey look at the guy over there.”
“Yeah, what about him?”

“I can’t @#$*!& believe it…”
“What about him? Who is he?”

“I’m certain of it that is Sicks Sevin.”

“Tch, all you need to know is that we have an opportunity to get filthy rich.. He is royalty a prince from another galaxy.”
“He is looking for the Commander.”

“Yea, I heard. But you know if she knew he was coming, he would have gained access to the Sector 3 station but look where he is the dark side of the city.”
“I know where this is going, but if he knows Cosmos, it’ll be our heads.”

“She won’t find out about it. When was the last time she even came to this part of town?”

Two men conversed in the shadowed corner of the bar. A handful of their shady friends overheard their conversation and turned their full attention— their sights set on the man rumored to have royal lineage.

Of course, when they heard the brief details, greed began to set in. The group of Euphorian thugs were originally criminals seeking refuge from the laws of their homeland, living out their lives as scavengers on the asteroid city.


“Looks like you’ll be waiting a while, eh? Why don’t we keep you company?” A hoarse voice spoke out, as the sound of footsteps approached him from behind. It was a group of 5, humanoid in nature, but tweaked out with cybernetic aesthetics from prior altercations. They were equipped with their own set of weapons ranging from laser pistols, plasma sabers- to the classic nail bat bat covered in jagged wire.

The group encircled him with puffed out chests, wide grins, and prideful stances.
“You either have guts or you’re just plain stupid,” one jested.
“Do you even know where you are?”

Another crook chimed in after laughing to himself.
“How about you give us everything you got? Cooperate and we won’t hurt you too badly. Hell, we might even let you live.”

The group of thugs began to chuckle in unison, believing full well that their numbers gave them the upperhand.

02/02/2022 02:26 PM 


SERENITY IV - 02.01.22

After she left Maxwell to rest, Serenity made her way to the bridge of the ship Here, the central hub of the Zvon Silvra served as the primary command-and-control station.

Astronavigators/astromech droids outlined specific, detailed, and optional coordinates before traveling to the target location. This highly intelligent and diverse group that specialized in astronavigation were extraterrestrial beings from various galaxies, to humans, and even Serenity’s own robotic creations.

It was absolutely important to have well-suited astronavigators, as they were vital to traversing hyperspace. Incorrect calculated jumps could very well lead to collision with a planet, star, floating debris, etc.

Due to the nature of the mission, she concluded to invade the trafficking ship via stealth and with a smaller ship. She had a suitable spacecraft in mind that would be able to lurk through even the most advanced systems and radars undetected. But first, she planned to take the Mothership (Z’von Silvra) through the dangers of hyperspace.

Idle at the moment, the ship prepared for a nearly instantaneous journey through the cosmos.

* * *

Taking her seat upon the captain’s chair, she looked onward into the vastness of space. Holographic maps and screens of red and blue began to pop up around her, entailing the precise details, the location, and the history of the crew members aboard the trafficking ship. With her unique senses, it wasn’t too difficult for her to take in all the information at once.

The kidnapped victims consisted of men, women, and children and reports showed that there were deceased on board, presumably elders or those that couldn’t make the journey. A thorough list of the assailants popped up close beside her. Seasoned criminals, professionals in their craft… but still, they were just mere underlings most likely driven by financial gains and ranking up in their organization.

She told Maxwell that this was a rescue mission. However, she also saw it as an opportunity to obliterate a small faction of a greater threat... No criminal on the ship will be spared, she knew this. The vessel itself will be broken down and salvaged for parts and brought back to Euphoria. It was just a matter of time now.

OPERATOR: “Hyperdrive enabled…. Initiating in 10…9…8…7-”

Serenity closed her eyes briefly and imagined the predicted outcome of the mission. With crossed legs and lowered head, she seemingly prayed for her future victims before the strike.

02/01/2022 06:28 PM 


The room smelled of a faintly sweet aroma. It was all she could focus on after waking up just moments ago. With a blurred vision, she remained resting on the ground, covered in an old and worn out blanket. She couldn’t remember much of how or why she got there and each reaching thought only pained her mind with sharp sensations.

It began to rain. She could tell by the leaking ceiling and the pitter-pattering sounds that pelleted down. It was cold and the blanket didn’t do much, as it was riddled with holes and patches.

A few minutes later the aroma grew stronger as an old woman’s voice weakly spoke out to her.

“You’re awake. Just in time for tea.”

Serenity’s vision nearly cleared, with her gaze slowly turning to the direction of the elder.

A short old woman carefully approached her, holding a tray of tea. It shook, showing the weakness of her hands.

She wore a gray tattered kimono-like attire and had her white hair tucked neatly in a bun. Her eyes were gentle; barely noticeable because they were so small. The old woman took her time as she walked over and took a seat on a floor pillow, right next to the woman laying on the ground. She warily placed the tray beside her and poured a cup of steaming hot tea for the resting woman.

Serenity’s piercing red eyes were naturally alarming, but it didn’t seem to frighten the old woman.

Water began to drip down from the holes in the ceiling and into buckets, pans, and cups that were already set in position.

“Come now, drink. It will warm you up.” The old woman said- her voice delicately frail.

Without question, the silver-haired woman sat up and immediately felt the strain of her body. It was then when she realized that she was wrapped in bandages and gauze from her head down to her toes. Dried blood stained her dressings and parts of her body were stitched up.

She didn’t bother to question the elder just yet. Instead, she did just as she said.

Serenity reached over with her least damaged hand and took the porcelain cup, blowing on the steam that rose from tea. It smelled sweet and the color was a light jade green. As she began to drink, the old woman introduced herself.

“My name is Mamayan and this is my home.” The old woman chuckled in soft whispers. “It is not much. I hope you don’t mind.”

As Serenity sipped, she was shocked that the smell did not match the taste. She nearly wanted to spit it out until Mamayan continued.

“ - it is a special restorative concoction. I know it doesn’t taste very well, but it will help.”

Reluctantly, she continued to drink. It was bitter and sour, but along came a warm numbing embrace that soothed her insides. It was clearly some type of potion.

“You must have a lot of questions.” Mamayan paused to catch her breath. “Simply put, I found you.” She paused for a few breaths again.

“I was alarmed by the sound of an explosion so I rushed outside and I found you laying deep inside of a crater nearby.” Mamayan coughed and took a minute to compose herself. “The surrounding forest was burnt to ashes. I have never seen anything like it.”

Serenity placed the cup down as soon as she was done, only to get it refilled by Mamayan. She could only grimace.

“I thought you were dead, but I had to get you out of there.” The old woman chuckled in her soft way. “Don’t even ask me how I did it. It was not easy.”

09/25/2021 07:07 PM 



STATUS: Crash landed in stolen UVG ship on a desert-like planet with an endless horizon of sand and massive dunes.  

OBJECTIVE: Wait for help to arrive/ locate resources exclusive to the region 

EXTRA INFO: Despite the barren nature of the land, there are creatures who survive in this unhospitable habitat 

* * * 

She laid flat on the sand, with eyes staring up at the lavender skies with not a cloud in sight. Wispy gusts blew on by, causing a rush of sand to choke the air around her—however, an invisible barrier shielded her from the sandy barrage and hot winds. As scorching as it was, her little bubble maintained a comfortable atmosphere that did not seem to be all too affected by the environment. Unscathed, she laid with her palms tucked under her head for cushion, seemingly at ease and unbothered by the location or the terrain.   

Serenity wore a black body suit that covered most of her figure. Her armor, which she wore over the skin-tight suit, was scattered a few yards away from her—broken, tarnished, and damaged. Crackling sounds came from pieces of her mecha-gear, which eventually sizzled out only to crackle again.  

Her hair was lengthy and wild, as she often left it, leaving loose silvery tresses to sway wildly with each passing breeze. The expression her face was rather calm and serene, despite the intensity of her crimson gaze upon the heavens. She could have been mindlessly staring up at nothing or recovering from a recent battle—the look she wore made it nearly impossible to tell or imagine what she was doing prior, or where she came from. Though one thing was for certain: She did not belong here. 

Then suddenly, something caught her attention—a sound that was not of the wind, or of broken devices…  

It was not known of how long she had been laying there, but she did not hesitate to sit up once she heard something that broke the pattern of natural occurring sounds? Sitting upright, her head turned over to the left. As far as the eye can see there was nothing but sandsea…  

09/21/2021 02:24 PM 

★ Irresponsible One.


For the first time in a long time, she trembled. 

Is this what defeat feels like? She searched for answers as the fog in her mind grew dark and heavy. Moments of her sanity began to slip away into chilling numbness.


The villagers ran for their lives during this bleak twilight hour. 
Blood curdling screams and cries dominated the soundscape of the entire village, as the ground crackled and rumbled below. The tremors ripped through the streets, swallowing all in its path. 

Staggered land caused buildings and homes to crumble and fall—

Ash and dust polluted the sky—

Shrieks of agony and terror were gradually faded out by the sounds of violent eruptions.—

Metallic black spikes of various sizes and shapes speared upwards from the cracks in the ground, impaling the unfortunate with sharpened jagged edges that branched outward- extending and multiplying in thorny waves. The behavior of this black metal phenomena was unusual- piercing and coiling around objects and people in a manner most vile. 

Helpless to it all, she held her face in her palms and wept where she knelt. Her area was sturdy and unharmed, while destruction ensued around her. There was nothing that could be done, other than to wait out the uncontrollable and relentless lashing of her power. 


08/05/2021 04:47 PM 



LOCATION: Unknown world

OBJECTIVE: Rescue villagers from raiders

CURRENTLY: Making her way from the hill to the village in the valley by means of swift levitation and adept supernatural speed.


Her speed increased when she levitated above the ground, dashing quickly to the village down the hill and into the valley. She was gliding so fast that the trees and rocks she passed were vulnerable to being crushed or shredded by the sheer energy that rippled from her supernatural agility. The terrain cracked and deteriorated from under her, but causing destruction wasn't the objective. No. The closer she came to the village, the more difficult it was to suppress the suffering voices wailing in her mind. Serenity wanted to make the mournful cries stop, or at least, calm down. On the other hand, the vile thoughts of the antagonists caused rage to stir within her. In a way, she wanted to hear more, experience the thoughts of truly wicked men for a reason she couldn’t quite grasp.  

Anger was her unfortunate downfall, and often took over her rational thinking. Her eyes, already red in nature, grew brighter as the anger continued to cascade over her composure. 

She was nearing the village. What would have taken a day’s journey by normal means was cut short in a matter of minutes. The burning village looked like a huge bonfire, with only a few homes left undamaged, however, it was only a matter of time before it was all reduced to nothing. 

Screams of women and children reached her and the noise overlapped her uncontrolled telepathic sense. An average person would easily be driven mad and go insane if placed in her predicament. For the most part, she held it together. Instead of falling in defeat to her lack of controlling this particular sense, she allowed her rage to feed off the situation.  

Finally, Serenity reached the charred entrance of the village, stopping abruptly in mid air only several feet off the ground. Her sudden stop sent a flurry of scathing gusts to blow out from under her, as she landed to her feet in a delicate drop.  

Despite her dramatic arrival, the impacted villagers were too focused on their survival to notice the strange entity. She examined the area immediately, trying to fully understand the scope of it all. 

Many corpses littered the ground- the cause of death was apparent- slaughtered during their escape by either gunshot wounds or slash kills. The deceased consisted of women, men, children, and elders. Apparently the attackers did not discriminate.  The ground was blood soaked and the air was plagued with the scent of iron which rivaled the smell of ash. 

Her electromagnetic vision made it possible to see through the thick layers of smoke. There were villagers still running around in an effort to escape or find their  loved ones. There didn’t seem to be any resistance. The villagers were defenceless. 

At this point, the voices in her head deafened into a deeper and darker part of her mind. She unknowingly quieted the volume of telepathic mayhem, yet, something remained off about her. A minute passed and she remained still, simply observing the area with a blank gaze.

“HEY, THERE IS ANOTHER ONE OVER HERE!” a voice shouted from the confines of a smoke plume. A raider equipped in a full body fire-resistant gear pointed towards Serenity- signaling for his comrades to take her out. 

Meanwhile, Serenity remained still, stuck in a daze. 

There was no time to talk. As soon as a group of 3 raiders were alerted by the one that spotted her out, they immediately took aim and began firing without warning. A volley of bullets rained down on her with great precision. These men were experts alright. The attempt was a bit of an overkill and  it was clear now that these men matched the vile voices echoing in her mind. 




Her head slowly turned towards the group and her slow movement seemed like she was still in a trance. 

The bullets aimed for her were stopped by what appeared to be an invisible wall that extended just a few feet away from where she stood. No matter how many times they shot at her, the bullets always stopped at that exact distance.  


As the one raider commanded the others to engage her, the bullets (amounting to at least a several dozen) fell to the ground at her feet. Her attention was now focused on the men running towards her, but something about her seemed completely off. She made no effort to run, or pull out a weapon to defend herself. Her eyes emitted a demonic red glow as she casually faced the raiders in a non-threatening stance. 


(—2/ CON).

Take my eyes and open reverse reality.

07/26/2021 09:35 PM 


A thunderous crack ripped through the clouds, creating a hue of violet to stain the skies for but a mere moment—and from the parted clouds, a silhouette of a woman fell.

Her eyes remained focused on the clouds that spiraled up above as she descended with great speed. Despite the dramatic fall from the atmosphere, the look on her face was fearless and rather blank.

A few seconds passed, and she was nearing a crash landing. Her white cape fluttered around her in a violent fury, as she crossed her arms over her chest in thought. This was not what she had in mind.

“Damn that Gnihtontogi….” She growled while spurting down towards the Earth with increasing speed.

Even as she assumingly fell to her doom, she couldn’t help but dwell on the cosmic creature that sent her here. This wasn’t the 10th Circle. It was another of ‘its’ games. Gnihtontogi had yet again sent her to another world where she didn’t belong.

The last place the creature sent her was riddled with tests and games of morality. To save or let die. To kill or be killed. There were drastic scenarios, one after another. She already knew that this would be no different.

Seconds before crash landing to the ground, the woman did a series of exhibitionist flips and twirls— as if mocking the creature that rudely pushed her into this realm from such great heights. On the last flip, she managed to land on her toes, as subtle as a feather. However, the aftershock of her graceful landing sent waves of dust and gravel to explode around her circumference.

A heavy dirt cloud blurred the area, and when the dust settled, the woman stood tall and proud with her decorated hand resting pleasantly on her hip. Her loose silver tresses were still flowing from the whirlwind of energy that emitted from her lithe being.

“Can’t kill me that easily you stupid squid!” She shouted at the sky with a raised fist, directing her anger at the opening of the clouds from where she fell. There was no doubt about it, she wasn’t human and possessed supernatural powers which accentuated her significance. Her gaze lowered after a sudden shock ripped through her sensitive senses.


Her composure dwindled as she raised her hands to hold the sides of her head. She could hear it… Scathing screams and blood curdling cries. It was so loud that she couldn’t help but feel disoriented. This was actually a new ability gifted by the cosmic horror, Gnihtontogi— the power of telepathy. Unfortunately, she was still new to this ability and had little control or resilience towards the intensity it came with.

The shrilling shrieks nearly brought her to her knees. It was enough to make her feel like her ears were about to burst. What a horrible ability, she thought in the midst of her own agony.

Finally, she managed to calm the voices into a lower tone, and shook her head with eyes closed tightly. F*cking horrible.

It was then, as she took a deep breath and opened her eyes, she witnessed a village below the valley. Even without using her unique sight, she could see the ongoing carnage and engulfing flames. She put two and two together and realized that the screams came from the village beyond. In the sufferable cocophony of cries rambling on in her mind, she managed to hear other voices… it was different from the pained wailing… it was... voices of evil and destruction. They spewed haunting words that sent chills down her spine. The attackers… they were enjoying the violence and bloodshed and their thoughts were so devious, so dark, so cruel. It was maddening.

“Another one of your tests, ay Gnih?”

To help the village or just stand idly by? The cosmic creature set her up in yet another one of its morality games. She exhaled, rubbing her head from all the noise jumbled up inside.

“Alright, c’mon focus!” She lightly slapped the sides of her head with both hands and shook it off once more.

Without another moment wasted, she levitated just a few inches, as a sudden burst of electromagnetic energy sent her flying slightly above ground and towards the raided village in the valley.




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