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10/14/2021 02:59 PM 



A silent scream. That was what left the young child as legs, weakened from despair, gave out beneath her. Knees hit the crimson stained ground hard next to his fading form. Ebony hair blew loosely in the wind and matted against her face. Obscuring her vision, though it mattered little as the girl could not see through the tears that stung her violet eyes. He raised a hand towards her. Wiping tears that fell from her eyes, though smearing blood in their place.


Nikko gripped his hand between her own and rested her head against his palm. It was a position she remembered fondly and, ordinarily , brought her comfort and joy. There was only a bitter taste of despair now as her cheek was stained crimson by trembling fingertips. This was their final goodbye. The last time she would ever feel his hand upon her with such affection. The thought made fresh tears burble forth. 


"No! No d...don't leave me Rengoku-sensei...please..." tears streamed down her cheeks, mixing with the blood to leave crimson streaks, "please don't leave me nii-san!" she pleaded with the older male as her head dropped in defeat. It was useless to beg him not to leave her behind like the rest of her family had. He was at peace with the fact that he was dying and was proud to do so. He had fulfilled his duty.


"Young Nikko...go forth with what I've taught you....when things are hard, keep your heart ablaze like it has been since the day I met have made me proud..."


Nikko raised her head the moment these words were spoken. Though it was just in time to watch that final smile into the empty space appear upon his features. With the smile upon his lips he faded from the mortal plain leaving her behind there in the twilight of morning. Trembling arms slipped around his chest as he began to fall  a bid to keep him from touching the blood stained ground below. 


Though it effectively only drenched her own haori in the stench of her former sensei's blood as it soaked into the fabric. Nikko buried her head into his hair as sobs racked her body to the core. Heart wrenching wails came from her as she held him close to her heart.


"I will NEVER forgive that beast." Her Violet eyes were ablaze with a rage that consumed her heart entirely, "I will find him...and when I do...I'm going to KILL him myself or die trying."


10/14/2021 02:58 PM 



The sickening sound of steel squelching through blood as it cut clean through his neck in a single sweep was enough to make her sick to her stomach. The reality of what she had done came crashing down on her. The heaviest she had ever felt. The blade tumbled from her grip as trembling hands raised to eye level. They were stained crimson with the blood of her beloved. A gut wrenching scream of anguish rattle from within her like a primal battle cry from within the belly of despair.


Pale hands flew upwards to rest upon either side of her head. Crimson covered fingertips curling to bury in the strands, staining them as they went. Her legs trembled and buckled under the weight of her overwhelming grief. Hot tears flowed from her eyes leaving streaks down her cheeks. Was this truly the fate of a demon? Was there truly no repentance and forgiveness? No happiness for these lost creatures? If that were true then there was truly nothing left to live for, for everything she was taught was a lie.


A second wail came from her tiers as she threw her hands upon the ground before her. The clanging sound of metal on solid ground, and the feel of cold steel beneath her fingertips brought a small bit of sense back to her unraveling mind. With tear stained features, she lifted her blade delicately within her grasp. If she were to live with this tortured guilty conscience for the rest of her life it would surely drive her mad. Her pale violets drifted towards the slowly disintegrating head of Rui. She could follow him on her own terms. Atone for the broken promises they had made that would never see fruition. 


With trembling hands she held her blade poised to cut through her own neck. Cries of protest brought her attention elsewhere once more. She had forgotten that Tanjirou had been there. He was desperately trying to reach her. He had promised to return her to human. Though a life without her love was not worth living. She flashed a tearful smile towards the desperate boy. 'Please forgive me dear friend...'

A swift flick of her wrist was all that it took. Searing pain exploded from the wound she created on her own throat.


The feeling of thick, hot liquid spread over her exposed skin. Soaking the fabric of her clothing in crimson. The rich stench of iron assaulted her airways. It was slowly becoming more difficult to breathe. Her body was becoming heavy and a coldness as bitter as a winter frost was spreading through her body like a relentless wave. So this was what death felt like. She would willingly welcome it with open arms. Her pale violets turned towards what remained of her beloved. A smile only someone with a broken heart could produce spread over her lips.


"Forgive me. If there is an afterlife for creatures like us. I hope that we can find each other again and truly be"


Like starlight in the night sky when morning came, she faded. If there truly was an afterlife could they be happy in the next life...


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