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September 17th, 2021

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September 13, 2021


09/14/2021 01:54 PM 

Role play stuffs o3o

-If asked, I can rper her as...*sigh* as older...but no older than 17 =3= and...maybe some naughty...
-Usually in the house she used to live in, which looks a bit simular to the Haddonfield house from Halloween, only with wider neighborhood and bigger yards for both front and back. So the build of the house is close to the Myer's house.
-Sally is 100% pacifist. She only killed her uncle as revenge, and unable to move on, she is now a wandering spirit.
~will add more into the future~

09/14/2021 01:49 PM 

Random stuffs bout Sal

-Sally doesn't kill any people and hates seeing innocent people get hurt. All she does is scare people. The only person she has ever killed was her uncle, whom she scared to death in his jail cell.
-She always carries her teddy bear Mr. D/Mr. Death, and due to her strong attachment with it; Sally has never been seen without it.
-Sally's full name is 'Sally Maryam Dawn'. She didn't like her original last name of Williams due to her past trauma, so decided to change it to  'Dawn'.
-At the age of 12, she's more mature than most kids her age before death.
-If was alive; Sally was dreaming to be a baker and let children choose one sweet for free.

09/13/2021 05:51 PM 

Other pastas she knows

-Her and BEN are close friends, are pretty much insepratable. No romance due to how much older BEN was when he passed away.
-Slenderman is a father-figure for her. Seeing how this is; his brothers are like 'uncles' for her.
-Splendorman is her favorite 'uncle' and loves to have tea parties with him, along with disney marathons.
-Jeff is her rival. Even though she does tolerate him and he does the same; she's not a fan of his ways of killing or treating others.
-The Jacks(Eyeless and Laughing) tend to be close to her as they both usually 'babysit' or chill with her when they are not out killing. Although LJ usually tries to consume her spirit at times, she nicknamed him 'Pennywise' as a joke. With EJ; she allows him to speak his mind about what's been happening.
~will add more on other pastas~

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