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These bios were taken from the wiki page.

Name: Ferania Wolfenstahl
Age: 25
Species: Lywan-wolf demon
Gender: Female

Ferania is easily provoked and very impulsive. This is because of her high amount of pride, as well as her over-confidence. She's also very arrogant and ignorant at times, but she's warm and nice towards her friends. It is a common joke that she is often oblivious to any sexual advances or innuendos that are not extremely direct and blunt.
She's usually very serious and doesn't fool around. Also, she doesn't like to admit that she's happy about being praised. Ferania has a deep hatred for demons, as she believes that demons are responsible for all the evil things happening in the world.

Name: Minori Yamato
Age: 35
Species: Lywan-wolf demon
Gender: Female

Minori has a high degree of self-discipline and is constantly hard working and training. Her goal is to achieve perfection in all things, and she usually takes things very seriously. She's humble and gentle as well as honest and straightforward and she acts honourable and respectful towards others. Minori has a sweet and cute personality, but apparently, there is still more to her which she hides deep inside.

Name: Chiira Heathland
Age: 23
Species: Lywan-Cheetah demon
Gender: Female

She would rather observe something she finds interesting from a distance. Most of the time she's sticking to Ferania, whom she calls "boss", and she's usually following her around.
Because Chiira isn't very strong, she tries to compensate for this by spending a lot of time studying and learning new stuff, as well as improving her mental capabilities, which resulted in her becoming one of the smartest characters in Deathblight.

Name: Catheline Chatenoire
Age: 25
Species: Lywan-Liger demon
Gender: Female

Catheline is super curious and a bit naive, but very friendly and sometimes even flirty. She's usually talking a lot and asking a lot of questions. This often leads to her sticking her nose into other people's business or getting her into awkward situations.
She loves to hang out with her friends and often ends up cooking for them. Cooking is one of her big hobbies, and she's usually very good at it.
In certain situations, Catheline can become quite scary, but this is mostly directed at her enemies. She's very brave and has a lot of self-confidence, so she usually doesn't run away from combat.

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