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Fair warning there's a lot to read
-Mortal life

Louis de Pointe du Lac was born on October 4th 1766, having been been into a Roman Catholic family that eigrated to America when he was very young.

As a mortal, Louis was a handsome man who ran indigo plantations very near New Orleans in 1791. His father was dead, and he cared for his younger brother, sister and mother. He was dedicated to all of his family, especially his brother Paul, who was deeply religious. Louis's life was good, his brother spent most of his time praying in the oratory Louis had built for him, and the plantations were running well.

His brother Paul started seeing visions of the Virgin Mary and St. Dominic, telling him to sell the indigo plantations and move to France to work as a missionary. However, Louis didn't believe him and dismissed the thought. Louis Allowed his brother to worship and had encouraged him but refused to believe that he had real visions to by God.

One day his brother and he discussed because of Paul's 'mission'. After the discussion, Paul left Louis and fell of the entrance's stairs. The slaves who saw him fall said that "He had lookws up as if he had just seen something in the air, then his entire bodu moved forward as if being swept by wind." one of them said that he looked as if was about to say something before he fell.

Louis's mother and sister started believing that his brother Paul had falled because of the argument, then the other people started to believe the same since Louis refused to talk about Paul's visions to anyone, no even to the police. Louis started to blame himself too and could not forgive himself or get over his brother's death. "They all stared at me as if I'd killed him. Ans I felt I'd killed him." To escape from the constant reminder of his brother he moved to New Orleans, leaving the plantations in the hands of an overseer , but he was still haunted by Paul's death.

Louis become a drunkard to try to escape reality. He put himself in constant danger by going to taverns, getting into fights and walking dangerous alleys alone, he wanted to die. One night he was attacked by Lestat outside his house, sucked Louis's blood, almost draining him. He was found hours later and taken inside. Louis presumed that he'd had a stroke because of the alcochol and refused to eat, drink or talk to the doctor. Louis mother called for a priest and Louis confessed for the first time about his brother's visions and what he had done.

That night Lestat returned to Louis, he wanted Pointe du Lac, Louis's plantation. Lestat talked Louis through what he might become as a vampire, what he would become. Lestat wanted Louis as an eternal companion and as an eternal lover, having a powerful love for his beauty, his tenderness and his tragic heart. That mornaing Louis saw his last sunrise.

-Life as a vampire

Lestat came to live at Louis's plantation with his father. Louis had trouble with coming to terms with taking lives, and this seemed to follow him for most of his life. Louis took a hand in helping the eldest sister of a man Lestat killed, and encouraged her to keep her plantation running. Lestat's father was dying soon and lestat convinced Louis to kill him. Louis did so in the most humane way, but only after her forced Lestat to speak to his dying father. The servants had been becoming very suspicious of Lestat and Louis. In the end, Lestat and Louis were forced to leave the plantation. They found shelter at the home of the woman who Louis helped before and she took them in and when she saw them the next night, she was convinced they were from the devil. This distressed Louis very much and he tried to convince her otherwise, but she ignored him and in the end he had to leave with Lestat.

They went to New Orleans where Lestat resumed his merciless killings and Louis trid to avoid killing humans until one nioght where he attacked a little girl and left her for dead. Lestat told him that she wasn't dead yet and Lestat soon made the child into a vampire whom Lestat named Claudia. Claudia was there to keep the peace between Lestat and Louis for a long time and she learned from them both. That was until one dau when she decided she wanted to leave Lestat and look for other vampires like Louis and herself. Louis agreed that he would like to leave but deemed it impossible as Lestat would never let them go freely.

The night came when Claudia decided to kill Lestat. After Claudia was convinced Lestat was dead, she forced Louis to help her dispose of the body. They started arranging their departure for Europe. One night, however, Louis saw Lestat's musician friend outside the window. Louis also noticed he was now a vampire and it was long until Lestat himself appeared. In fear for his own life and Claudia's, Louis managed to set the house on fire and escaped with Claudia to the ship to leave for Europe.

Louis and Claudia travelled wherever there were rumours of vampiric behaviour, but they only found mindless vampires who seem to have no purpose or reason for living. Despite this, they continue their search and eventually they go to Paris. There Louis encounters the first "real" vampire of his kind, Santiago and soon after, Armand. He is invited (with Claudia) to the Theatre des Vampires.

Claudia and Louis visited the Théâtre des Vampires where they were introduced properly to Armand who was the oldest (and only) vampire they met. Louis learned what he could from Armand and (under his influence) made a dollmaker human, Madeleine into a vampire as a mother for Claudia so he can leave her for Armand. Louis, Claudia and Madeleine were taken by the other vampires of the theater where they found Lestat who told them it was Claudia who tried to kill him. They then kill Claudia and Madeleine by leaving them in the sun while locking Louis away. When Louis found out what was done to Claudia, he became enraged and then after he warned Armand, they burned the theater down with every vampire in it.

Louis left Paris with Armand, but Armand after a while left him in New Orleans after realising Louis isn't going to change. Louis also sees Lestat in New Orleans, but refuses to stay with him and only says that he forgives him.

In 1975, Louis tells a reporter, Daniel Molloy, all of this story and then after learning that Daniel didn't learn anything from his story gets angry and leaves the reporter stunned and bleeding a little bit.


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