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05/23/2023 03:16 PM 

Character List ((Final))

((A Cfriday101ArtsReborn RP List))

The current tournament fighters and those to come list as I have finally collected enough of them to last for a bit.

This list is for all of them currently in the work of being made.

All accounts will be made randomly.

List in random order. Upon character's death will be replaced.

Ageless Denity J.U.B.E
Ariel Dreemurr
AbyssFang-Kobold Rouge Scout
Aknem LightMage
Alora Hope-Heart
Aqua Initiate-LIQuid
Black/Virus Renamon
Captain Crow
Captain Hefessa TrueBlade
Copy-Asriel Dreemurr
Dark Kid Asriel Dreemurr (Full Genocide V.)
Captain MailMan
Chu-Ske The Mouse Fighter
Dark Teen Asriel Dreemurr (True Pacifist V.)
Dark MegaWoman.EXE
ReaperTale Asriel Dreemurr/Grim C.R
Dharc The Dark Charmer
Dr. Misaki
Eclipse Black-Heart
Emperor Spike Dracoviden
Evil-Nega-Dark Spike Dracoviden
Exo Suit-Anubis
Female Sans/Sally/GenderBentTale Sans
General Blue
Haze ShadowStar
Hiita The Fire Charmer
King Sans
King Altador
King of Sorrow
King Universa
Light Kid Asriel Dreemurr
Little Red Slicing Hood
Lord Shen (Revived Form)
Lord Sora-Nort/Master Xhoranort/The 13th Vessel
Master Future Dark Kid Asriel Dreemurr
Monarch Glade
Giovanni Garavinchi
Mr. Ruby/Gangster Noir Spike Dracoviden
Mr. Volcano
Mung Fang
Nemo-Dusk Nobody Revenant
Nevet TiamatSworn: Kobold Paladin
Nexus Prime (First Form)
Nightmare Klonoa
Noko Kiben Troshiro-The Heartless Avenger
Paladin Woman
Plagus The Plague Knight
Queen Underfell Toriel Dreemurr
Yin-Mona: Rattata Thief
Red Eyes Black D. (Avatar F.)
Rico Kiben Troshiro-Brother of Avengance
Ryan-Red Pipo Monkey Monk: Ape King Fist Master
Professor StarFury-StarFlare
StoryShift Asriel Dreemurr-Prism Cool Guy
Swap-Fell Alphys
Swordsman From A Distant Land
Tabatha D.O.W.S
Takkasi of The Wind
Team Rocket-Chu/Ztaryia Black Bolt
The Businessman
The Red Coat
The White Coat
Count Vadeos-Vampire Tale Sans
Wen And The Menu
Wetha The Water Spirit
Yagi-Soggoth/LOVTale Asriel Dreemurr
Zitaria Volka (Mark I Soldier Persudo)
Fang The Sniper/Nack The Weasel
V:The SpellMaster
Security Officer Neh-Yung
Flippy/Normal Flips
King Asgore (Custom Canon V.)
Ulaway The Koi Warrior
Magi-Chan Psychic Sonichu
Punchy K.O/Brawlvee/Brawlveon
Female Chaos
Black Out: Black Bull Cult L.
Distant Evil Asriel Dreemurr(S) Azzy Death/Azzy Unlife
Ninja Joe
Silent Magician
The Gentleman
Sniper Joe
Lord Akamenya
The Pikeman of The Rising Sun
Female Garble/Lady Garble
Missing NO.# Abra Host
Toi-Kin-Ping The Lizhay Mercenary
Kimmy The Berzerker Mouse Thief
Living Lighting
Commando Kallins
Bright Light
Murkrow Spy Yippi
SGT. LT. Onzo-Asomatari
Prince Nemophisiel: Dark Elven Archer Prince
Dark Trixie LunaMoon
Nip Nip he Cute Cat Trickster
Lobster King
Host: (Game of Games V.) (Multiverse 1,000,00,0 V)
W.D Gaster Asriel Dreemurr/AlterTale Asriel Dureemurr/Dr. Albert
Doctor Dale The Medic of Malice
The Naginata Man
President Freeman Plumage
Eli 2: Holy Bible Guardian 2
1.#/Commander Yellow/Lighting Zap Flash
Heart Uzebek Umaso
6.#/Colonel Red
Shade Netkarem
General Cobalt
Bronze Arm-Tribe: Lakota Swamp-Pad
Professor Von Keeble
Lieutenant Fox Vixen
Lord Specter
Flicka The Fencing Fox of France
Naughty Bear
Colonal Ketchup
Jacques Le' Tickler
The Unibear
E.L.I.T.E Mahoney
The Elite Marksman/Salaman Hunter CPT. H.C Hoodlum
The Recruit
The Myrmidon
The Archer
HATE/EVIL Light Kid Asriel Dreemurr
StyleTale Sans/Mr. Styleston/Disco-Sans
Number 1.#: The Lunar Lunatic Novirx
Spertuis Carbra The Rage Coat
John Cyclops-Myth Wizard
The Warrior-Warriess
Le' Von: Night Fox Duelist
Von' Quen: Volpone Duelist
ImpMon (Custom Canon V.)
Ripper Joe
RomaSans/Commander Emperor S-Eascer
Deadly Fighter Braid Claw
Quincy The Archer
Gwendolin The PyroManiac
Striker Jones The Artillery Commander
Adora The High Priestess
The Sniper Monkey
Super Monkey
The Alchemist
Ice Monkey
Neon-Blight Hood
Gambler of Legend
2#/Captain Light Blue
3#/Sargent Black
4#/General White
5#/Admiral Blue
7#/Major Pink
8#/ Field Marshal Green
9#/Private Brown
10#/Staff Officer Gray
Negan (Fantasy V.)
Rick Grimes (Fantasy V.)
Lee Everett (Fantasy V.)
The Gov'ner (Fantasy V.)
Ezio Auditore (Custom Canon V.)
NERO Soldier Vester 0.1
AR! Asgore: Friendly God of Death
Kobold Thief Rich Pinscher Penny
Mr. Todd The Turncoat Rouge
Monk Fighter/Master Monk
Gladiator Type Null
Zebstrika Rock N' Roll Fighter: Punkie Rocky Boltra
Strike Commando Rouge.RockMan
Queen Set of Jackly Empire
Albert Wesker (Custom Canon V.)
Dragon Goddess Aliga Queen Green
The Bio-Soldier of Unity Brigade
Lady Beerus
Toon Alligator
Android 21 (Majin) (Cell-Absorbed) (Self-Aware Avatar)
Ghost Skull (Arctic V.)
Goldin King of Honor
Regigigias Avatar
GRR-Puppy-Chow: Poochyana Human Brat
Zip-Zip: Baby Dragon Villiger Soldier
Nature Heart The Spriggan
Arcade Israel Gannon
StoryShift Dr. Asgore Dreemurr
Toriel Dreemurr (Custom Canon V.)
Teriol Dreemurr/Male Toriel Dreemurr/Genderbent Toriel Dreemurr
Ignius Fire Staff
Seed: Persudo Heartless Form)
The Soldier
The Swordmaster
Cosmo Queen
The Geomancer
Dark Sonic/NEGA Sonic The Darkness Avatar
Garnecia Elefantis
Elemental Hero SparkMan
Heart this

11/09/2022 03:30 PM 

100 Contestant List (Final)

The everchanging list of accounts belonging to Cfriday101ArtsReborn.

When a character dies or is unused, it will be replaced in time.

Here are all 100 of the new and old to be used thus far.

All in random order, numbered by complete randomness and current activeness.

Most have information but as of today I'm updateing such, they are also known as NPC Accounts and are thus roleplayed as such.

1: Light Kid Asriel Dreemurr
2: Dark Teen Asriel Dreemirr
3: Aeriel Dreemurr/GenderBent Asriel Dreemurr
4: LI-Quid/LI-Quid The Aquian Initiate 
5: Second In Command SquireSword 1.# Nevete TiamatSworn
6: Lady Captain Hefessa True Blade
7: Tekkheshi of The Wind
8: SwapFell Alphys The Bloody
9: Lord SroaNort
11: Little Red Slicing Hood/Rude Baby Red
12: Hiita The Fire Charmer
13: General Blue
14: Dharc The Dark Charmer
15: Dark Kid Asriel Dreemurr (Geoncide Form) (First Form)
16: Elite Time Patrol Captain Puddin'
17: Tabatha Destroyer of Worlds/Beancia's Asisstant
18: Edward The TrueBlade Swordsmaster
19: Skye
20: Queen Underfell Toriel
21: King Sans/StorySwap Sans
22: King Alador
23: Commander "Myke" Airdawg Jhones
24: AbyssFang Kobold SquireScout
25: Nightmare Klnoua
26: Omni-Stay (Materiel Form)
27:Dog-E (General's Attire)
28:Paladin Woman
29: Nexus Prime (Evil Form)
30: Swordsman From A Distant Land
31: Zitarika Volkofka (Soldier V I Version)
32: Noko Kiben Troshiro
33: Rico Kiben Troshiro
34: Eli The Second (Eli II))
35:President Freeman Plumage
36:Ninja Joe
38: Haze Shadowstar
39: Yagi-Soggoth (LustTale Asriel Dreemurr)
40: Captain Mailman
41: Bronze Arm Tribe (Lakaota Swamp Warrrior "The Undefeated")
42: Wethra The Rain Monk
43: Aknem LightMage (First Form)
44:The BusinessMan
45: Professor Von Keble/Code C.H.I.M.P Base Lab Tech P. Von Keeble
46: Ukki Jen/Red The Pipo Monkey Monk
47: Lord Specter
48: Shade Netkarem
49: Red The Fallen Dragon Elder
50: Host (Earth 1,000,00,0 Version)
51: Mr. Ruby/Noir Spike
52: Emproer Spike
53: Dark/Negative Spike
54: W.D Gaster Asriel Dreemurr/Altertale Asriel Dreemurr/Dr. Albert Sanchez
55: Commander Yellow/SARU 1.#/The Yellow Lighting
56: Shadow Leon SquallHart
57: Nack The Weasel/Fang The Sniper
58:Flicka The Fencing Fox of France
59:The Pikeman of The Rising Sun
60:Lord Shen (Revived)
61:King of Sorrows
62: Leutenaunt Fox Vixen
63:Captain Crow
64:Heart Uzebek Umaso
65: The Gentaleman
66:Missing No.Abra
67:Anti Black Coat Nightmare (Red Eyes)
68: Giovanni Garavinchi
69: Plagus The Plauge Knight/Bat Dap-Dap-Dap
70:Elekem/Akakkoa WindWalker
71:Dark MegaWoman.EXE
72:Time Man
73: Snake Man
74: Ageless Deity J.U.B.E/Just Your Basic Entitie
75: EXO Suit Anubus (First Form)
76: Host Ponie (Shaman Form)
77: Master Future Dark Kid Asriel Dreemurr
78: Maxrria The Faded Light Weight/XIIII
79: Monarch Glade 
80: Meniphensto
81: Mox
83:Dr. Misaki
84:Chu-Ske The Mouse Fighter
85: Nemo White-Dusk
86: Eclipse Half-Shadow
87: Professor Starfury-Starflare
88:Vadeos/Vampire-Tale Sans
89: Team RocketChu (Emma BlackBolt)
90: The Red Coat
91: The White Coat
92: Sally-Bone Assassin Female Sans/GenderBent Sans
93: Red Eyes Black Dragon (Avatar Form)
94:  Rettia Stone The Rattta Thief
95: Shidae 
96: Elven Ranger Alora HopeHeart
97: Mung Fang The Bat of Longswordsmanship
98: When And "The Menu"
99: ???: Fighter of Mystery
100: King Universa of The Cosmos And Galaxys Prima

05/20/2022 01:51 PM 

Final List ((CVF Chara List))

My final picks. For the tournament sake, all accounts will be deleted and remade. Final picks have been done for the sake of roleplay with new info to boot.

All character picks are final. And I will not change my mind about how many are used, it's my job.

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