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Last Login:
October 16th, 2021

Gender: Female

Age: 22
Country: Japan

Signup Date:
October 13, 2021


10/14/2021 12:10 PM 


1. My rps are mature. They may contain smut.

2. No one under 18+. By sending a friend request, or accepting mine. You are 18+. Characters must also be 18+.

3. Please give me 1 paragraph minimum (I do para/multi-para).

4. Romance is fine!~

5. I can delete people as I please. If you ghost the rp I will delete you. This isn't my first time on here.

6. No Discord, I am here to RP.

7. Perfect grammar is not a must. Everyone makes mistakes.

8. You add first, you talk first. Please.

9. OCC be offline some times, so please, do not bother me about late replies.

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